the painful truth about the worldwide church of god. the painful truth about the worldwide church of god

"Herbert Armstrong's
Tangled Web"

(Copyright (c)1980, quoted with permission.)

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David Robinson

Dave Robinson grew up in the border country of Texas where mesquite, cactus, coyotes and rattlesnakes are the order of the day. In that rural environment during those years a man's word was considered his bond. He spent nearly all his life there except for four years of World War II when he served as an Air Force pilot.

He began to listen to Herbert Armstrong on the radio from a Mexican station in 1949 and become a heavy financial contributor soon after. He met Herbert W. Armstrong the next year and became a member and supporter of what was then the Radio Church of God. He supported Herbert Armstrong for a full three decades.

In 1969 he went to work full-time for the Worldwide Church of God several years after his ordination as a minister in that church. During the next decade, he served in varied capacities for that organization. He came to know most of the top men of the church well, and is eminently qualified to write of the workings of those echelons of the church.

Among the responsibilities carried by Dave were those of administrator, counselor, lecturer, security chief, and minister. He was a confidant of many of those men who have either been removed from the church altogether or have been relegated to dishonor within that organization.

He writes from firsthand knowledge tempered with deep disappointment and has come to agree completely with Solomon who advised against putting trust in men.

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