The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God. The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

SELECT Herbert W. Armstrong GEMS OF WISDOM

Compiled by Joseph

Magenta - Herbert W. Armstrong LOSES THE DATING GAME

And the MILITARY INVASION that shall END all true Gospel preaching is apparently to strike at the precise END of this second 19-year period -- the spring of 1972 -- EXACTLY 19 YEARS FROM NOW! (May 22,1953 Coworker Letter )

Magenta - Herbert W. Armstrong AWAKENS LITTLE HERBERT

Let's AROUSE OURSELVES! (June 22, 1953 Coworker Letter)

Magenta - Herbert W. Armstrong IS A SECRET SPHINCTER

The pyramid, like the Bible, has been MISUNDERSTOOD! It is apparently FILLED with important messages which have been misinterpreted so far! It may contain a divine message for mankind. IF it is to be revealed to ANYONE at this time -- IT WILL BE REVEALED TO US! God gives His Spirit -- and reveals new truth -- to them that OBEY Him. (April 4, 1956 Coworker Letter)

Magenta - Herbert W. Armstrong PREPARES FOR A CAVE IN

...Petra -- and how undoubtedly that is the very place where WE shall spend from 3 1/2 to 7 years during the Great Tribulation and possibly also the terrible Day of the Lord, soon to come -- IF we are close to God instead of this pleasure-man world -- if we are praying always, and WATCHING, and accounted worthy to escape the things that are coming on the earth! During our visit there, we became more than ever convinced of the probability that Petra is the place God will take us. And, if so, our advance visit and inspection was VERY NECESSARY, in order that proper preparations may be made. (June 8, 1956 Coworker Letter)


They [middle eastern women ] turn around, turn their heads this way or that, at will -- but never do the things they balance on their heads become the slightest bit unbalanced. This was a deep mystery to me. (June 5, 1956 Coworker Letter)


Today the people populating this territory [Israel] are Arabs, who are more or less degenerate. In Jesus' day they were mostly Jews, who were on a higher level of intelligence and culture. (June 8, 1958 Coworker letter)


This fast-spreading hatred in Negro hearts for whites is A RECENT THING -- just SINCE (NOT BEFORE) the Civil Rights Movement began to gain many advantages for Negroes. That is true -- and it is a DANGER that threatens the very future of America and other countries -- that threatens to totally DEFEAT everything honest Negroes are working for, and turn our society into anarchy! (November 1968 PERSONAL)


The very fact that there are newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations that cater definitely to the Negro audience, while none exists that caters exclusively to the white audience, tends to create race feeling in Negroes, while none exists tending to create anti-Negro feeling in white readers, listeners and viewers. (PERSONAL, November 1968)


GOD DOES NOT WANT THE DIFFERENT RACES TO MIX SOCIALLY OR TO INTERMARRY. Social mixing begins in school! Many cannot discern the difference between social and spiritual fellowship. One reason is that many of you have come from denominations where social fellowship was falsely labeled "spiritual" fellowship. Social fellowship among children and young people involves playing together, parties in the home, hiking and dating. In school, these social contacts, which ultimately lead to marriage, are commenced. (Acually , Dr Hoeh mouthing HWAisms in the Good News March 1958)


The Negroes in the United States are the recipients also of fabulous BLESSINGS which their brothers in Africa could, and should, but DO NOT enjoy. But the crusaders put emphasis ONLY on the dark side. They never remind American Negroes that, as a whole, they have more and larger refrigerators, electric washing machines, radio and television sets, automobiles and even homes, than the average WHITE person is able to afford in England, France, Spain or Italy. (October 1963 PERSONAL)


Extreme radicals are organizing and drilling teen-age Negroes for battle. Here in southern California, rifle, shotgun and revolver sales have mounted to an unprecedented high. Next time -- which may explode any minute -- perhaps before we can mail this copy of The PLAIN TRUTH to you -- these radicals say the Negroes are going to start shooting down and killing every white person they can see -- on the streets, even in their homes. Several years ago, I predicted that the blood is going to run like a river, before the world reaches the end of the racial hatred. (PERSONAL July 1966)


...a man possessed of a fancied but wrong CAUSE, holding emotional feelings of personal animosity, feeling he was a man of DESTINY, an instrument in the hand of God...LITTLE men, of twisted, perverted minds, bent on making BIG HEADLINES...a SLIGHT man, wearing a BIG smirk of arrogance and conceit. (Comments on Lee Harvey Oswald in a January 1964 Personal)

Frustrated VANITY! He sought status... He was a little man, incapable of greatness, yet he desperately craved to do something that would make him stand out in history -- make the world take notice of him! (Comment on Le Harvey Oswald in The Missing Dimension in Sex)


I say to YOU, now, that your money -- your home -- every material thing you have -- will be taken from you SOON -- probably in 12 to 13 years, certainly in 15 or less! (August 8, 1959 Coworker Letter)

Magenta - ASK NICE

THIS IS ALARMING NEWS! I have to ask you to COME TO THE RESCUE IMMEDIATELY! We are working almost night and day to carry on OUR PART of God's tremendous work. I have to ask YOU, as Co-Workers with CHRIST, to sacrifice -- to HELP and keep on helping -- to RUSH to our aid, and mail the largest special offerings God has made possible to Box 111, in Pasadena, California -- and send it AIR mail if possible! Let's keep this crusade of Christ ROLLING, bigger and bigger!

I trust GOD to supply every need. But God does not go into the counterfeiting business and by miracles bring new dollar bills, hundred dollar bills, or thousand dollar bills into being and hand them to us for His work. GOD WORKS THROUGH HUMAN INSTRUMENTS. In supplying necessary, funds for His great work, GOD WORKS THROUGH YOU! He has called YOU, through your honestly paid tithes and generous offerings beside, to have YOUR part in His work. (March 4, 1960 Coworker Letter)


I BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST, OUR LIVING HEAD OF OUR CHURCH, IS DISAPPOINTED IN AND DISPLEASED WITH MANY OF YOU! I know that some of you are sacrificing to send in all you possibly can, in special, extra over-and-above-regular offerings for this SPECIAL PROPERTY AND BUILDING FUND. But when nearly twice as many of us send in only half as much, MOST OF YOU ARE SHIRKING YOUR PART IN GOD'S WORK! ...If every member -- or every family -- would squeeze out, some way, IN ADDITION to regular generous offerings and tithes, a special $7 per month for the special PROPERTY FUND, I am sure we would have enough. But so many of you members do not contribute anything, or else a lot less than that, that those of us who can must contribute a lot more than that.

You know what is going to happen to the UNPROFITABLE SERVANT. He is going to be cast into the lake of fire! Do you realize the Bible definition of an UNprofitable servant? Those who do just what is REQUIRED of them and no more -- have done that which was THEIR DUTY TO DO, but not MORE -- are UNprofitable servants!!! (Luke 17:10). See also Matthew 25:30, for their FATE!

I feel that NECESSITY forces me, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, to ask every member -- or the head of every family -- to send in a PLEDGE to contribute for the NEXT TWO YEARS a certain definite amount every month or every week for the PROPERTY FUND. This must be OVER and ABOVE, and IN ADDITION TO your tithes, and regular liberal offerings, according to your ability. It is understood that this PLEDGE is conditioned on your present income keeping up, and your financial ability. IF your income is reduced or cut off -- or same unexpected circumstance makes it honestly impossible to continue this amount, or makes it necessary to reduce it, of course you are at liberty to do so. THIS DOES NOT BIND YOU TO ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BECOME IMPOSSIBLE. Those, who have continued with the former pledge, please replace it with this new one. (May 13, 1960 Coworker Letter)

Magenta - WHERE Herbert W. Armstrong'S INTEREST LIES

Several of you, who are in position to do so, to loan to this work the largest sums you can. Several of our Co-Workers have a good sum of money, which you may be unable to GIVE, because you are forced to use the income or interest from it to live on. It might be in the form of bonds, or stocks, or cash, or other investments. In a few instances in the past, we have found a way by which this capital may be put to work, being used in GOD'S WORK, and by which also we pay you at whatever regular intervals you specify, a sum equal to, or larger than the income you receive at present. Although God's Word does not allow God's people to take interest or usury from one another, or from His work, (although it does allow us to take interest from a bank or unconverted person... I will be glad to answer any questions, supply any information required, to any of you who may be willing to transfer investments you may have, so that the capital sums may be PUT TO WORK in GOD'S WORK. To save time, you might call immediately, long distance. (May 18, 1960 Coworker Letter)

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