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Refusing to Believe the Propaganda

Resignation of Worldwide Church of God Regional Director George Kemnitz

"Reality forbids my mind to accept the accusation that Satan's spirit, greed for money, and intent to devour the flock are the causes of the actions of sincere men who fear God and His Word and who and who deeply desire to serve God's people."

Ironically, the same reputational assassination that was employed by the Armstrong ruling-elite in the 1970s against those who wanted new testament reforms seems to have also been used by the current administration of the "new" Worldwide Church of God. Joseph Tkach, Jr. recently told one author that Earl Williams had no role in the process of change, was simply in it for the money and was disfellowshipped for causing division. Again, simply not true.

March 6, 1974

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

After fourteen years of faithful and loyal service to you, to Ambassador College, and to the Worldwide Church of God, I regret having to further burden you at this time of' crisis with this letter of' resignation.

I love you, Mr. Armstrong, and I deeply appreciate the lessons I have learned from you over the years I have been associated with you.

But I can no longer permit myself to conscientiously continue in this present church structure. I have no intention to become part of a work or movement of vindictive hate. I fully intend to remain in the spiritual Body of Jesus Christ,, of which He is the Head, and to dedicate my energies and abilities to serving God and His people, and to teaching God's truth as He leads me to understand it in His Holy Word.

I realize this time of crisis and emotion has caused many people to say and do things they may later regret. I apologize for any wrong I may have done to you or to God's church. But I also feel that the Worldwide Church of God has deep-rooted problems which have led to serious consequences and affects which I can no longer conscientiously condone or further perpetuate. I do not condone any wrong action on the part of ministers in the field. Neither can I condone transgressions of those over me. (God is our Judge, God is the One who forgives.) And I do not speak as one who has no sin. But we cannot continue to ignore the causes of these effects and resultant actions. Mr. Armstrong, you taught me that principle: treat the cause of the problem, not the effect.

Reality forbids my mind to accept the accusation that Satan's spirit, greed for money, and intent to devour the flock are the causes of the actions of sincere men who fear God and His Word and who and who deeply desire to serve God's people. Many of these men are men of God and men of truth. To say they are Satan's ministers is not only untrue and unfair but, also blocks your mind from seeing the real causes of some of the problems we are now facing in this organization.

I feel I can no longer trust and respect the leadership of this organization. I feel this organization presently has many, serious doctrinal errors which are oppressing, hurting, and misleading God's people. I feel this church's limited concept of its commission, the gospel, and the work has caused its leadership to neglect God's people, God's Word, Truth, and Righteousness. I feel the governmental structure of the organization and its philosophy of human relations prevent the spiritual growth of the individual members and actually hinder God's Holy Spirit in the development of God's Mind and Character in those He has called. We must get to the true causes, or fire sincere men.

Mr. Armstrong, please don't misunderstand my words. I don't want to hurt you. I love you and appreciate you. But I also love God and reverence his Word more than men. This, too, you have taught me.

I hope God's church is going through a purifying process. And I hope that bitterness and hatred in so many hearts will be cleansed through the working of Christ and His Spirit in our lives. If this organization progresses and makes these spiritual changes in the future, I would certainly appreciate association with it again, contributing whatever I can to its continual growth and service.

In all sincerity and regret,

George H. Kemnitz

Regional Director, Chicago

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