September 17, 1940 Herbert W Armstrong Co-Worker Letter

OUR Co-Workers

VOL. 1. NUMBER 2                                                                                September 17th, 1940

Published every little while, by your radio- pastor editor Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-Workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.


GREETINGS!. Co-Workers, from Seattle! The true Gospel -- God's last warning message -- is now ON THE AIR, IN SEATTLE!

That for which we have prayed so long, and worked so hard -- that for which some of you have sacrificed so much -- is now an accomplished fact.

The RADIO CHURCH OF GOD was on the air for the first time in Seattle last Sunday, September 15th, over station KRSC, 1120 kilocycles, with a power of 1,000 watts -- twice the power of our Portland station KWJJ -- and at the same time, 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We will now be on KRSC at this same time every Sunday.

How God has Answered PRAYER

I want to tell our family of Co-Workers some of the inside story of our finally getting on the air here in Seattle -- for this issue of the BULLETIN is being printed and sent to you from Seattle. I want you to know something of the problems we had to solve, the difficulties in our path, and how God went before us, answered prayer, and worked out everything so perfectly.

You know I'm a firm believer in the need, and value, of taking everything to the Lord in prayer -- yes, EVERYTHING! We need to seek Him continually -- daily, for guidance and help. So we prayed earnestly over this Seattle broadcast, asking God to go before us, guide and direct us in the way He wanted us to go, and open the door at the right place.

You would think that the radio stations would solicit us, each trying to show us the advantage of their station, since we have to pay them considerable money for time on the air. But radio stations, especially in Seattle, do not seem to want religious broadcasts. I had learned that a year ago when I was up here. So I knew we would have difficulty getting on the air here, even after we had a fund raised to pay the cost. I knew nothing but prayer could open the way for us, but I had faith God wanted the RADIO CHURCH to speak His Word faithfully in this Seattle district, and I knew He would not fail us.

Mrs. Armstrong and I arrived in Seattle late Wednesday afternoon. While I did not feel we could afford the high cost of one of the five larger 5,000-watt stations here (same power as KOW-KOIN), yet I felt I ought to see the owner of KOL, since it is the Mutual station, and when we go on the Mutual net-work later, we will have to use that station. He showed enough interest to agree to listen to an audition of one of our transcribed broadcasts next morning. We may, later, use this station on the Mutual net-work, but found it necessary to select a smaller, less-costly station for the present.

This reduced our possibilities to two stations. One, KRSC, has never taken religious programs, and its owner gave no encouragement when I saw him a year ago. The other station, same power as KWJJ, had appeared willing to take our programs a year ago, but at a cost half-again more than we have to pay in Portland. So I went there, but found they were throwing religious programs off their station, didn't want any more, and had gone up to 1,000- watts power, and another advance in price that would make it just double what we pay in Portland. The owner is a woman, and I was told to call back later and see her, but given no encouragement.

You can see it looked discouraging. But I decided to see the owner of KRSC again, hopeless as it seemed. He was willing to audition one of our programs. When he heard it he became interested, said we had a splendid program that would attract a large listening audience. However, he said he would not take any outside religious program unless approved by the Seattle Council of Churches. He then called their secretary by telephone to his office to hear one of our broadcasts auditioned. This man was well impressed with our program, and also with The Plain Truth, which he carefully examined. It happened that he was familiar with the truth of our national identity as the tribe of Manasseh in the house of Israel, and he was glad to see this truth published in The Plain Truth magazine.

So this station was glad to take our program. The owner side- tracked a 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon news broadcast so we could have the same time here we have over KWJJ in Portland, and then made me a rate just $1.40 more per broadcast than we have to pay KWJJ. Since this station has double the power of KWJJ, and is regarded here as the highest-class independent station in Seattle, I'm sure you will realize how fortunate we were.

To me there is but one explanation. God Himself worked it all out for us, and gave us the best possible arrangement at the best possible price in Seattle. It is surely an answer to prayer, and I know you will rejoice with me.

Mrs. Armstrong and I will remain here until after next Sunday's broadcast, which I want to conduct in person, then we shall return home. While we are here, we are broadcasting by transcription from KWJJ, and brother Claude Ellis is conducting the broadcast over KORE. When we return home, we will send transcribed broadcasts to Seattle, which we have arranged to make each Thursday night for the following Sunday broadcast here.

I am praising God for His faithfulness -- for the opportunities He is opening to us in His work -- for the way He is going before, and working things out for us, and blessing His work. Let us give Him thanks and all praise.


The Lord willing, we now hope to add a radio station in LOS ANGELES to the Radio Church of God broadcast next. Such a station would add another QUARTER OF A MILLION people to those now hearing the true Gospel of the Kingdom thru The Radio Church of God.

As I wrote you in the last Bulletin, God's TIME HAS COME for this last warning message to go -- and to go to the millions, with great POWER! The whole world is IN ARMS. God now calls us His children, TO ARMS. He calls us to sacrifice, to effort! We see, thru the prophesies and world events, the sword coming upon this land in INVASION! God is punishing us because of our SINS! If people will forsake these sins and turn to HIM, it will never happen. The WARNING MUST GO!


The gravity of the realization that the Bible prophecies do definitely fore-tell the invasion, and complete captivity of Great Britain. and probably also of The UNITED STATES, has fallen heavily upon many of us. It has been hard to believe. We do not WANT to believe it. Yet now we realize it is definitely prophesied in many places in many different Books and prophecies.

More of this in the next PLAN TRUTH, and over the air. Two points, however, to bear in mind: 1) These prophecies do NOT say the prophesied invasion will come this Fall -- they do not name the year; 2) The prophecies do NOT even say Hitler will be the one to accomplish it. Hence Hitler may not start any actual invasion at all. Time is passing. Hitler's best opportunity is already past. Chances now are 50-50 or better he will not attempt it, or be successful if he does. It may be the prophesied invasion and captivity will come later, and even by another POWER -- perhaps Communist invasion -- and it might come after Hitler's star has fallen. Again, IF the British and our American people would humble themselves before God, turn from the things and ways that are an abomination to God, the invasion would never come. However, the prophecies do say our people will refuse to do this.

The sword is COMING. The people MUST BE WARNED (See Ezekiel 33:1-6). Tho the NATION fall, the individual who turns whole- heartedly to God will be protected and spared! God calls us -- YOU AND ME -- to shout the warning. He will hold us accountable if we fail. We must press on, at any sacrifice. STAND WITH ME! HELP ME SHOUT THIS WARNING!



Many church denominations hold annual camp meetings. We are not a denomination, but God Himself has appointed and set aside a definite TIME for such an annual meeting. It is the time called the festival of Tabernacles, intended to impress upon our minds year after year the JOY and REJOICING of the coming great millennial harvest. It is an occasion which all -- even Gentile nations -- will be FORCED to observe after Christ returns, during the millennium (see Zech 14:16-19). It is a time God ordained FOREVER.

PLAN NOW TO COME! I cannot give you here a complete program -- we have been too busy, and away from home too much, to devote the time to it so far. It will be informal. But there will be services morning, afternoon, and evangelistic service every night. It will be a time of spiritual fellowship with God's people -- a time of PRAYER, and of BIBLE STUDY, with special classes opening up the Bible, answering your special questions, which YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS. YOU NEED IT. We NEED YOUR PRESENCE. Put aside everything, and COME!

Meetings at our own little church building, West Eighth Avenue at city limits, Eugene. Beginning night meeting Wednesday October 16th to Thursday October 24th. Cabins at all price-ranges within easy walking distance. Come for ALL, or part of the meeting. Will be glad to make reservations if you write. For those coming to Eugene, our home is 1608 West Sixth Avenue. PLAN TO COME!


VERY URGENT NOTICE: There have been many expenses we did not foresee in getting the Seattle broadcast under way. In addition, we have had to undergo a solid three-weeks period in which very little money -- far less than needed for expenses -- came in. This has reduced our fund, until it threatens the existence of the Seattle broadcast. God has blessed us in getting started -- WE MUST NOT FAIL NOW! We must SACRIFICE, give up other things, for this coming country -- GOD'S KINGDOM! He has called us to ARMS! We must fight in this way for the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM! I say nothing over the air about needing money. I must depend alone on you, who are voluntarily our Co-WORKERS. Help ALL YOU CAN! URGENT!!!