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Hoaxing The Hoaxsters

The following is a message sent as response to "The Deacon  David Donka hoax." You are encouraged to do the same thing so that these hoaxsters can rip each other off instead of their usual innocent victims.

Deacon David Donka  

As a survivor of a cult, I have severe problems with organized religion, frankly, I believe it to be a hoax. Always attuned to the latest news, I've recently heard that there were others with similar stories as yours, who were actually victimizing good hearted people, getting them to invest in plane tickets to Sierra Leone, only to have them find out, upon their arrival, that what they had invested in order to move the money out of that country, plus whatever front money was involved was lost.

So, in my opinion, here we have one hoax being promulgated using another hoax as vehicle.

My opinion is that you should try to hoax another hoaxer. I would recommend contacting a Mr. Gerald Flurry at the Philadelphia Church of God ( . , Dr. Roderick Meredith at the Living Church of God (, Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong at Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association ( or Dr. Joseph Tkach at the Worldwide Church of God ( Each of these gentlemen are always telling us that they are absolutely desperate for money, and may be fodder for your hoax.

Good Luck. I hope to read the results of your efforts in my local newspaper.

The Original
Deacon David Donka Hoax

----Original Message ----
From: Deacon David Donka
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 6:51 PM



I am Deacon. David Donka, a member of Spring of Life Ministries Inc. I was formerly into the importation and sale of medical equipment in my native country, Sierra – Leone. My operational base was in Freetown the capital city. In January 1999,when the second civil war broke out in my country, the Revolutionary United Front Rebels, who invaded Freetown, burned my office and warehouse. In that attack, I lost all my properties and assets. I was left with virtually nothing, except some money I had in the Bank. When the United Nations sent in troops to quell the rebel’s onslaught and there was a relative peace in Freetown, I returned to business, but this time, I invested my resources in the Mining of Diamond through the help of a third party, some Lebanese who were very much versed in the industry to Antwerp in Belgium. The returns I got from this business were quite good and my life was gradually picking up again until early this year when the Sierra-Leonean government banned private exportation of the Diamond at the international market. The U.N. obliged the government and it is now illegal to sell/buy Diamond emanating from Sierra-Leone. Following this action, the government of my country clamped down on all businessmen who had made fortunes selling Diamond. Consequently, my newly acquired properties were seized again and I had no option than to leave the country immediately to a neighboring west African country, where I met our Lord Jesus Christ and my life was totally transformed. But before I left I was able to first move my money out of the country. I had$10,500,000 (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in my domiciliary account in Freetown. I had to move the money out of the Country through a very secret arranged channel, in a very unconventional method; this was done by my friend an official at the “Security Minting & Printing Company” of my country. Presently, this money is in an Oversea Country, under the custody of a private security firm. My ministry is basically a prayer and deliverance ministry. Since I received my calling and joined my ministry, I have been asking God to purify what remains of my wealth for evangelical works and for orphanage. On the last day of a special fasting and praying session in my ministry, there was a divine revelation from God that I should invest in your ministry. My God is not an author of confusion, contact me immediately for further discussions.

 Your brother in Christ,

Deacon David Donka


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