The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
I Got "Owned"


Here I was... whistling and happily plugging in cables and getting my home network moved over to Linux from Windows..... Listening to some cool Jean Luc Ponty jazzy-stuff and not thinking about the state of the world at all for a change...

            It was somewhere between the bathroom and the kitchen for maybe just one more Busch, when I heard my computer start talking..... You know... that identifiable hard-disk click and clack.... The cd-rom spinning up.... This was ALL on it's own.

I cracked open the beer and watched as I got owned........

             I won't get way deep in technical details, here, don't worry....J             For those of you not in the current jargon of the industry; to "Get Owned" means that some sucker out there on this planet has just accessed your PC and is controlling it remotely. They can do anything they programs...delete...wipe.... Whatever.... I was in the middle of installing a firewall to prevent just such a thing, but got caught with my pants down....

            So as my PC clicked and whirred and the screens flashed by ..... I slowly slid into my old leather office chair that I ripped off from a lawyer and watched....and thought about things....

            The first thing this person did was hit my email list. He (I call this person a he, but that's only for convenience) culled all my email boxes and then went to my Sent box.... Looking, snooping....nosing around...... wanting to know what I sent...what I I felt..... He would analyze later, I'm his leisure.... But. He wasn't satisfied....

 Ewwww... feeling a bit raped here......

Cults always want to know what you're doing....where you are... How long your skirt is. The length of your bangs.

 Straightforward, he went directly to my Word directories and started dumping files across the globe to wherever he and his little coke-breath self lived. Everything I've written.... The thoughts I might have preserved there. The book I am writing for my kids for after I'm dead.... He'll get a sneak preview.

He's getting kinda close to home, here. Should I turn him off? Just a quick push of a button, and the power goes off and he's sitting in the void of Net-space with nowhere to go....

No... I decide... let this stupid computer cultist keep on believing he's doing something worthwhile... something he can gain from.... His power is believing he has done something so clever that he won't be seen, and even if he IS.... He won't be held accoutntable.

            He went through my PC...step by step...... amazingly he left my Quake games alone........

Control, religious-based or otherwise, is always arrogantly methodical. Those that seek to control us have always thought it out very carefully. This summer in July the UN meets again to take up the question of arms and private ownership. Hmmm... Keep an eye on this too.                   He owned me. He had control.             I drank another beer and watched him own me.

              After about 20 minutes, he was done. There was a tired little message left in DOS on my screen, with the words, "CYA SUCKER!!"


            And Windows was gone.    The system was entirely unbootable except......

            I have my trusty boot disk....

My own mind at work against the weirdos and wackos who think they are controlling me.

            And I have the famous tape backup and the all present Zip drive too...

I think that these controlling "authorities" can control me only as much as I allow..... I will think and live as I want, thank you..... So we will slip the tape in the drive....and survive!!!

            True.... The Apostle who owned me also got my credit card number and email addresses.

            Do I really care about this?             Not really.... I only have my Debit card with a 200.00 limit that I use on the net or this PC.... Gee...I guess he got a little....J But.... The point is: I know these jerks are out there and I will NOT fall for them. I will NOT be owned for long..... Not by a cheesy geek in Russia nor a Herbie and crowd.

            I reestablished contact with my PC and the Net at large....... Just some inconvenience and no real harm done. After all.... I wouldn't have anything REALLY personal on my PC would I?

There were many good people in the WW+ and, I'm sure, in many cults. They ALL are snoops and busybodies, though, especially as their enthusiasm increases. They will not gain entry to my hardrives...J)

 I am just thankful that I don't have "faith" in the Net's security. Nor religion.

Faith is believing something as fact when you have no logical reason to do so. Stamping out the frighteningly popular misconceptions about faith and the faithful is the duty of every person who considers ignorance bad enough in and of itself without people wearing it like a badge of honor

(I love this quote..... from http :// dhere/index.html )

 I am thankful that my mom and dad taught me to question authority and not believe blindly this bland BS.

I was "owned", folks.

But only "owned" to the extent that I allowed myself.......

THAT is freedom, I reckon!

I am not perfect. Just searching for the bottom line. The truth. May we all find this.

 On the topic of Internet Security, I submit the following links. If you know more/better ones, I and everyone would benefit. Thanks!! Get Secure and Get Free!!

 The Happy Hacker

ZoneAlarm .... Not bad. Check it out.... It's free and costs nothing

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