The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
 Is there a Creator God?
Bill Fairchild

 Possibility number one: there is no all-powerful force, energy, vibration, thought, spirit, higher power, or whatever, and the entire universe somehow managed to create itself out of absolutely nothing, to create the laws of physics such as gravitation and entropy, and also to sustain these laws. As a rational, sane, logical human being I cannot accept this conclusion, so therefore I must reject the underlying assumption.

Possibility number two: the entire universe that we see and all life on earth do not really exist, but are actually a dream in someone else's mind. I can accept this possibility. However, this in turn means that the someone else who is having the dream must exist, and therefore he, or whatever it is, is greater than the known universe since he or it was able to create the entire universe in its mind as a dream. That makes this entity a Creator God as far as we are concerned and in relation to us.

I seriously doubt that this is the case, because all we have been able to discover so far about ourselves, the earth, and the known universe is internally consistent and unbelievably complex. E.g., we can dissect animals, plants, and even humans after they die and we always find their insides completely filled up with internal organs. Then we dissect the internal organs and always find the same component parts. No matter what kind of substance we choose to examine, if we break it down into smaller and smaller parts we always find atoms, and then we can even break them down and find the same, smaller subatomic particles in all atoms.

If the entire known universe is all a dream, it is an almost infinitely complex and detailed dream. We humans don't dream dreams like this, but maybe the Creator God could.

I choose to reject the second hypothesis as too unlikely.

Therefore, until I hear of another possibility, I must conclude that the known universe probably does exist, matter exists, the earth is real, human life is real, the laws of physics are real, and there is something "out there" which created the entire universe, including me, and sustains the laws of physics which hold the universe together and allow me to exist and think. My reaching this conclusion, however, does not prove that a Creator God exists, but rather explains why I personally believe one does.

Assuming now that such a Creator God exists, he has created us with very limited abilities to gather information about the universe and about his own existence and/or reasons for creating everything. Our human limitations seem obvious to me.

Assuming we are indeed so limited, perhaps the Creator God made everything the way it is just to fool us, to confuse us, to play tricks on us, and to delight in our pain and mistakes. We have a Bible which says that this God is love, we think we know what "love" means, and we want to believe that God is not so frivolous. So I tend to want to reject this possibility, but I can't really disprove it logically.

I am left with the "logical" conclusion that something greater than the entire universe really did create the universe for some purpose which we do not and cannot understand.

So I believe in a Creator God, just as did the Founding Fathers of the USA, who were mostly Deists. God created me, but I don't know why. But I DO KNOW that I will never believe any other human being again who tries to tell me what that God wants me to do, for all humans are just as clueless as I am about God's will.


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