The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.
The Miraculous Transformation


1. It's a miracle that Worldwide Church of God was able to get members to do for free, what men used to do for $40,000 or more, plus perks.

2. It's a miracle that a church's leader can get a raise at the same time that he's laying off hundreds of employees and ministers due to lack of income.

3. It's a miracle that church employees, who are barely holding on to their jobs, are willing to stop cleaning up campus storm damage because the treasurer wants them to help install his hot tub.

4. It's an historical miracle that a church can have a big portion of its members feel tortured by what the church is saying and doing and believe it's being led by Satan, yet still attend every week and give offerings.

5. It's a miracle that people will flock to some village in Mexico because someone saw the Virgin Mary in the bumper of an old Buick, yet a miracle-of-the-century church can hardly get new converts, and is steadily losing members besides.

6. It's a miracle that a few people with PCs can be such a thorn in the flesh for the miracle of the century.

I guess that's all for now since heathens like me can only stand so much transforming. Maybe the bright, white glow emanating from Pasadena will inspire the rest of you add a testimony or two.

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