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Judaism And The Messiah
By Sneakers
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The first thing to understand is that Messiah is a word that means Anointed One. There were many Anointed Ones...meaning all Kings of Judea were anointed.

In the Torah (there is a hacked up version in the Christian Bible and BADLY translated I might add)....the Christians claim a certain set of "scripture" that is supposed to indicate and prove the validity of Jesus.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand what Prophets did, nor do they understand that whatever a Prophet said was supposed to come true within the lifetime of that person prophesied to.

That is another message all together...which I will take up later.

You asked the requirements of the Messiah yet to they are:


1. Must bring about world peace...(this is somewhat arguable because it can also be interpreted to say world peace must exist before He comes but these are the only interpretations there are) : Either way, Jesus does not fit that bill.

2. Will bring the entire world to G-d...(again there is room for interpretation to mean that the world must already believe in G-d): Has not happened.

3. He will re-establish the Holy Temple. (this is very clear): Again, Jesus did not do this.

4. All Jews will be identified and brought to Israel. (again very clear): Has not happened...Jesus did not do it.

5. He must be descended from Judah AND Solomon. (very clear): Jesus was not descended from both.

6. He must be Jewish. (very clear) : Jesus was Jewish

7. He must marry and have children. (very clear) though I think this is used only to tell us one of his personal aspects, not something that is required...but something he will do. : Jesus did not do this.

There are more details, some of which include the timing of these events, and my best recommendation is to go to the library or your local book store (or rather go to a temple where they sell books on this material) and read that.

It would take many, many, many posts to completely cover this topic...

It is not an easy subject to digest, and most people don't like to hear about it, especially those that SAY their religion is BASED on Judaic Prophesy and Law.

Again I will add that I am NOT bashing Christianity. I know far too many Christians that I would rather call friend than some Jewish people I know.

The point I do not like is for Christians to claim that their religion is based on the Prophesy of the Torah...this is simply NOT TRUE when you actually read the Torah (and find out what the Hebrew meanings of words are) as opposed to just listening to the words of someone behind a pulpit.

Judaism Teaches us to ASK QUESTIONS and do research. Never to just lay back and take the word of someone else...Even I, with my thread here, ENCOURAGE anyone to study and do some research of what I say/post.

If a Christian follows the Noahide Laws, then they can claim that they are based in Judaistic Law. They are what are referred to biblically as The Righteous Gentiles. (in addition I think that I should add that Gentile simply means NON JEW, not just a Christian)

There have been many claims to Messiahship...none of which have been valid yet.

 There is no real tie between the Torah and the Biblical New Testament, and there can be no new Covenant because the word Covenant (used biblically/the Hebrew word) indicates forever. No changes, no additions.

Any Covenant claimed by Christianity has nothing at all to do with Judaism or the Hebrew prophesies, or Covenant between HaShem and Jews.

I have no idea where the concept of "new covenant" came from, other than a baseless claim. I have tried to research the roots of the claim and can find NO Torah indication of it or anything that indicates that there will be a new covenant.

Here is what the New Covenant theory says: (yes I called it a theory not a Theology.)

The primary premise of NCT is that the New Covenant as mediated by Christ is a brand NEW covenant which totally replaces the Old Covenant (Heb. 8:6-13). The Old Covenant was a covenant which God established with the Nation of Israel only. The terms of this covenant were the Ten Commandments or Tables of Stone (Exodus 34:27-28; Dt. 5:1-3). Thus, the Ten Commandments were only the essence of the Old Covenant (or first covenant) and Not the essence of all of God's law.

If you read Hebrews (the new testament) this is where they are claiming that there is proof of a new covenant. However, one must ask, who wrote Hebrews (the book) and what was its purpose? Oh, and the terms of the covenant were NOT just the 10 commandments...of course the 10 commandments were not the entire essence of HaShems Law...the Law consisted of 613 commandments.


Here is another idea from NCT...

Since Jesus is the mediator of the New Covenant, He is the new Lawgiver and Lord of the church (Heb. 1:1-3; Heb.7:12). Thus, all Christians are under the authority of the New Covenant which is governed by the New Testament Scriptures (Eph. 2:19,20). The Old Covenant has been perfectly fulfilled in Christ and done away. God's law is still binding on the believer but God's righteous standards are contained in the Law of Christ (Gal.6:2; 1 Cor.9:21). The people of God in the New Covenant era are motivated internally to obey the Law of Christ.

Since when is there a "Law of Christ" and when did he receive this authority to make Laws? He was a nobody if he even existed.

Note: the only Torah examples they site are Exodus and Deuteronomy, the rest are only New Testament examples.


Here is another quote from NTC:

However, this does not make the Old Covenant a covenant of grace. Scripture indicates that the purpose of the Mosaic Law was to bring deep conviction of sin to those under the covenant to lead them to Christ (Gal 3:23-25).

They obviously have not read the WHOLE of the Torah, only pulled out the negative mitzvot, and not the positive ones. The laws were not really about sin so to speak as much as they were about good behavior in society. Only some of the laws were to separate the Jew from the Non Jew...

More quotes:

The nation of Israel is the "unbelieving" people of God. They are only a picture of the real people of God that is revealed in the New Covenant era. Only a remnant of the nation of Israel were believers.

The Abrahamic Covenant is a revealing of God's plan of salvation through Abraham and his physical descendants. The true seed of Abraham is Jesus Christ and the believers are the true children of Abraham.

I honestly have no idea how they tie these thoughts and base this theory from Torah writing and scripture




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