2012 Preview
The Mayan Prophecies


    "However, since the world cannot and will not be destroyed by a flood, I strongly suspect that many will decide that the Mayan prophecies should properly be interpreted to mean that the longed for age of peace is upon us–even though it will not be (Ezekiel 13:10)" Bob Thiel

    Considering that Armstrong's cheerleaders don't worry me is because they're generally not in positions to make significant proclamations or decisions (except maybe "right shoe on right foot") PT Editor

    The Painful Truth declares that the Mayan prophecies for the year 2012 have the same value as the worthless prophecies of Herbert Armstrong.

    Feeding on fear and intimidation of weak minded individuals, Herbert attempted to cater to the basest instincts of witless and cowardly humans who's first instinct was to save themselves and damn the world. If current Armstrong fans truly believe that he was God's representative on Earth, then may I suggest that they should enroll in "Introduction to Reality 101." In the meantime as we await for the arrival of  "1975 in prophecy" here is a preview of the movie "2012."





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