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Updated March 28, 2023



The biblical God forbids not only theft, and robberies, which are punishable by man, but he comprehends under the name of covetousness, all theft, all wicked tricks  and devices, whereby is design to appropriate to oneself the goods which belong to his neighbor: whether it be by force, or under color of authority, as by unjust weights, ells, measures, fraudulent merchandise, false coins, usury, or by any other forbidden way.

1.) All Wicked Tricks:  False prophecies designed to recruit members into a group.
Devices:  False doctrines that appear to present the group as superior to others.
Examples include British Israelism, false knowledge of the "Beast Power" that persecutes and destroys.
Feast days  that most of the religious world ignores. The term "Gods True Church" which is used as a
positive reinforcement tool.
(Operant conditioning, where consequence (belief or disbelief) cause a behavior to occur with greater frequency. Thus the term "Gods True Church" takes on the meaning of becoming a fact.)
3.) Under color of authority: Color law. Under color of authority is a legal phrase indicating a person is claiming or implying the acts he or she is committing are related to and legitimized by his or her role (in this case) as an agent of God. Even acts that are unlawful. (Stalkers, fondlers, rapists. Anything uttered or implied by church "authorities" that causes others to act in a legally or illegally way. Behavior modification that causes undue influence to take place.)
4.) Fraudulent merchandise: Fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain. Doctrines in the church are sold to the public as fact. Doctrines such as British Israelism that cannot be proved or verified by any test. Counter facts are never presented to the membership as to allow them to make an educated decision as to the doctrines. Purpose of false and misleading doctrines fall under #1 and #2 above. All Wicked Tricks, and Devices.

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