"Moral Question"

    By Douglas Becker

Byker Bob comments over at Silenced:

Butter will always be butter, and margarine will always be margarine. Bottom line is that even if a supreme being and eternal laws were taken out of the equation, heterosexual relationships would still remain the way in which the species is propagated, and the young are nurtured and imprinted with the value systems of their parents.

In the larger scheme of things there certainly is an element of truth to that. However, in this day and age, moral questions become ever more complex as human beings become ever more irrational and chaotic. Take, for example, the ‘moral’ Philadelphia Church of God.

A minister in the Philadelphia Church of God advised a member to leave his disabled child in a shopping mall because ‘someone will find him and take care of him’. There are other incidents where various Armstrongist church members were told by their ministry to kick their children out of their homes because the children did not agree with the cult teachings. Teens have been shut out, left on their own to find food and shelter in the streets.

This should boggle your mind, but the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia have been doing these sorts of extreme things so long that people just sort of accept them and move on. If anyone gets upset, it doesn’t last long and people seem to have a short memory. Moreover, they often submit to this because of the sociopathic nature of their environment where they have adopted the most ridiculous extreme distortions of conscience for the sake of religion, even if they should know that what they believe and are doing is immoral, unethical, illegal and goes against the very Bible they profess to believe and obey.

While there may be moral ambiguity among the Armstrongists, when it comes to homosexuality and same sex marriage, there are no gray areas. In fact, there’s no rainbow of color areas. It’s all black and white. There is no compromise. There are no holds barred. It is wrong. It is a moral outrage. The Armstrongists may let the drunkenness and adultery among them slide, but there had very well not be any gays among them and anyone so wicked will surely end up in the lake of fire. Not only that, but just because they exist, they are absolutely responsible for earthquakes, droughts, floods, forest fires and another bad television season. They get the blame for all of God’s Wrath and Punishment. They should all be put to death before we all suffer horribly from a wrathful God.

In the meantime, many gay couples are adopting children no want wants. Some have adopted disabled children and even ‘crack babies’ with special needs which require significant sacrifice to nurture them. It isn’t outside the realm of reasonable possibilities that if it hasn’t happened already, the children rejected and thrown out of the family homes of Armstrongist cultists may very well end up adopted by loving nurturing gay married couples.

Here’s the moral question… no wait, you already know what it is.

What’s your answer?



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