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Nathan's Stump
B MikeM

Dear God

This is for Nathan On Memorial Day

I shook Nathan's stump of an arm Saturday.

That's all he has, basically.... Some small parts of his hand and fingers are still splinted at night, because, as he and his bedroom burned, he was holding onto the metal daybed in there and the flames welded his flesh into the steel made in China.

A year ago this boy could fit his hand into a baseball glove.

          He's a good looking boy considering what he and his sister Aaliyah have been through for the past two years..... The skin grafts are coming along, the compression-suits are doing wonders. They both smile.... There is happiness in their eyes.


How in earth do you explain it?

How can you look at these kids and honestly tell them of God, of Church? Of your Heavenly Father that loves you? The Almighty and All Knowing God?

How can you justify piling up the Benny Hins... the Billy and Franklin Grahams....the Swaggerts, the Armstrongs,   the Christian Broadcasting Network,  Jim and Tammy,  the Oral Roberts, all the other in-bred Christian denominations and then, THEN pile in all the Muslim, Hindu and others out there? How do you explain to Nathan that he is now and forever scarred beyond tears and will never know his own potential?

           I usually write with a cavalier, conversational style. This may offend some at times. Too friggin' bad.

 Today I'm a bit more serious, however, and need to get something out that is supremely important. I knew this was a serious topic .I just have forgotten it like a lot of folk.  I am just like you maybe, and haven't thought about this much lately..... I was just like YOU before shaking Nathan's stump.

I don't need to know how the fire started. I don't need to pass judgment on the mother or the wonderful grandmother that has done the care-taking since this tragic event. From what I've learned, this is a case of a young boy playing with a lighter. He had locked his bedroom door with his sister inside also, and played with a Bic lighter. Nothing more....

My judgment is against GOD.... This ridiculous and worthless entity that so many bow down to at football games and pass their Sunday mornings passing a second glance to at deep thought while they're on their way to a volley ball game on the beach.

So.... I got something to say to you, GOD....

The fact that you have let Nathan and his sister and millions of other innocents die, get hurt and disabled has proven to me that you don't care or are not there. Not as we've been led to believe by the con-men of the airwaves, the Apostles of Greed and Control.

          Recently we mere humans watched as people attending a wedding in YOUR supposed Promised Land plummeted three floors to their deaths. Where were YOU!?

          Recently we saw a young Palestinian boy get shot and killed on our televisions in the arms of his father. On YOUR home turf, GOD, if we would believe what all these religious people tell us. The shooter was probably one of his own. The moment was used in an attempt to drum up sympathy for another lost, sorry, and tragic cause.

All of the pain and suffering, the amputations from the butchers in Africa, the gassing of innocents in Germany, the slaughter and slavery in Sudan recently, the rape and murder of my friend Garth in Jackson, MS; the conniving of our Congress, the surreal trial and blasphemy of justice in the McViegh case, the continuing pain and suffering from this mysterious HIV/AIDS syndrome - all of this proves to me that you are not real.

 Dear GOD..... Stop your bullshit. Care a little. Stop deluding people.

But, then again....

You are a figment of controlling men's minds.

Nothing more.

Just look in Nathan's brown and knowing eyes and tell me I'm wrong, GOD....I dare ya....




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