The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

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This is to advise you that you are buying a piece of property that is being sold to you by a corrupt religious organization that obtained it by conning money out of good people who wanted to obey God. Joe Tkach is selling you property that was purchased with "OPM" (other people's money), who are the rightful owners. They were deluded into giving their money under false pretenses.

By rights, the property belongs to thousands upon thousands of duped and deceived people who once belonged to that organization and donated funds for its construction, upkeep & maintenance. Not to mention the millions of dollars that went into management's pocket, i.e., Pastor General, evangelists, ministers, etc). Plus all the perks that went along with it.

This blood money was elicited through devious means by an organization that convinced its members that they were in God's True Church and were promised titles of kings and priests in His coming government. Plus a safe haven upon Christ's return.

The members were conned by a sly, cunning ex-traveling salesman who studied the Bible thoroughly and used his brilliant salesmanship to put HIS god to good use. He started on a rinky-dink radio station preaching his version of the gospel and swayed many. He began a church that grew into a vast, worldwide empire. He proclaimed that Pasadena was to be God's Headquarters., therefore, was to be funded constantly. The congregations eagerly responded with weekly tithes, (10%), tax refund tithes, investment tithes, feast tithes, tithe of the tithes, Holy Day tithes and offerings, 30% third tithe year, and any time the Pastor General requested (demanded) more money.

At times, when God "wasn't blessing the church", the Pastor General accursed and accused the brethren of "robbing God". In times of financial emergencies, (which was quite often) He asked for more funds. During one dire "emergency" He demanded all the brethren take out personal and mortgage loans and send the money to him. Many are still suffering financial, physical and mental stress due to their ordeal in the Worldwide Church of God.

In faithfully observing and abiding by the Church's creed, many have died, become ill, mentally scarred, physically impaired, and utterly destitute. All due to one man's power of persuasion and his voracious appetite for money.

We, therefore, the ex-members who total over 40,000, and present disgruntled members, feel we have a vital and vested interest in this sales transaction. You cannot sweep us under the rug. By rights, Ambassador college belongs to US. Over the years millions upon millions of dollars were given by unsuspecting long time members. Members who sincerely believed in and lived by a false gospel preached by a false apostle, that were top priority above family and kin.

If this sale goes through without our participation, there will be many repercussions. Joe Tkach is selling you something that is not MORALLY his to sell. It is OURS.

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