the painful truth about the worldwide church of god

By their Fruits

To The Brethren And Current "Church Of God" Members

By John O.. Ex-Worldwide Church of God pastor.


Have you ever read the story of the princess that kissed the frog, and it turned into handsome prince? While it appears to be a cute tale on the surface, a cold reality must set in if one is to view this fable in real life. A frog is always a frog. It will ALWAYS have the DNA of a frog. And, in real life, if the princess would have kissed that frog, she'd still have the stupid frog. That's reality.

In the evaluation of any organization, secular or church, it's always imperative to look at the spiritual DNA that is the core of that particular organization. It doesn't matter if the organization oozes a seeming outer goodness, putting on a show of apparent love and scintillating fellowship . . . if the basic DNA is rotten, then so is the whole organizational body. It doesn't matter if it looks like Disneyland on the surface, if the fundamental basis of that corporation is soaked in wickedness, then Mickey Mouse will finish up eating you. Can any of us make a silk purse from a sow's ear? Does corruption inherit incorruption?

Over the years, many people have quizzed me about Worldwide Church of God from the point of being "God's Church." Many genuine souls thought they found a permanent home in the Worldwide Church of God cult, and as such, have been heartbroken when they found out the ungodly fruits that have been yielded. "But," many have asked me, "couldn't all this have been God's Church simply gone wrong?" I've always replied: "Look at the fruits. Then remember what Jesus said."

Farmers, ranchers, and planters the world over, would love it if all their rotten trees produced good fruit. Regrettably, that doesn't happen, and only a good tree can produce the fruits that are palatable. And if you start with something evil, then you will only produce the same offspring.

In early 1979, the Worldwide Church of God was taken into receivership due to accusations of impropriety, misappropriation of funds, illegal activities, insider trading, IRS violations, etc. Many other cults were also under investigation at that time, but in the end, all charges were all dropped by L.A's District Attorney at the time, George "Duke" Dukemajin. The final report claimed that on the basis of evidence, it would cost too much and take too long a time to prosecute all these cults. It simply "wasn't worth the trouble." The fact that Duke was running for Governor in a couple of years, and these cults comprised a sizeable chunk of votes in California, might also have affected his decision. The fact, and it's commonly known in Sacramento, that these cults (Worldwide Church of God included) lobbied to drop charges, and reportedly Duke's election campaign treasury, suddenly developed a substantial increase. We all know the story from there. The charges were dropped against all the cults, Duke made his Gubernatorial mansion, and California - to its chagrin - began to reap the questionable results of an incompetent governorship, and one highly tuned to "special interests."

At the time of the receivership, one of the legally appointed Worldwide Church of God receivers (naturally accused of being "Satan's minister") spoke to the TV audience and explained that he had nothing personally whatever against any of these cults. He spoke this to TV cameras on the Ambassador College campus. I'll never forget what he said.

"All people," he said, "have a Constitutional right to be as stupid and as gullible as they want to be. But, it's the job of the law to expose corruption. Whether people choose to believe the results or not - is up to them."

I know many members (and ministers who pretend they don't) read this site, and that's good. It's informative and it does provide food for thought. It opens the Worldwide Church of God's spiritual DNA for evaluation. Remember what the apostle Paul said: "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good." To implement that instruction, we must look at ALL sides, otherwise we're not proving ALL things. You - who are reading this website now - are in the process of proving all things. You would not be examining this otherwise, but many have been subjected to an avalanche of malarkey that is strictly one sided. If any of you feel intimidated by any hireling ministry into hearing only half a story, then that's simply NOT following Paul's instruction. You're being cheated of the truth, and that's the truth which will lead you to freedom.

But, many may ask, how does anyone know the truth? Our forefathers had the perfect answer to that. In the third paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, they gave the best guideline to the what truth is . . . and what it's not. (Emphases mine.)

They said: "We hold these TRUTHS to be SELF EVIDENT . . . "

Nothing could be clearer. If something, upon examination, is not self evident, then simply reject it, or at least hold it for further examination. But nothing can be "self evident" if it's not thoroughly examined from both sides. And if the basis of Worldwide Church of God is examined honestly, the corrupt spiritual DNA is then exposed. Again . . . can corruption inherit incorruption? Therefore, can a corrupt spiritual DNA spawn other "daughter" groups (with the same doctrines) employing many of the same hireling ministers who scamper to the nearest cult for their paychecks?

For those who have not read the article Just Following Orders, then I suggest you link to that page at this point, and read all about HWA's reported background with nazi literature and the implementation of Hitlerian tactics over the years. Then I suggest you return here and think about all the tactics of the hireling lackeys from the same mold, and the "new improved" Churches of God ministry . . . past and present. Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Like the nazi party of old, the oppressive Worldwide Church of God cult practices have been evident over the years in the original and split-off cults. In 1979, had the wise teachings of Jesus been implemented instead of the bombastic tactics of Hitler, then the departure of the Hawaiian church would have taken on a different flavor. Please see: The Plain Truth about Hawaii.

If the fruits of righteousness were within the newer and older Churches of God at all, then the fruits of the Spirit would be evident, and NOT a counterfeit fellowship that depends on loyalty to a system of dogma that's laid down, and enforced, by corrupt lackeys who love mammon more than they love God. If this were not true, then please ask yourselves, why are these hirelings taking a paycheck? No New Testament minister ever did.

The New Testament ministry knew better, and they loved their flocks. They pastored their groups and worked "with their hands" to support themselves. Under normal conditions (as Paul explained) it would be acceptable to take compensation for doing any job, but he and his fellow workers did not, and for a good reason. They were NOT hirelings.

With the hireling, there must come the need for mandatory tithing, and tithing is part of the Law of Moses ONLY. Jesus never took tithes, and there's no record of any New Testament preacher ever doing likewise. Tithing was integral to the earlier Law of Moses . . . only.

It's interesting to note, that when Jesus referred to the "Law" of the land in those days, He always referred to it as "Your law," (referring to the Pharisees) or "The Law of Moses." He never, never, never referred to it as "The Law of God," simply because it wasn't. It was the Law of Moses, and therefore, a part of the fading Old Covenant.

If anyone thinks they can produce a human prince from a frog's DNA, then I wish you the best. In the same way, if you can produce a "godly" theology from a corrupt spiritual core, then someone is going to have to change the laws of the universe. It simply doesn't work that way.

And if you are a part of this whole charade, the please remember what many of the New Testament cautions and advice given actually say about false ministers, ones who will "make merchandise of you.." Remember II Corinthians 11: 14-15. And there is only ONE criterion to check this out . . . look at the fruits. Take your time. Examine what's said, and above all . . . note the arrogance of the ministry. By their fruits.

Years ago, a Seventh Day minister, Trinidad Padilla (Triny - as we called him is now deceased) spoke on the phone to an ex-Worldwide Church of God minister. He traditionally invited this minister to speak at the next Sabbath services. Since Triny had never met this Worldwide Church of God minister, he was wondering how to identify this man at the services, since there were about fifty new folks that were due on that next Sabbath.

When Triny walked into services, he looked around among all the new people, and then spotted one particular person. Triny walked up beside him, and observed him for about a minute, then he shook hands and identified himself. Triny was correct.

Later on and when he was asked how he managed to identify the ex-Worldwide Church of God minister before even speaking to him, Triny replied: "It was simple. His arrogance."

What you do with any of this information is up to you, the reader. I know many brethren read this, and many ministers of the present and past cults. Many folks may claim they don't read this website out of fear, but we KNOW many do.

Let's face it, IF the information given here is wrong, then simply prove it wrong. Like Paul said, reject it and go on your way. But, if it's correct or bears witness, then the option to address the matter is in your hands. Either way, no one can make an objective conclusion without listening to BOTH sides of the argument. Please check it out, and prove all things. Remember to investigate the original spiritual DNA, and the fruits of the offspring won't be any different.

Best and blessings to you.




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