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Proof of the Bible

[Warning: This article is meant to be facetious. It is not to be taken seriously. I'm really not this dumb (I hope!)]

You boys at the Painful Truth are in danger of the lake of fire. You reject the Bible but I can prove to you that the Bible is the word of God.

I suggest you buy the book "When Skeptics Ask" by Norman Geisler and Ron Brooks. On page page 143, they write, "How do we know that the Bible came from God? We know that the Bible came from God for one very simple reason: Jesus told us so. It is on His authority, as the God of the universe, that we are sure that the Bible is the Word of God. He promised an authoritative New Testament through His disciples. The Son of God Himself assures us that the Bible is the Word of God."

Then, in chapter 6, they say, "This chapter will present the historical evidence and reason that Jesus not only existed, but that He was God in the flesh. The outline of this argument goes like this: 1. The New Testament documents are historically reliable evidence. 2. The historical evidence of the New Testament shows that Jesus claimed to be God and confirmed that claim by miraculous signs culminating in His resurrection. 3. Therefore, there is reliable historical evidence that Jesus Christ is God." (page 101-102)

See? The Bible is the word of God because Jesus said so, and we know Jesus is God in the flesh because the Bible says so. Why can't you understand something so simple?

Here's more proof. Go out and buy James Montgomery Boice's book "Standing on the Rock" and open to page 55. You want proof? I'll give you proof!

"One possible objection arises at this point. Someone might dismiss this argument as circular reasoning.. Some people maintain this is what we are doing when we refer to Jesus' belief in Scripture. They say, Look, you are quoting the teachings of Jesus to establish the authority of the Bible. But the reason you believe the teachings of Jesus is that you believe the Bible. In other words, you go to the Bible to get your view of Jesus, and from Jesus you get your view of the Bible. However logical this may sound, that is not what we are doing, as I want to show.

"Follow this step by step.

"First, when we talk about the teaching of Jesus Christ we do not start with the assumption that the Bible is inerrant or even that it is the Word of God. We begin with the Bible as an historical document. We know it is ancient. It dates back almost two thousand years in its New Testament form and more than that in its Old Testament form. When we study it, we find it believable. Under the most careful scrutiny and analysis we find it to be extraordinarily reliable. Above all, it offers a consistent, believable picture of Jesus Christ. We do not start with the Bible as the Word of God or with inerrancy. We begin simply by saying it is a reliable, historical book."

"Second, the Bible points directly to Jesus. According to his witnesses, he was like nobody else who has ever lived. As a matter of fact, the only explanation we have for a man who could do the things the Bible says he did is that he was more than a man. In fact, he was precisely who he claimed to be: God incarnate.

"Third, if this man about whom the Bible speaks is God incarnate, then what he teaches on any subject must be true, because God speaks truth.

"So we ask, fourth, What does he teach about the Bible? In answer, he teaches that the Bible is the Word of God."

"The fifth point in the argument is this: We believe that the Bible is the Word of God because Jesus teaches it and because Jesus, as the incarnate Son of God, is an unimpeachable authority. Such an argument is not circular."

See? The Bible is God's word because Jesus said so. And Jesus is God in the flesh because the Bible says so. And this isn't circular reasoning because James Mongomery Boice said so.

Now aren't you ashamed of yourselves? How can you stand up to such rock solid proof? You can't. I know you are repenting in dust and ashes as you read this.

I accept your apology.

Regards, MAM



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