By Douglas Becker



It would be interesting to have brain scans of Roderick Meredith (David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland) to see what parts of his brain have been destroyed by his lying — studies show that deliberate lying destroys certain parts of the brain.

It would also be interesting to have him tested for the Anger / Warrior genes, though we can pretty much ascertain from his belligerent behavior what we would find from the blood test.

Although I do not believe him to be an alcoholic, it would be instructive to have him submit to a simple chemical test to determine that objectively, since it is an inherited function of liver dysfunction.

In fact, all Armstrongist minister, founders, leaders and administrators should be subjected to these genetic tests and a rigorous number of other tests to determine their qualifications for ministry, since Armstrongism is a religion of physical rituals. All the best need to be identified for possible inclusion into the hierarchy of the cult organizations and the rest of the blemished discarded. Of course, this might not leave very many left at all.


We need to subject them to other batteries of tests also, including IQ and personality tests. No IQ less than 150 should be considered. A full panel of psychologists and psychiatrists should use the DSM-5 to weed out those with severe mental dysfunctions, such as manic depressive disorder and schizophrenia. There needs to be an absolute prohibition of all narcissists.

There must be an in depth investigation of any criminal activities as well. There can be no pedophiles or those who commit incest. There can be no robberies and murders, nor will any white collar crime be tolerated within ministerial ranks. Any evidence of perjury would be grounds of disqualification.

We should (in the United States) engage the FBI to investigate whether the person in question ‘has a good report of those without’ and Interpol may be used to further advance the investigation. We will, of course, need fingerprinting and have the subject take a lie detector test.

We need to interview neighbors going back at least a decade to determine that he has never committed adultery and that his wife and children are happy and in subjection. Since he must be ‘apt to teach’, the appropriate training must have been completed. It would be helpful for him to have a current teaching certificate.

His record of a parent needs to be taken into consideration, since his wife and children need to be ‘in subjection’. A man with horrible juvenile delinquents just shouldn’t be allowed. Studies have shown that the most successful corporate executives are the ones who have children who have successfully navigated their teenage years without major maladjustment, likely because, in a corporate environment, dealing with junior executives is much like dealing with adolescents. While we’re on the topic, neither the minister nor his wife can be gossips. This is a horrible breach of trust. The Bible calls them ‘busybodies’ and they sure can dish the dirt. While gossips can be fascinating and even have the truth, it’s a slippery slope of character assassination that just doesn’t do the congregation any good at all. It often sets people against each other, and you know what the Scripture says about causing division.

Those who qualify thus far for the ministry need to be subjected to drug tests and have random drug tests during their ministry. Auditors need to be brought in to examine the finances of the minister so there won’t be any hanky-panky.

The Scripture is clear on the qualifications of a minister: He must be the husband of one wife. He cannot be divorced and remarried with his ex still living. This is standard and such ministers as Paul Woods of the Seventh Day Church of God insists upon it, as does the United Church of God an International Association. In fact, United goes one step further and precludes a man from being a minister if he has committed adultery since baptism. There is forgiveness of sins, but baptism is a demarcation point for some sects and certain offenses, such as committing adultery on your wife while she is dying of cancer will prevent a man from ever being a minister in certain sects. Although there are other sects which allow for complete repentance — because it is recognized that everyone sins and redemption is possible — the admonition for a good reputation with those without seems to kick in for many of the Christian groups.

Ministers need to be examined to see if they have the right personality for the job: They must have empathy and be compassionate and merciful with people, be apt in counseling, known for giving sound advice, particularly in ‘spiritual’ and matters relating to living. A minister must also be able to set boundaries and appropriately confront and correct those who would cause division in the sect.

In order to complete the battery of tests, the ministerial prospect needs to be examined by The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation to determine the combination of 19 inherited aptitudes the man has. A minister absolutely must have an objective personality so that he is not introverted and unable to relate to congregation members or deal with groups of people. He must have high inductive reasoning and strong analytical abilities. He should have musical talents because a minister who is tone deaf would be a terrible choice, particularly during praise worship. It may be helpful if he has number memory. He needs to have a strong vocabulary. He needs to have high graphoria. An ideal candidate will have high observation to take in the details to help others and have good personal presentation. It may be helpful if he has high structural visualization so he can understand those engineers, mechanics, technologists and others in his congregation and be able to relate to them at their level while recognizing the needs of the majority who lack the talent.

A minister needs to be able to delegate appropriately, not that he would be unwilling to do the ‘dirty jobs’ which need to get done. He needs to understand group dynamics and social interactions to be able to bring peace to the congregation.

The minister needs to be completely fit to administer and participate in programs involving athletics, after all, summer camp for the youth can be demanding. He will also need to be sacrificing and be able to promote those who have special needs. He needs to be strong, patient and kind. He needs to have feeling for the fatherless and widow and be able to work tirelessly as an advocate for them. He needs to be able to bring people together for common benefit. He also needs to be an excellent project manager with skills in achieving goals through effective project management. It isn’t enough to have high concept vision, it is necessary to have the skills to be diligent and innovative for the benefit of the many, the few and the one. He needs to be an encouragement to the poor and support those who need help during bereavement. His care extends to others in a community from the cradle to the grave. He should not only be someone who has dinner parties for others in his own home, but should be willing to be a guest in the homes of those with more modest means who want to share a part of their lives with him and his family.

The Scripture is also clear that a minister cannot be a novice. We’ve seen far too many ‘bright ascending stars’ made into leaders within congregations only to have them crash and burn spectacularly, as in the case of an ex Marine who became central to a church group, President of Spokesman Club, only to be exposed as an alcoholic abuser who eventually not only left religion entirely, but left his wife and family to fend for themselves. Those who seem to have unlimited potential in the ministry as a perfect fit need to be given time to see if they are just a ‘flash in the pan’.

Liars. If liars will not be in the Kingdom of God, don’t you think they should not be allowed in the ministry, for consistency’s sake?

Most of all, he needs to set a sterling example.

This is not trivial: It takes a special person with stellar qualification to be the kind of leader that will benefit those over whom he watches.

No one is perfect, of course, and a minister must also have the integrity and humility to admit error and make appropriate amends.

This, of course, is not the whole list. He needs to be able to stand as an ambassador to represent Jesus to lead people to redemption.

And no one should ever have to settle for anything less.




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