The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

For anyone that has left or been disfellowshipped

By Louise 1997

1.Do you find yourself looking at what other people your age have, and wondering what you could have in the way of more financial success, if you had never been in the cult?

2.-Do you feel cheated because you did not go to school and get a good education or continue your education, because the cult was against higher education?

3.-Do you find yourself watching television and programs like the weather, and have no recollection of what the speaker said? (trancing or disassociation)

4.-Do you wonder what your purpose in life is now that you are not going to be God as promised in the cult?

5.-Do you have a persistent sense of purposelessness that comes and goes?

6.-Do you feel that you are unworthy, now that you are out of the cult?

7.-Does it bother you that you do not have all the answers to life's problems and theology, now that you are out of the cult?

8.-Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere, not in the "world", and kind of like a round peg in a square hole?

9.-Do you feel guilty that you cannot keep the Sabbath and/or HolyDays the way you think you should?

10.-Do you feel guilty for feeling negative?

11.-Do you feel powerless to help your situation?

13.-Do you blame God for where you are and if so, do you feel guilty about blaming God?

14.-Do you wonder who you are, now that you are not a member of the cult?

15.-Do you have a hard time accepting people as they are, and not demand pure behaviors from them?

16.-Do you have trouble listening to music, especially repetitive beats?

17.-Does eating pork make you feel sick?

18.-Does listening to Christmas music make you angry?

20.-Can you take a book and read it from cover to cover and enjoy it and comprehend it, and do this even if it is a novel?

21.-Do you have trouble concentrating, when you read?

22.-Do you have trouble concentrating when more than one person is talking, or when there are two t.v's on in the house and you can hear both at once?

23.-Do you accept any personal responsibility for being sucked into the cult, and duped?

24.-Have you done tremendous research on the history of the cult, as though knowing your life depends upon knowing the true history of the cult?

25.-Have you given careful consideration of a plan of recovery, which includes a time frame and specific goals, both long term, short term, emotional, cognitive and theological?

26.-Do you think you can just pick yourself and dust off your pants, and continue in life, as nothing has happened, and that the cult will not affect you, that you can handle it?

27.-Do you trust like you did before the cult? Do you trust God Yourself Ministers Churches Christianity Authority Government Anyone

28.-Do you trust your own perceptions of what happened to you in the cult?

29.-Do you feel the need to have someone tell you what to do?

30.-Do you understand the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and can you explain it to someone that has never been in a church or cult?

31.-Do you believe that you must still find the one true church.?

32.-Do your friends and relatives who were and are not in the cult comment upon your personality changes from before, during and after the cult?

33.Are you frustrated because no one understands the cult experience and the pain you are suffering, or have suffered?

34.-Have you tried to get counseling only to be told that you should try and get your mind off of it, and get a job? (in other words again the counselors not understanding and unable to help).

35.-Do you feel like you have no goals in life now, and your life has no purpose.

36.Do you feel depressed, and have depression come and go for no apparent reasons?

37.-Do you feel a deep sense of rejection?

38.-Are you super sensitive to anything that comes anywhere near rejection since the cult?

39.-Do you feel guilt that you were thrown out of God's church, and that somehow you weren't good enough?

40.-Do you feel like you were betrayed, even like you were raped?

41.-Are you ashamed of being hooked into the cult?

42.-Are you ashamed that you were thrown out of the cult, or that you didn't measure up?

43.-Are you afraid that the cult might have been right about things, and you might suffer through the tribulation alone?

44.-Are you intensely angry at the cult?

45.-Are you angry and then you feel guilty for being angry?

46.-Are you feeling physically sick a lot since the cult?

47.Are you getting many more colds and flu since the cult?

48.-Are you unable to sleep well since the cult?

49.-Do you have dreams or nightmares about the cult?

50.-Do you feel mixed up and kind of crazy over your feelings about the cult?

51.Do you have strong feelings, highs and lows, that you cannot really explain nor seem to control since the cult, including depression?

52.-Does certain words, events, music, send you into a pit of feelings that are complicated to work your way out of?

53.-Do you have a fear of authority and authority figures now, since the cult?

54.Are you able to stand up for yourself and speak out against the abuses that occurred inside of the cult, or are you still afraid of them?

55.-Are you willing to say you were actually in a cult, to people that have never been in one?

56.-Do you discuss your recovery with someone, and not just try and do it on your own inside yourself, with no one knowing?

57.-Are you able to read the materials from the cult and not get tangled up with what is real and what is propaganda?

58.-Are you able to read your bible and look for the truth within it, and not go back to the explanations of what the scriptures were supposed to mean according to the cult, and are you able to allow the book to explain itself?

59.-Are you able to use a commentary and get other perspectives that the one in the cult?

60.-Are you able to go to ministers in other Christian churches and find out what they really preach and believe, and study their history, rather than just accept what you were taught in the cult?

61.-Do you still have to have perfection in everything, or are you able to allow yourself to be human and imperfect?

62.-When you get dressed up nice, do you feel that is o.k. or do you think you are vane?

63.If you spend money on yourself, that before you may have sent to the cult, do you feel guilty?

64.-Do you feel churning inside all the time, like you must be doing more than you are and that you are not satisfied with much of anything that you do?

65.-Are you afraid to disagree with anyone that is in any kind of authority over you? Such as a counselor, doctor, nurse, teacher, etc.

66.-Are you able to go to work and concentrate?

67.-Are you too injured to go to work?

68.-Is your sexual relationship with your spouse rewarding, or are you having new difficulties since the cult?

69.-Does your husband remind you of the cult, and have you taken part of the cult home with you. Is your home now a mini cult where your husband is now the guru?

70.-Is your husband puffed up in his importance as man of the house, and treating you like a second class citizen?

71.Does your husband slip into cult mode and out again, being harsh one minute and nice the next?

72.-Do you feel despair, because in leaving the cult, it has not left you?

73.-Do you feel like you must cleanse your mind of mind control that exists there and is out of your awareness?

74.-Do you feel that you are in a maze with no known direction to go in?

75.-Do you feel like you really don't know what is real?

76.-Are your feelings coming out in waves and overwhelming you and you have no idea of why you are feeling them?

77.-Do you have a tremendous sense of loss or grief?

78.-Do you ask yourself over and over, what am I going to do with my life?

79.-Do you have a feeling that you do not know who you are?

80.-Do you feel like Rip Van Winkle and that you are in a time warp from when you came in to when you came out of the cult.

81.-Can you ask yourself, "what do I want?" and get an answer?

82.-Can you live for just today, or are you always looking forward to tomorrow or the world tomorrow, or the tribulation or the end of the world, or the New World Order?

83.-Can you live for today, or are you always looking back?

84.-Do you find that you are not the same person you were before the cult, that your values have changed, and that you do not value your family as people on the outside of the cult value theirs? In other words, have you discovered that the cult had become more important to you than even your own family?

85.-Are you easily overwhelmed for any reason, since the cult?

86.-Do you feel very fragile emotionally and mentally, and maybe physically?

87.-Do you try and tell yourself that the cult experience "wasn't so bad" and it did not affect you like it did most of the others?

88.-Do you have trouble making decisions and /or you hassle yourself over decisions?

89.-Do you sometimes wish you were back in the cult and not having to deal with the outside world?

90. Are you having trouble expressing and learning how to express your feelings?

91.-Do you have trouble speaking up in a group?

92.-Do you have trouble understanding what unconditional love is?

93.-Have you been able to attend a church?

94.-Have you looked at a church to fulfill the same needs within you that the cult did in the past, and been disappointed when it did not?

95.-Do you have a loyalty to the cult that you do not understand?

96.-If you say something negative do you feel compelled to explain or excuse yourself?

97.-Are you aware that it is o.k. to say things that are negative? And are you aware that it is also a real part of reality?

98.-Are you wondering what the cult has done to your children?

99.-Are you noticing sensory problems in your children? These might be: noise sensitivity tics, vocal or physical inability to handle more than one thing at a time, easily overwhelmed behavior problems, hyperactivity shutting down, and not being able to perform easy tasks

100.-Are you aware of family relationships that have been severed or have suffered from your cult relationship? In your nuclear family, your extended family? In friendships?

101.-Do you grieve for destroyed relationships? For lot time with loved relatives that have died, and the time and opportunity is gone?

102.-Are you unable to form intimate relationships now, after the cult, and/or are you obviously less skillful at intimate relationships than before the cult?

102.-Do you experience unwarranted anxiety, not clearly understood by yourself, as to the source of the anxiety?

103.-Do you feel extreme guilt for the damages done by the cult to loved ones you are responsible for recruiting?

104.-Do you worry about the mind control that the cult has instilled into your child's minds, and wonder and worry and fear for their future, and how the mind control will effect them later in life, and how the cults will ultimately USE it on them?

105.-Can you work and concentrate and function in your work life as your employer expects of you?

106.-Can you function in your home life, and run your home and be responsible for all that is necessary, or are you always feeling overwhelmed and "down under"?

107.-Are you afraid to go for help to a counselor?

108.-Have you lost your sense of humor that you had before the cult?

109.-Do you often find yourself feeling disoriented in familiar places?

110.-Do you trust your decisions?

111.-Do you distrust your decisions, because you were not wise enough to avoid a cult?

112.-Do you look inward for the blame, shame, guilt, and reasons for being in and/or out of the cult?

113.-Are you able to see that you were recruited, illegally, without your informed consent, as a goal of the cult to make merchandise of you, therefore you have been a victim?

114.-Are you afraid that "something bad is going to happen to you" since you are out of "God's one true church on the face of the earth"?

115.-Do you have a rage inside yourself because of what the cult did to you?

116.-Do you feel guilty for the rage that you find inside yourself?

117.-Are you outraged at the cult for what you have found out it does to others?

118.-Are you finding life less demanding in some ways since the cult?

119.-Do you feel a giant emptiness, where the cult used to be in your life, mind and soul?

120.-Have you begun to accept the idea that you were meaningless as a human being or a person, and only "merchandise" to the cult?

121.-Have you begun to accept that the cult was/is evil?

122.-Have you begun to accept that what you suffered could have been worse?

123.-Have you allowed yourself the ability to not forgive the cult for what they did, and accept the reality of their evil, and feel o.k. with not forgiving that evil?

124.-Do you understand that many of those that victimized you, were victims themselves?

125.-Can you forgive those that you are sure were as much victims of mind control as you were?

126.-Can you accept the idea that all you were taught for 15-20-25-30 years was taught from a false premise, thus wrong?

127.-Do you find yourself or anyone else that has come out of the cult, behaving as though they were the age that they were before entering the cult, which is now NOT age appropriate?

128.-Have you suffered any "flash backs" that you don't understand?

129.-Have you looked back to discover where you were before the cult, and began your journey back to reality from that starting point, or have you just started "recovery" without thinking that out?

130.-Do you remember who you were and what you believed before the cult?

131.-If you were raised in the cult, have you gone to the library and researched religions to get many other perspectives from which to draw from, for your recovery?

132.-Even if you weren't raised in the cult, have you read widely or otherwise researched the "factual" information that you were fed while in the cult regarding other religions etc. to get other perspectives so you can make intelligent informed and critical new or re-decisions?

133.-Because Mind Control cannot be detected by the victim, have you just accepted the fact that you are under some degree of it, by sheer virtue of having been subjected to it for a time, and gone from the premise that you have to recover from it, or have you decided that it has not affected you like it has others, and tried to ignore it?

134.-Have you researched Mind Control so that you know how to get your mind fully back, if that is possible, and recover?

135.-Are there times, and/or seasons that bring on unusual depression in you, and if you look for the reasons, it brings you back to the cult?

136.Have you come to understand exactly why and how you were brought into the cult so that you can protect yourself in the future from getting into yet another cult?

137.-The cult figures it takes about 5 years of studying their literature to bring someone into the cult. How long did you study or attend before you entered?

138.-Did you notice the changing rules of the cult while you were in?

139.-Did you know that changing rules is a method of keeping check on the degree of mind control of the members, and is also a method of keeping one off balance, so that one cannot think cognitively?

140.-When you heard that someone was disfellowshipped, did it inflict fear into you because you knew you were also not perfect?

141.Did you feel free to contact anyone that "left the cult" or just disappeared?

142.-Do you know that almost everyone that is still in the cult, is afraid to contact anyone that left the WW, because they are afraid they too might suffer the same fate?

143.-Did you ever wonder how everyone that left the "church" could: 1.-lose the Holy Spirit (and how would they know?) 2.-become angry and bitter (funny that they could predict that) and funnier still that EVERYONE would have the SAME "REACTION" and why? 3.-be starting their own "church" 4.-be under the influence of Satan 5.-be basically evil, and therefore to be avoided

144..-Didn't it ever occur to you that the above was just too much of a blanket to be true?

145.-Do you know, that to be unable to even think the above through, speaks to the diminishing of your cognitive ability in a cult, or in another words your critical thinking?

146.-Did you ever abuse your children while in the cult, by just treating them as you were told to?

147.-Did you ever see other parents abusing their children, by following the cult's "advice" on child rearing?

148.-Were you married WHILE IN THE CULT, TO ANOTHER CULT MEMBER? If so, has your marriage ended up in divorce, or are you having severe problems?

149.-Were you married WHILE IN THE CULT, TO A NON CULT MEMBER? If so, has your marriage ended up in divorce, or are you having severe problems?

150.-Were you married BEFORE YOU WERE IN THE CULT and your spouse DID NOT join the cult, has your marriage ended up in divorce, or are you having severe problems?

151.-Were you married BEFORE YOU WERE IN THE CULT and your spouse ALSO JOINED THE CULT, has your marriage ended up in divorce, or are you having severe problems?

152.-Are you experiencing relationship problems with your adult children, that were in the cult?

153.-Do your children yearn for the parent you were when you were in the cult, and to them it seems like they have lost their parent, because of the personality change (in you) that always accompanies the cult exit?

154.-Do you feel isolated and alone?

155.-Are you actually isolated and alone?

156.-Did a minister ever tell you to do something that was against your better judgment, or you thought non of his business, but you did it because you had to obey?

157.-Were you taught in the cult, to trust your God given intuition, or instincts, or were you striped of your sense of self trust?

158.-Do you feel that if you had relied on your own instincts and intuition, you would have avoided or decreased your tenure in the cult?

159.-Did you have more self confidence before or after you were in the cult?

160.-Do you believe it is o.k. to love yourself?

161.-Did you believe it is o.k. to love yourself before the cult?

162.-Do you believe that questions 160 and 161 are moot questions, because everyone loves themselves?

163.-Can you remember any time that you used any thought stopping technique on yourself, and what that technique was?

164.-Are any of your children suicidal since leaving the cult?

165.-Are you suicidal since leaving the cult?

166.-Can some little perceived or not perceived thing, put you back into all the feelings about the cult?

167.-Were you traumatized in any way by a minister, while you were in the cult our when you were disfellowshipped?

168.-Did any minister ever make any sexual advances on you? What were they?

169.-Did any minister ever say anything of a sexual nature to you, under the guise of counseling you for baptism or marriage or anything else, that you found to be invasive or embarrassing, and if it had not been a minister, you would have been upset or outraged over?

170.-Did your husband/wife ever get sexually oriented counseling from the cult minister, that interfered with your marriage?

171.-If you are a woman, were you ever told that you could not ask biblical questions, but must first ask your husband, and then if he couldn't answer them for you, HE was to ask the Minster?

172.-As a WOMAN, do you feel you were always treated with respect and as a first class citizen in WWCG?

173.-Did you ever notice the minister defer to the men in the cult, rather than the women, when standing in line after "services" to speak to the minister? Another words, were you as a woman made to wait until all the men were given their chance to speak?

174.-As a WOMAN were you always feeling discounted about your opinion, intelligence, and emotional intuition, because of the teachings that women were not rational, but "emotional" beings, and not to be taken too seriously, but to be controlled by their "rational" cult husbands?

175.-Did you notice that the women in the cult were given the drudgery work, such as "serving food" and child care at all the gatherings, and the men had diversions planned to enjoy themselves with?

176.-As a WOMAN, were you subtly taught that you MUST OBEY not ONLY your husband, but any male in the cult?

177.-Do you feel that you were abused in ANY way while in the cult?

178.-Did you notice that the cult had a nasty habit of not renting halls that were either big enough, warn enough, cool enough, or comfortable enough for the members?

179.-Did you ever wonder about the above?

180.-Did you know that keeping the audience uncomfortable is a mind control technique, and it's use can be attributed as a was part of the research on Pavlov's dogs?

181.-Are any of your children unable to function in the horrible outside world, and refuse to become a part of it, by staying alone in a room all day?

182.-Do you notice extreme highs and lows in yourself, spouse, or children, since the cult?

183.-Are you or your spouse or your children, just more irritable, since the cult?

184.-Do you, your spouse or any of your children have weight problems since the cult?

185.-Do you feel POWERLESS regarding your weight control?

186.-Do you understand why you are having a weight problem, and trouble getting yourself to lose weight?

188.-I have gained_______________ in the ______________years since I left WWCG.

189.-Do you have a problem gaining weight since the cult?

190.-I have lost_________________ in the_________ years since I left WWCG.

191.-Have you ever gone to another regular church, since the cult and found after years away from a "church" your years older children still want to lay on the floor and go to sleep, like they did in the cult?

192.-Do you feel like you have to do extra much at Christmas time for your adult kids to make up for what they missed while in WW?

193.-Do you find yourself thinking back to YOUR Christmases before the cult, with fond memories and wish YOUR children could have THAT heritage?

194.-When you think about YOUR Christmas as a kid, do you feel pain, depression and /or resentment and anger because you can't give those traditions to your children?

195.-Do subtle things, like chairs set up in a row, (like at services) throw you emotionally back into WWCG?

196.-Did you ever check out how the men at the top of the cult lived, in comparison as to how they expected YOU to live? Did you find the same set of standards?

197.-Did you ever wonder why they preached against the publican in the bible that sought the best seat in the synagogue, and then THEY TOOK ALL THE FRONT SEATS AT THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES?

198.-Did you expect that your "brethren" and/or friends in the cult to inquire about or contact you when you were unjustly thrown out?

199.-Did you feel a loss or betrayed, when they did not contact or inquire after you upon your exit from the cult, even when you knew that they did not know your reason for "leaving"?

200.-Do you realize that there is a generalized LACK OF LOVE emanating from the entire cult?

202.-Do you realize that while they TALKED "be positive" to the membership, they really TRAINED (read brainwashed) you to be negative about the world and people and deny the reality that you perceived?

203.-Do you know what "truth" really is? Do you know that as much REALITY as you can accept, is as much TRUTH that you possess?

204.-Do you still perceive the world the same as you did before the cult?

205.-Did you change your perceptions of the world, without really intending to, and without making a conscious decision to do so?

206.-Were you told UPFRONT, just exactly what was to be FULLY expected of you as a BAPTIZED member of the WWCG?

207.Did you learn EXACTLY what was expected of you as a baptized member a little bit at a time?

208.-Did the playing rules stay the same, as new ministers came and went?

209.-Did you have a hard time keeping up with the rules of the group, and knowing what was precisely expected of you at all times?

210.-Were you ever aware of a problem that any member was having, and hear the minister thinly veil it, as he spread it all over the congregation from the pulpit, in front of his captive audience, and sometimes the hapless victim?

211.Were you ever afraid of the minister?

212.-Were you ever afraid to speak your mind, that if you did, you would suffer disfellowshipment and shunning?

213.-Did you ever find doctrine in the cult to conflict with scripture, and be afraid to ask a question about it at a bible study?

214.-Do you suffer a chronic RESTLESS feeling, that you cannot explain?

215.-Do you fear entering other regular churches, because of the teaching about them being Satan's churches? HAS THE CULT INSTILLED ATTITUDES of paranoia, distrust, and suspicion in you?

216.-Did the group promote you as a person, or did it stop you from developing as a person?

217.-Did you ever get very tired of the constant repetition of buzz words, ideas that made you feel worthless, feelings about other people not being as good as you because you were in God's one and only true church, etc. in WW?

218.-Do you have a problem with any kind of repetition now, be it repeated rhythms, or words etc.?

219.-Were you ever aware of people reporting on you or each other, and/or the system that was set up to do this?

220.-Do you now have almost a physical reaction to some sounds?

221.-Do you feel that you have become more creative or less creative since WW?

222.-Do you ever feel "NUMED OUT" or insensitive to your own feelings, and have trouble identifying them at all?

223.-Do you find yourself numbed out or insensitive to the feelings of others?

224.-Were you ever told not to grieve, while in WW?

225.-Were you ever told that it was o.k. if someone you loved died, because they would be in the resurrection, thus you really were being told subtly that you had no right to grieve?

226.-Did you ever notice how cruelly the children and mothers with small children were treated by the cult at gatherings such as the Feast of Tabernacles?

227.-Did you ever wonder why the WIDOW that YOU KNEW wasn't getting any money from the "widow's fund" and desperately needed it?

228.-Are you aware that money from 3rd tithe was required to be paid back in many instances, by the WW, to the WW?

229.-Do you know that you were deliberately put into SENSORY OVERLOAD by the cult, for the purpose of controlling you and instilling mind control?

230.-Do you know that to hypnotize someone they must KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, because, you cannot, it is impossible to hypnotize a person with a negative attitude?

231.-Do you know that the mind is like a computer, and it BELIEVES WHAT IT HEARS THE MOST. REPETITION therefore used to instill programs into the mind. If you had understood this before the cult, would you have gone into the cult, or stayed in as long as you did?

232.-Are you aware, that when one sense is overloaded, it effects all the sensory systems in the human being and they all disorganize to ???unknown degrees?

233.-As you have answered these questions, do you feel better realizing that what you have been experiencing is normal?


It is, in very simplified language, going from point A to point C, and being unaware of passing B.

Or another words, changing your mind view of the world, religion, life, or anything else, without realizing you have changed it as much as you have.

THOUGHT REFORM or MIND CONTROL (same things) is done out of your awareness through systematic pre planned methods. It is unconstitutional, because under our Great Constitution, you have the American right to INFORMED CONSENT. Therefore, anyone that uses thought reform or mind control, is Anti-American.

BRAINWASHING is done via many of the same methods as thought reform or mind control, with the exception of one thing. In brainwashing there is an awareness in the beginning. The person knows who the enemy is, before succumbing to the control. As in the Patty Hearst case and with our Korean or other veterans, they started out with knowledge of who the enemy was.

In mind control and thought reform, the victim starts out TRUSTING THE PERPETRATOR. Therein, lies the horrible danger, that the hapless victim will never recognize the villain as the villain, and continue living under mind control for the rest of his/her life.

234.-Do you understand that you are a normal person, reacting normally to a very abnormal situation that was geared to bring you into submission and under its control for exploitation?

(note: any response aroused by a stimulus other than the natural one, is called a "conditioned reflex".)

235.-Do you find yourself being very suggestible now, after being out of the cult. Example: Do you tend to mindlessly obey, if someone gives you an authoritative command such as while you are driving for instance?

236.-Are you aware that MIND CONTROL IS A PROCESS........and that becoming a Christian in the real sense of the word, is a DECISION, is immediate, and finished when the decision is made?

237.-Do you have an altered sense of identity, or different sense of self, since the cult?

238.-Ask yourself how would you measure someone else, if they were in a cult, to see if they were still under mind control. How, then will you figure out if you are under mind control?

239.-With full knowledge and informed consent, would you become a member of the WWCG, would you have in the first place?

240.-Has your ability to spell words decreased since your cult experience?

241.-Does yourself or anyone in your family suffer from Panic Attacks since your cult experience?

242.-Are you lonely since the cult?

243.-Are you afraid to join anything since the cult?

244.-Do you distrust yourself to make good choices, because one choice you made brought you into a cult?

245.-Do you have problems reactivating a value system that feels o.k. to you, since the cult?

246.-Do you suffer from memory loss since the cult? 1.-short term memory problems 2.-not recalling something you just heard 3.-not recalling something you just read 4.-have to write down what you are going to do now, and before the cult just did things without having to write down to remember

247.-Do you still find yourself judging yourself and others according to cult standards?

248.-Do you think that you are overly dependant as a person of your age should be since the cult?

249.-Do you have a sense of being watched all the time, since the cult?

250.-Does it feel like the cult may know what you are doing now, and it is different than what you were trained in the cult to do?

251.-Do you have problems with: 1.-pounding heart 2.-sweating 3.-trembling and/or shaking 4.-shortness of breath/feeling like you are smothering 5.-feeling of choking 6.-chest pain/discomfort 7.-nausea/stomach distress 8.-dizzy/light headed/faint/feeling that where you are is not real 9.-look at yourself as more of an object 10.-fear of losing control or going crazy or dying 11.-numbness, tingling, hot and cold flashes The above are all symptoms of Panic Attacks

252.-WOMEN: did your getting thrown out of the WWCG or leaving it, cause your menstrual cycle to change in any way?

253.-WOMEN: after the cult experience, did you go into premature menopause?

254.-Did, or do you feel tremendous concern and compassion for the others you left behind in the cult?


256.-Do you notice you have "leftover language" from the cult? That you still sometimes talk like a cult member?

257.-Do you experience any gray or orange "fog"?

258.-Do you have any knowledge or awareness of any "gray figures" in your mind, that control you and make you feel powerless?

259.-Would you ever consider hypnosis to help you to weed out the mind control and hypnosis that you were subjected to in the cult? If NO, why not?

260.-What have you done, and what will you do in your recovery process, to integrate the pre-cult and during-cult and after-cult personality?

261.-Do you know what disassociation means?

261.-Do you know that when you listen or watch a t.v., radio program, or tape etc. and you are thinking about something unrelated--you have tranced--or disassociated?

262.-After services in the cult, do you ever remember not being able to remember "what the sermon was about"? (THAT is evidence of trance and/or disassociation)

263.-Do you notice disassociation happening to you at inconvenient times since the cult?

263.-Can you pin point the cause of your disassociation? Your induced conditioned reflex?

264.-Do you know that when you are tired, ill or injured, or traumatized in any way, that you are at a much higher risk of slipping into "CULT MODE" and becoming submissive to any authority that may be around you?

265.-Do you find yourself or any other person that left the cult, going back to behaviors that they did before the cult like smoking, drinking, drugs, swearing, sex, etc. that was avoided during the tenure in the cult?

266.-Have you gone back to self defeating behaviors after the cult, just because they said you shouldn't? If so, do you realize that they are STILL CONTROLLING YOUR BEHAVIOR?

267.-Do you buy more books than you could possibly read, because you want to read all that the cult forbade you to read during the cult experience?

268.-Are you aware that Pavlov experimented in the auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory stimuli?

269.-Do you know that the same centers of the brain that Pavlov experimented in are where the language centers are, and where disorders such as ADD and Autism are proven to originate from?

270.-Does it bother you ( to the point you have to turn it off or get into an argument with your family that might want) to hear or watch t.v shows or radio programs where there is just talking?

Written by Louise 1997




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