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May 20, 2017

I was suspended from attending LCG Sabbath services in Laurel, Mississippi on February 17th, 2017 after attending three years or so.

The minister and I had a difference of opinion on what caused the civil war, and he told me so at the beginning of the FOT 2016. Well, I went to church while my mom was dying, and instead of finding solace, I was asked to leave by the minister because of something I allegedly posted on Facebook that the minister said offended other members. But when I asked him who, he did not say, and when I ask on Facebook for those who might had been offended to come forward, well no one came forward.

Anyway, when I went to church, the minister, Mr Ed Breaux, ask me to go outside at which time he told me I was suspended and ask if I had gotten a letter, I said no, and he said well you will soon. A few days later, I got a letter of suspension. The letter is quite vague and says I need to repent, but it don't say of what?

Well, I left there in tears, cause my mom was on her death bed in the hospital, and I went there hoping to get comforted, instead all I got was the devil, lol. So we met last week to try and be reconciled at Shoneys but the minister seemed to be in an accusatory mode, pointing fingers. He stated that I was "unapproachable", I was like Job, "Self Righteous", lol, wow. I asked him what I done to have those labels applied to me, and he said that someone apologized to me about their kids making so much noise and crinkling paper, etc, while the sermon was going, distracting me, but I said I ever knew of that.

Anyway, then I mentioned the civil war differences of opinion and that I would not click on anything else that might be a stumbling block to other brethren. He said "I don't want to discuss that", I said ok. Then he started interrogating me about a old lawsuit I filed years ago (it is on the Internet). I said well, citizens have the right to file doe relief when slander and defamation, spreading rumors (ruining someone's reputation), has occurred. Then he started talking about some of the ladies in the congregation heard our conversation outside when he told me I was suspended. He said I got a little loud, and now the women were afraid of me? I laughed at that. Anyway, after a few minutes I abruptly ended the meeting as I saw he was not wanting to be reconciled, but rather he wanted to be judgmental, arrogant, no compassion, no empathy (my mom passed away), he did not say one thing to me about that, no condolences what so ever. So I left without being reconciled, and I use to lead the congregation in prayer, and was song leader, was in spokesman's club, etc.

I was in UCG for 19 years before going to LCG, but now I am going to stay at home. I will not be sending any more money to LCG. So I contacted Mr Phillip Sandiland of COGWA (Laurel, Mississippi congregation) about attending that church, to find out when, where and what time. I had never been to that church, but when I received a letter from him, why I could not believe his response. I wrote a certified letter to Mr Sandilands to find out why I was not allowed to attend Sabbath service (I have never been to that church) there, but I have never gotten a reply. The letter is rude, and vague to say the least.

Someone has slandered me and defamed me, but I can't find out who, why where, etc. I need to find an attorney to see what is going on. I'm trying to find some answers, but it seems everyone is hush, hush. I have never had any problems in LCG until after three years or close to it, because of my civil war opinions? As you can see in the attachments, I have sent certified letters asking for some explanation (specifics), but I have got no response, why is that? I have a right to confront my accusers don't I?


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