The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

The Legacy
(or "Pasadinero")

By Alex

 Where did all that money go?

 Into how many pockets did it flow?

 How many ministers are well content,

 with where all the tithes and offerings went?

 How many people feel anger at being used?

 How many were cheated, robbed, and abused?

 How many died for a worthless cause,

 living and giving under the Mosaic laws?

 How many are scattered, shattered, and strewn,

 devastated, lost, and in financial ruin?

 How could a man with such an evil mind,

 cause so much grief to those of his kind?

 How could he thrive at the expense of others,

 and still call us all his sisters and brothers?

 Why did we still believe all the lies he told,

 when the real Plain Truth began to unfold?

 How could this apostle and his World Tomorrow,

 create such misery, woe, and sorrow?

 How could the sheep with an entranced gaze,

 be drawn by this shepherd to a religious maze?

 How could his twisted agenda attract so many,

 into a malevolent cult so weirdly uncanny?

 Why were their minds so severely altered,

 by a malicious belief so seriously faltered?

 Why do the ministries continually deny,

 that many have suffered and some still die?

 Why do they prosper, still living in style,

 controlling the cults with deception and guile?

 Why do they constantly preach The Word of God,

 cowering the laity with that proverbial rod?

 Why did this empire break down into splinter herds,

 that deride each other while preaching God's words?

 Why did many wise up and leave this confusion,

 departing a cult still under a delusion?

 What lies in store for the few who remain,

 awaiting the Kingdom when Christ will reign?

 Was it Herbert's intention when creating his creed,

 to amass great wealth and sate his greed?

 Will innocent victims still become infected,

 with this spiritual virus that remains undetected?

 Will the COG retreads continue to strive,

 to keep their Moose Hall churches filled and alive?

 Is this the legacy of Mystery of The Ages?

 Is it destined, like Herbie, to vanish in stages?




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