The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Religion Is The Greatest Hoax

As I have said before, there are many kinds of drugs. There are physical, mental, psychological and even "spiritual" drugs. And as I have said before, religion is the absolute supreme hallucinogenic drug in all of existence. Religion is the only thing in this entire universe that can screw a person up worse than a bad mate.

When I read the letters, comments and replies from the religious drug addicts that blaspheme "our" website, I get angry.

All of us were once religious, but we have dried out, sobered up and cleaned ourselves up. We can fully and clearly understand the deceived Christians who soil this site with their words -and it is we who have to shake their foul dust and words from "our" spiritual shoes. But they cannot possibly understand or comprehend us, no more than an active drug addict can comprehend a dried out, clean and sane "ex" addict.

Hello, my name is Jim (Hi, Jim). I have not smoked, injected, chewed, swallowed or "stuffed" religion for almost 14 years. Like many others who are bonded with this site, I am not a "recovering" religious addict, I am a fully and thoroughly "recovered" religious addict. I still bear the scars, and always will, but if there is any such thing as an "elect" who are impossible to deceive -it is us.

The Christians put excrement on dinner plates and then try to tell us it is food. They are not invited to our table, yet they vomit all over our table and then try to tell us that "we" need manners. They live in a black-hole of addiction, confusion and darkness -then they try to tell us about light.

They speak to us as if we have never heard their wolf-grunts before. They quote scriptures to us as if we are virgins to insanity (They would be humiliated if they ever challenged us to a Babel quiz). They bang their empty tin cups against their prison bars and scream that they alone have freedom. Then they arrogantly offer to pray for "us?"

We see them in their dark prison cells while we are the ones who walk in the sunlight of reality. They cannot comprehend the pity we feel for them -but we well know how dangerous they are. More humans, including women, children and babies have been tortured, killed, butchered, massacred and murdered in the name of "god" than all other reasons combined. And a great deal of these slaughters have occurred in "new testament" times; the crusades, inquisitions, witch burning, etc, etc.

Even today, many of us who have written to this site would literally be persecuted, beaten or even killed if the spiritual drug addicts around us knew what we wrote. They are to be pitied, but from afar.

The zealots who would save the world are ignorant of how much "they" need saving. The very ones who scream deception are the ones who are most deceived. We know that because we've already been there, but unlike them, we scratched, clawed and dug our way out of the belly of the whore.

They would rule the world in ignorance and superstition, and in fact, they did rule the world -that's what we call the "dark" ages. The age where religion ruled -which was the age of ignorance and superstition.

By the way, am I the only one who knows that Christians did not believe in bathing within our modern history? They did not take a bath, wash, or clean their clothes. Garments were handed down for generations without ever being washed.

Can you imagine the nauseous, putrid odors emanating from all these Christians? Now we know why god invented cloths-pins -so these people could breed...

Just as there are many kinds of drugs, there are many kinds of odors. The physical stench of these Christians is exceeded by the spiritual stench of today's Christians. The stench of arrogant, zealous Christians who thinks they have a god-given edict to save the world (no matter what it takes).

They cannot comprehend the process we went through. We were in the same prison they are, but when we "lost faith" in our religion, we wondered about other religions and other beliefs, but then we demanded proof -and there is none. All religion can offer is excuses and "faith." Which is all they have, since they have no answers or proof.

They make "proclamations" that we are bitter. They have no proof, facts, evidence or knowledge -so they simply "proclaim" that we are bitter.

Cockroaches flee from the light of reality. They cannot face or answer facts, knowledge, proof or documentation. Cockroaches hide their eyes from the light with dark glasses of excuses, empty promises, and "faith." Religion has done this for many centuries, and has built up an incomprehensible amount of stench (They still do not wash, and their "garments" have been handed down for thousands of years).

Religion "tells" us so many things -but they have no shred of proof, facts, backup, documentation or knowledge. (Why didn't an almighty god tell us that cows milk would kill countless thousands of us unless we heated it first? Didn't god himself proclaim in the bible that cows milk was clean -when it wasn't?) Did the almighty forget that raw cows milk was lethal? Why did it take "men" to figure it out?

I invite everyone to read the letters from the Christians, and notice something that stands out like a black beam of light. They make endless proclamations. No proof, evidence, logic or rational thinking. They simply proclaim their superstitions to be absolute truth. They don't even back their proclamations up with rational arguments. And when confronted with facts, logic and legitimate questions -they simply proclaim that you must have "faith." There are many examples of this in their own letters.

On this website we look at the bible and religion with reality. And all of the writers "used" to be religious for many years. I was religious for 29 years, and most others even longer. This website has facts, proof, documentation, links to other sites, personal stories, articles, logic, and questions that cannot be answered by religion.

If you religionist think that you are so spiritual, and have all the answers, and if you even think that you can advise us -then give us your evidence and proof. Who wants to be the very first person in history to prove that Jesus Christ even existed? Who wants to be the very first person in history to prove the bible is "god's" word? Or that the bible is true? But you can't use the bible as proof because every document proves itself. Does anyone believe any document is true simply because "it says so?"

Religionist can only answer facts and reality with 3 things...

1) Faith, faith, faith. If religion says that 2 + 2 = 3 , you must have faith, and you must not question "gods" will. In other words -religious people cannot smell Vaseline.

2) Excuses. Religious people will make every excuse known to man about the bible and life's problems. They will even create new excuses to fit scientific advancements, such as the Earth being round and being far older than 6,000 years. When the garden of Eden fable was scientifically disproved, they simply changed their story and said the bible isn't always literal. They do not care about facts or reality, they only care about protecting their 4,000 year old superstitions.

A very big example of this is the bible's total lack of answers to life, so the religionist can only offer the excuse that god doesn't care about physical things, only spiritual things. Then when asked why god created us as physical beings with so many physical needs that he refuses to explain to us, the religionist responds with "you just gotta have faith."

3) Truth and reality comes from Satan and the world, while darkness, confusion and ignorance comes from god. Religionist don't realize that's what they are saying, but that is exactly what they teach. Religion has fought science, knowledge and advancement every step of the way throughout history -and religion always loses. If religion had not lost its ruler-ship of the world we would still be in the dark ages, and science would not even exist. If it were up to religion, we still would not know how to make cows milk safe to drink.

The bible promises so very much -but only after you're dead. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -where is a shred of evidence for eternal life? I have yet to see a Christian confront us with truth or facts, the only Christians who address us simply utter their empty proclamations and ignore reality. Then they revel in their own spiritual-drug induced arrogance.

It's funny how the ones who scream the loudest about deception are the most deceived. And those who live in darkness and confusion proclaim light. They live in prisons and then try to tell the world about freedom. They have no answers or achievements, yet they command the world to follow them. Religion's only achievement in all of history is the slaughter of countless millions of humans, then they claim to be righteous.

Religion burned witches at the stake -science gave us the Polio vaccine. Religion proclaimed science as satanic -science gave us antibiotics. Religion created the dark ages -science brought us out of it.

In every generation, religion claims Jesus Christ is going to return, and in every generation -they are wrong. And no religion can even prove "the savior of the world" even existed. How many generations have given up control of their minds and lives because Jesus Christ was coming "very soon?" Religion's track record of prophecies and promises is zero -and has been for centuries. Yet, they still make excuses.

Religionist have a "zeal" to save the world from its "sin," and its money. If everyone on Earth who knows the truth about religion had the same zeal to save the world from religion -religion would become a laughing stock (in free countries). That is, providing the religionist didn't kill everyone who didn't agree with them.

The 3 basic human drives are power, money and sex. Religion is saturated with all 3, especially power over the sheep's minds. It's not the dumb sheep who have these, the sheep "provide" these things. It's the leaders who "fleece the flock" that have them in full measure.

Religion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history...


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