The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.
Rotten To The Core


Ya know, it's funny how a mind reacts after it's been double-dipped in the dung of armstrongism for a prolonged period of time. This morning I decided to have myself a nice juicy white delicious apple. I picked one out of the bag, washed it, when I noticed a spot of rot near the stem. I just automatically took a paring knife from the drawer and proceeded to cut it away. The more I cut, the deeper and wider I went. When I got through with that apple, there was not much good stuff left. It was just a hollow shell. I could have added nose, mouth and teeth and had a miniature Halloween pumpkin.

"Just like the WCG," popped into my mind, "rotten to the core." Which I thought strange. Because the old pervert and his world wide medicine show was the furthest from my mind at the moment. Is this just a normal gut reaction? I can readily see the analogy. A beautiful, shiny, luscious, mouth watering white delicious, just asking you to bite into it. Concealing the rottenness within.

Then there's this big religious empire giving away free literature on the right way to act, the right way to live, the right way to eat, etc, giving away free bible courses, with master craftsmen expounding biblical interpretations and prophecies very cleverly on tv. Hell, man, this has got to be the right church! Makes you almost wanna beg them to let you join. (Now it makes you wanna puke.)

So they reluctantly (?) accept you. (Reverse salesmanship.) You are thrilled and elated that God CALLED you at this time in his one and only True Church. That preached the one and only true gospel of the coming Kingdom of God here on earth! That we were to proclaim this message throughout the entire world through his one and only true apostle, HWA! (Multiple choruses of "Hallelujah" rise in crescendo in the back- ground) But then a blemish appeared, that had to be dealt with. (GTA)

But the more it was dealt with, the worse it became. Scandals began to surface. (Cutting deeper into the apple) rumors began to spread (cutting wider) The hierarchy blamed it all on poor Satan and we believed it. Some, unfortunately, still do. Then the rebels cut to the core and exposed the whole rotten mess. The sexcapades, the perversion, the corruption, the stealing, brainwashing, etc. Members fled left and right, some forming their own little churchettes.

So the WCG is left a hollow shell, some still lauding the old pervert, others embarking on Joe's new brand of tongue-in-cheek dipsy doodle religion. They are trying to salvage what's left.

(I threw the rest of the apple away.) ........

It really is strange how the mind reacts.



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