The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.
Who were Really Satan's Servants

"The Watcher"

No mainstream Christian church in modern times was ever as fearful and demon-haunted as the Worldwide Church of God in the years Herbert Armstrong actively led it. Satan was everywhere and so were his servants. This was Satan's present evil world. The entire systems of modern medicine and education were both tightly controlled by Satan. So were all the governments of this world (except when their leaders somehow broke free to accept Steuben crystals from Herbert in order to be politely bored by him for half an hour or so).

Most of all, any "heresy," any disagreement with whatever ludicrous nonsense was being thunderously pumped out at the time, any defection, and any criticism whatsoever was always put down to "Satan's persecution."

Satan's "fifth column" within Worldwide was powerful too. As another contributor to Ed's wed site has noted, you know you were in the Worldwide Church of God if you know lots of demon stories. And they were all true.

Following the guidelines of the Bible in general and the New Testament in particular, all who were swayed or convinced by Herbert and his "ministers" should stand back and take a long careful look at where Satan's servant and his dupes REALLY WERE. (Gotta love all those capitals and exclamation marks, huh? But remember, after decades of Pavlovian conditioning, there are scores of thousands of people out there, including PERHAPS YOU!!!! Dear reader, who are incapable of responding to anything else.) Think about it.

So: Here, dear readers, are the ways you can identify Satan's real demonic agents and their "ministers" from a Bible-based Christian perspective.

Magenta - 1) They will pose as ministers of God and agents of light.

Magenta - 2) They will quote Scripture repeatedly for their purpose, though turning its meaning inside out, just as Satan did in his temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4.

Magenta - 3) MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - they will accuse ALL the billion plus REAL CHRISTIANS in the world and ALL the REAL Christian churches of being really the works of Satan.

Magenta - 4) They will inflict human suffering gleefully by banning their duped followers from taking any kind of medical treatment.

Magenta - 5) As the New Testament warned, they will ban perfectly lawful forms of marriage and create immense misery by breaking up thousands of happy, successful marriages for the most false and flimsiest of reasons.

Magenta - 6) They will inflict immense terror on all their followers, insisting all of mankind is going to face the hell-fire destruction of hydrogen bomb-type weapons creating a satanic-hell on Earth, or will be fiendishly tortured in Auschwitz-style concentration camps, unless they follow Satan's servant.

Magenta - 7) They will be mercilessly intolerant of any dissent or disagreement and accuse everyone who disagrees or doesn't swallow their lies of being satanically duped themselves.


Magenta - 9) They will be endlessly greedy for wealth.

Magenta - 10) They will impoverish all their followers.

Magenta - 11) They will claim miracle healings. But on any investigation, these "healings" will all be lies.

Magenta - 12) If such miracle healings occur within the Catholic Church or mainstream protestant denominations, the very same servants of Satan will sneer at them and try to discredit them.

Magenta - 13) The servants of Satan will themselves be fluent liars.

Magenta - 14) They will be sexual libertines.

Magenta - 15) They will be sexual perverts.

Magenta - 16) The more important and more powerful Satan's servants are, the more they will be sexually depraved. The worst of them may even commit incest or rape on their own daughters.

Magenta - 17) They will be obsessed with building great buildings to glorify themselves.

Magenta - 18) They will strip the traditional Christian festivals of prayer and thankfulness from their followers, claiming these festivals themselves are "feasts of Satan."

Magenta - 19) They will even steal the dates of great Christian festivals, such as January 7, the original date of Christmas according to the Julian calendar in place at the time of the birth of Jesus and which is still followed by 300 million Orthodox Christians around the world. They will then use it to honor, not the Christian Christ but their own demonic earthly leaders.

Magenta - 20) They will ban their followers from getting any physical relief from any doctors or medicines while using such things freely themselves.

Magenta - 21) They will teach hundreds of false prophecies and never give a true one.

Magenta - 22) They will never repent of their ways.

Magenta - 23) The senior "ministers' whom they raise up will remain unrepentant preachers of falsehood, confusion and lies too.

Magenta - 24) The 'fruits' of their teachings will be busted families, divorces, sickness, madness, poverty, widespread depression and thousands of avoidable premature deaths.

Magenta - 25) They will seek to inflict misery by banning the most harmless and happy of events like birthday celebrations.

Magenta - 26) They will seek to discredit true Christianity and the true God by claiming that all these foul and ludicrous injunctions are His will.

Magenta - 27) They will ban their followers from any form of education.

Magenta - 28) They will fill their followers with hatred and terror of all the REAL Christian churches and their followers.

Magenta - 29) They will terrorize their followers into avoiding ANY close contact with any REAL Christians or their mainstream churches.

Magenta - 30) True servant of Satan will claim that eternal life can ONLY be reached THROUGH HIM PERSONALLY.

Magenta - 31) The most powerful Servant of Satan will be a "prince of the lord of the air." In modern terms, this would mean he would put his lying message out primarily through radio or television broadcasting.

Magenta - 32) Top servants of Satan will even masquerade as Biblical figures. Recall how Paul exposed Simon in Samaria in Acts 8.

Magenta - 33) They will claim to be able to bring down fire from heaven to burn alive their opponents. (Gerald Waterhouse used to gloat that no one would dare stand up to Herbert Armstrong when he had that kind of power as one of the Two Witnessses. Guess what, Gerald? Herbert is the burnee- NOT the BURN-ER. And YOU'RE going to be ON THE RECEIVING END of the old eternal flame-thrower TOO!!! GET IT????)

Magenta - 34) They will claim that genuine science is false and "a Satanic deception."

Magenta - 35) They will lack kindness or gentleness themselves. They will be screaming, hysterical bullies.

Magenta - 36) Their mouths will be filled with foul, abusive "macho" talk of "real men" about women, effeminate men and homosexuals. In reality, the real sex performance (or lack of it) and weird tastes of such people (Garner Ted Armstrong caught masturbating on video) will show who the REAL UNCLEAN PERVERTS ARE.

Magenta - 37) Whenever caught with their hand in the cookie jar, or up the little girls' underwear, these same, super-tough types will then whine for the mercy and compassion that THEY NEVER showed anyone else.

Magenta - 38) They will happily condemn everyone they endlessly preach about as being worthy of death. "Your own mouths condemn you," guys.

Magenta - 39) They will not merely request the offerings that mainstream churches do. They will squeeze their followers dry and reduce even their wealthy dupes to homelessness and impoverishment with their endless, greedy, unlimited, grasping demands for money.

Magenta - 40) They will be vain above imagination. The chief servant of Satan will be especially notable for his uncontrollable ego and vanity, traveling the world endlessly merely to meet the supposedly great and powerful.

Magenta - 41) But servants of Satan cannot help carrying their curses with them. World leaders who honor servants of Satan will often be murdered, jailed, hanged, smothered, shot to bits by their own guards, go mad, or be exposed to endless shame and doomed to die in agony, impoverishment and exile. (Note the fates of President Allende of Chile; Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto, father of Benazir; Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia; Indira Gandhi of India; Anwar Sadat of Egypt; Menahem Begin of Israel and the Shah of Iran AFTER they met and honored Herbert Armstrong).

Magenta - 42) Servants of Satan promise their duped followers they will live forever in eternal life, rule the universe and even - blasphemously - become gods themselves. In reality, of course, all the poor fools will ever get is destitution, contempt, madness, an early death and then either eternal extermination themselves or the humiliating realization - perhaps throughout eternity that _ they've been had.

SO, in conclusion, who really WERE Satan's servants?

Surely you can guess?


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