The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Sanitizing the Truth
Bill Fairchild
Douglas, Mass.
March 10, 2001

 From 1970 to 1974 I worked at the Worldwide Church of God headquarters in Pasadena at the Data Processing Center. I made many good friends there. One was an outspoken lover of truth named Mitch. I was laid off in 1974 and moved to the east coast of the USA.

I was attending church in the Washington, DC area in early 1977 when one Sabbath I suddenly ran into my old friend Mitch. He quickly told me why he was in town. He had left the Data Processing Center, moved away from the smog-filled crush of humanity called the greater Los Angeles area, and had a new job writing microchip software for a firm in Grass Valley, California. Their software was used extensively in the television industry, and he was in the DC area to attend some kind of television broadcasters' conference. I offered to drive him back to his downtown hotel after services so I could get to talk to him at greater length, talk about old times, ask about his family, etc.

During the hour-long drive to his hotel, he told me the most amazing story. One day while in the employees' cafeteria or lunchroom where he worked, he saw an older man at a nearby table all by himself and looking rather sad and lonely. Mitch went over to the old loner and asked if he could sit down and eat his lunch there with him. The old fellow was soon coaxed into telling Mitch what was bothering him.

I don't know the old guy's name, so I'll call him Mr. X. He just happened to be the chief scientist at Mitch's new high-tech company, and he had a background in mathematics. Before working at this high-tech company that built computer software used in digitizing and processing television images, he had been employed by the US government as a theoretical mathematician specializing in probability. He told Mitch of two different projects he had been involved in that allowed him to learn things about how our government operates that left him sick at heart.

The first project he told Mitch about was the early hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean. Mr. X had been involved in doing the mathematical predictions of how much energy would be released by the explosion and what all the effects would be. I have seen the 10 or so seconds of film of this explosion dozens of times on television. The camera filming this famous scene was at a great distance away from the explosion, you can see a hundred or more ships on the water surrounding the atoll, then a great blast, then the mushroom cloud goes up into the sky. Mr. X was on one of those ships to observe the explosion.

Mr. X then told my good friend Mitch that the government mathematicians and physicists had made a very great mistake in predicting the energy yield of this explosion, as it was the very first hydrogen bomb explosion ever and they didn't yet know what they were dealing with. The yield was many times more than they had predicted. The US Navy had stationed many ships around the atoll with explosion and radiation monitoring equipment so they could learn exactly what the effects were at various distances. Unfortunately there was a destroyer stationed much too close to the atoll, and it was sucked up into the sky along with the mushroom cloud. This destroyer had hundreds of men on board. After a while, of course, the destroyer stopped going upwards and then fell back down into the ocean, killing everyone on board and sinking instantly. Mr. X then said the US government did the predictably cynical, diabolical thing, which was to pretend this incident had never happened. Everyone who had been involved in this project who knew anything about what really happened was then reassigned to various other projects everywhere else on earth but they were separated from each other. This was so they would lose contact with each other and not be able to testify effectively as to what had actually happened.

Since Mitch told me this amazing story I have seen this 10-second piece of film on television another 15 or 20 times. Every time I see it I jump up out of my seat, run over to the TV set, get as close as I can to the screen, and look intently to see the ship going up into the sky. I have never seen it. It may well be that the piece of film shown on TV is the official government sanitized and perhaps even doctored up version. I am sure that many different cameras were recording that event, and maybe the ship's destruction can be seen if the explosion were viewed from a different angle. I heard this story confirmed once by someone else. A couple of years after Mitch told me this story I was watching a panel discussion on a public television channel about nuclear disarmament. One of the panel members was Dr. Helen Caldicott, who is an Australian physician vitally concerned with preventing global thermonuclear warfare. In one of the things she said during that panel discussion she casually mentioned that a large ship can be seen being sucked up into the sky in a hydrogen bomb mushroom cloud. She has also apparently seen this in a film or maybe someone else who has seen it has told her.

That was the first sickening experience Mr. X had with government duplicity. 15 or 20 years later Mr. X was involved in another project for the military that required his expertise in mathematical probability. This other project with a sickening result was to support the War in Vietnam.

Mr. X was assigned to a group working at Fort Ord, a military establishment in northern California. Their task was to build a computer program that would model the war in Vietnam. The variables included things like the total number of US troops, the number of helicopters, the number and types of weapons and bombs, the size of the enemy troops, weather, ground conditions, etc.; in other words, everything you would need to predict the outcome of a battle to see which side would win and how much it would cost to win. The cost to win includes things like the number of casualties as well as the financial cost of all the weapons, ordnance, etc. All this sounds like a reasonable thing to do in order to wage war, except that Mr. X told Mitch that the real goal of this project was to use the computer model to help find a way to maximize the amount of money spent on weapons and bombs without actually winning the war. In other words, to prolong the war as long as possible in order to keep using up war materiel. In other words, to keep funneling huge profits into certain US businesses like Howard Hughes's enterprises, Boeing, McDonnel-Douglas, etc., also known as the military-industrial alliance. That is what made Mr. X sick at heart. Once again this group of mathematicians was broken up after their project was finished and all the individuals were reassigned elsewhere in such a way as to scatter them and keep them from being able to contact each other.

I personally don't doubt that our government is capable of doing even the most heinous and diabolical activity imaginable. But that is not the point of my story. The point for this web site is that people who know what is really going on in any evil enterprise must be prevented by the leaders of that evil enterprise from telling their story. Their credibility must be destroyed lest the masses learn what is going on and through public pressure force the evil enterprise to stop operating.

When the "ministers" who were at the highest levels of power in the Worldweird Cult of Greed leave, they are well taken care of. Many of them continue getting paychecks for "consulting services". Such payments were made to many of HWA's family members who never had any involvement at all in the cult, and some of these family members are rumored to have been at least two illegitimate children living in South America. Stan Rader continued getting payments after his alleged retirement back in ca. 1982. I knew Steven Andrews personally when he was in the Washington, DC area before he moved to Pasadena to become the Treasurer of the WCG. He then left and went with one of the many offshoot cults. I knew him well enough to call him on the phone in 1996 and ask him to confirm the payment to Rader. He confirmed that Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. had authorized payments to Stan Rader as a sort of "retirement" payment. How much longer does Stan have to be paid to keep quiet?

What about most of us who leave? What happens to us? We don't represent the same level of threat to the continuation of the mega-scam, so we are never offered any bribes to remain quiet. In fact I dare say that very few of us low-level minions and members who have left would be sleazy enough to accept such bribes. We just want to be left alone to heal, get our minds working properly again, tell the truth, and finally start living life the way it was meant to be.

If it weren't for the Internet and web sites like this Painful Truth, how could the scattered thousands of us possibly be able to reunite with each other to discuss the little piece of the puzzle that each of us was privy to and to put all the pieces together into finally showing that the emperor was indeed totally naked? We must never let the fanatics who are still in the belly of the great mind-kidnapping cult whore or any of its scorpion daughters dissuade us from posting our "bitter" diatribes against their religion. We must keep reading these web pages and contributing any little bit of knowledge we may have to the benefit of all humanity. This is an obvious case of synergy, in which the sum is MUCH greater than all of its parts.

Why else is a centralized point for communication like this web site good? There is strength in numbers, and the more of us who write articles for this and other healing-through-truth websites, the more likely it is that someone still in the clutches of a cult can come out.

We can be much better organized. Some day there might even be a class action law suit. If this happens (and I don't hold out much hope), then those of us who could be plaintiffs or witnesses of the atrocities can learn about it much more quickly and join in the fight.

The more we have people telling the same kinds of stories, the more credible we all become.

We are also acting as a support group for each other. I know one person who no longer believes the WCG's teachings but yet continues to attend their services frequently because it is her support group. We all need a support group of one kind or another.

And, finally, writing up these little things I remember from time to time and sharing them with others is cathartic for me. Herbert the Pervert made sure I didn't believe in psycho-doctors, as they were all of the Devil. Now that I am out from under his stinking clutches I still find it hard to contemplate going to a shrink. But telling others of what I know is very helpful to me. We are all here now to heal ourselves, to help heal one another, and to make the most of what time we have left in our human lives. Don't let any fanatic cult member threaten you out of writing anything you can remember.



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