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SATANISM: Devil Worship. The name "Devil" derives from the Greek word Diabolos or "slanderer". The name for the supreme spirit of evil, enemy of God and mankind. The worship of Satan or diabolism (evil) dates from early days of dualism: separation of good and bad. In ancient paganism, gods possessed neither good nor bad qualities. The idea of Satan as we understand it today derives from the Hebrew and Christian concept of a devil. Today we hear of ritualistic practices of human sacrifice, breeding for sacrificial purposes, and abuses of children in Satanic rites. Evidence of rituals are obscure, however, there is a trend today to expose their abuses suffered by people; who have escaped. Members of the Church of Lucifer today are of two groups, those who regard the deity they adore as the evil principle, and those who look upon him as the true god in opposition to Adonai or Jehovah, whom they regard as an evil deity who has with fiendish ingenuity mis-created the world of man to the detriment of humanity.

SPIRITUALISM: In the modern sense, is the belief in the continuation of life after physical death, the possibility of communication between the departed (dead) and living through mediums or "spiritualists" or a psychic. Edgar Cayce, is one of the most widely known modern day psychics who received information while in a hypnotic trance. It is believed that much of this information was retrieved from his super-conscious mind (higher self) and some from other beings in the spirit realm. Modern day channeling of information from the spirit realm can be either through one's "higher self" or trance channeling, where another being is allowed to occupy the channeler's body for the purpose of communicating their message. The Native American culture has long preserved the sacred ceremonies involving communication with the spirit realm for guidance. Other cultures have maintained beliefs in a spiritual or angelic realm, but are often against communication with these beings on a personal level, other than for religious prayer.

CULTS: Any person or organization that limits one's free will through coercion or mind control. There are four main kinds of cults: Religious, Political, Psychotherapy/Educational and Commercial. marks of a destructive cult are: Mind Control, Charismatic Leadership, Deception, Exclusivity/Elitism, Alienating, Fatigue, Change in Diet, Lack of Privacy, Exploitation, Totalitarian Worldview. No one knowingly joins a destructive cult. The are masked by many different inviting covers. Typically they appear wholesome and harmless and only after one is convinced of their good qualities, will the destruction begin. Once a person trusts the organization, he becomes very vulnerable and unknowingly succumbs to the clever manipulation and coercive persuasion. Once a person accepts the value system of the organization as his own, he is then under subjection to that group, usually built in a pyramid structure with a pope-like figure at the top and a hierarchy under the leader. The recruit is at the bottom and subject to all those in authority over him. It is a totalitarian system often using terrorism as a tactic.

OCCULT: According to Webster's Dictionary. (1.) "1: to hide from sight: CONCEAL 2. to conceal by occultation: to become concealed or extinguished." (2) OCCULT: not revealed: SECRET 2. not easily apprehended or understood: ABSTRUSE 3. not able to be seen or detected: CONCEALED 4: of or relating to the occult 5: not manifest or detectable by clinical methods alone..." (3.) OCCULT: matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural agencies or some secret knowledge of them" Ancient knowledge was suppressed and regarded as forbidden by the early Roman church. In today's culture, occult is a term used to explain what is considered "evil" or "diabolical" to the mainstream religions of the day. (Resource: The Encyclopedia of the Occult by Lewis Spence; Bracken Books, London, 1988.




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