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DIMFI Interview with Betty Brogaard
Free-Thought Radio Interview with Betty Brogaard
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The Cult Test
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United States of Europe Prophesied Since 1934? Herbert W. Armstrongs Stolen Idea!
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Garner Ted Armstrong Sexual Assault
hwa-legacy page
legacy1 page
Herbert Armstrong's Legacy
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Incest and the Apostle
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Suggested Videos by The Painful Truth 
Recommended Videos by The Painful Truth
Mind-control1 page
Mind Control Cults 
Video. Herbert W. Armstrong's Mind Control Cult
Psychopathy1 page
Defense Against the Psychopath 
Protect yourself from psychopath's in the Churches of God
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Zeitgeist Films
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Zeitgeist Addendum
Zeitgeist: The Movie
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Culture in Decline 
Culture in Decline movie series. Peter Joseph is asking the questions and proposing the possible solutions that we should be demanding from the elected leaders of this crazy world. His brilliant analysis of this ridiculous system we're operating under is one of the most important voices for change in this generation.
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The God Virus 
Video content. Dr. Darrel W. Ray is author of three books, two on organizational team issues and his latest, The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture.
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The Greatest Story Ever Sold 
Video content. The Greatest Story Ever Told presents historical data relating to the astronomical/astrological origins of the Judeo-Christian theology (which can be extended to Islam as well), along with the understanding that these respective stories, beliefs & traditions are really an adaptation-extension of prior Pagan beliefs.
The Greatest Story Ever Told (Sold)
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Human Resources - Social Engineering In The 20th Century 
Social Engineering. The driving force is not love, but fear. Political or religious, societal engineering molds us all.
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Evolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction
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The Power of Nightmares 
When politicians or religious leaders lack the vision that inspires, they resort to the power of nightmares!
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The Power Principle 
Plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire. Fear-based conditioning. Apocalypse and mutually Assured Destruction
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"The God Who Wasn't There" 
The documentary questions the existence of Jesus, examining evidence that supports the Christ myth theory against the existence of a historical Jesus