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Seven Day Week Absent From God's True Calendar

By Gladiator

While trying to verify for myself, the absolute falsity of the seventh day contrivance and even the falsity of a 7 day week or a week of any other number of days, I resorted to taking a look at the true universal calendar, the one based on the actual orbit around the sun by the earth, and orbit around the earth by the moon. A true universal God, the force that controls everything in the universe, would most certainly leave a *universal* method of time keeping, one that does not require a certain language, or a certain bible, or a certain religion to understand it. There IS such a thing.

Day = the period of one moon orbit around the earth. Sunrise = A semi-day event when sun's upper arc rises above the horizon

Sunset = A semi-day event when sun's upper arc drops below the horizon

Month = the moon phase from new to full, approximately 30 days. Year = the period of one earth orbit around the sun, approximately 365 days. Equinox = The annual Vernal & Autumnal equatorial crossings

**Week = no such natural event it is man-made!!

**God's real calendar can be verified by observing the astronomic events in the sky, the natural re-occurring cycles of days, months, and years. There are no weeks of any kind in God's real universal calendar. Early man had no way of knowing about these events. Common sense tells me that the illiterate early man, with no resources, would naturally cease work at dark and resume at daybreak.

I think a true Universal Force (God if you wish) would be one that represents a *standard* set of laws and rules,    rules applicable to all that is, and this would include the calendar. This calendar would have to be available to everybody not closely held by some religious sect not even the Hebrews. It does exist and always has in the heavens, where man cannot manipulate, change, and dress it up in any way.

If there is no such natural event called the week, which is governed by the universal laws of God, then there can only be one (1) 7th day per month. Is this correct? If so, then the man-made bible stories about holy days are nothing more than man-made rituals with no attachment to the true universal God.

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