the painful truth about the worldwide church of god
the painful truth about the worldwide church of god.

(Or The Way Of Get)

magenta - 1. Get a Bible

magenta - 2. Get on TV

magenta - 3. Get a large audience.

magenta - 4. Get them hooked

magenta - 5. Get them scared

magenta - 6. Get their money

magenta - 7. Get rich!

No doubt about it. Religion is a get rich quick scheme. Take Herbie. He brags about not even going to high school. Bragging about how God knocked him down from one venture after another until shown his "true calling". Interpretation: how to con Bible believing suckers. All laid out before him and backed by God. Holy Day offerings, building funds, fruit sales, 1st tithes, 2nd tithes, 3rd tithes, and he became so greedy that later he added "tithe of the tithe". He also demanded a tithe on any profits from investments, tax refunds, etc. And whenever he put out an SOS for more moolah, he ordered the shepherds to fleece the flock closer to the skin by commanding them to take out bank loans and mortgages on their properties. (See Garnet Hill).

For all of this, the poor suckers were promised pie in the sky. "You are the chosen ones, you will become kings and priests, have nothing to do with this pagan world! Stay close to the trunk, Satan is a roaring lion, seeking to devour you!" etc. etc. So the flock huddle together in abject fear, obeying Herbie's every wish and command.

Most of you are aware of the above. I repeat it to make a point. That Worldwide Church of God is not an isolated case. That religion has become very profitable, in the name of God. Look around at all the beautiful churches, benefits, religious estates, all tax exempt. Religion has taken over television and has mesmerized millions. People are "healed" on national tv. The lame are walking, the deaf are talking, the blind are seeing and the audience is sobbing...and the preachers are getting richer by the minute.

In "The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy" by C. Dennis McKinsey on page 282 under Poverty appears this quote:

"Besides the periodic sexual revelations of prominent televangelists such as Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert, one of the most revealing displays of Christian hypocrisy lies in the arena of wealth and poverty. One does not have to read far into the N.T. to see that a true Christian would have to be as poor as the homeless to satisfy Scripture. The importance of adherence to a vow of poverty is constantly repeated by Scripture and there can be no debate about the meaning of the text. What is required of all true Christians is abundantly evident and the "reading out of context" defense won't save the day.

Lavish cathedrals, private jets, expensive automobiles, luxurious homes, costly clothes, and the finest cuisine are only some of the items possessed by many Christian leaders today, proving beyond any doubt that many have departed dramatically from N.T. teachings and have no intention of returning to them. It is far less painful to ignore and rationalize than accept and follow. How many people would be willing to jettison sixor seven figure incomes just to satisfy biblical verses that denounce the accumulation of wealth? Not many, and Christians are no exception". unquote

Well, we all know that Monday night wrestling is an exhibition. But just try to convince Benny Hinn's faithful that his show is not.


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