The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

 Herbert W. Armstrong USED GOD.

 by Louise

Some of us know that HWA was a sex pervert and a false prophet. When we read of the many off shoots of his organization claiming that GOD USED Mr. Armstrong, and many "truths" have been revealed through him, I tend to question the critical thinking of these groups. Research proves that many of the "truths" that HWA preached were stolen from many other groups, so many that he is nick-named among true Christian groups as the "SMORGASBORD RELIGION". It is proven fact that that HWA took the popular theories of the day, including British Israelism and the Gap Theory and incorporated it into his "SMORGASBORD RELIGION".

Back in the 1930's after losing all he owned in the stock market crash, HWA was a desperate man. You need to think back to where he was. Remember the dime he prayed for A DIME to feed his family? (IF YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING IN THE AUTO BIOGRAPHY) Remember the mud? He tried selling mud to make money. He needed a product. Then his wife found religion. He had the perfect product. He knew just how to merchandise it. He was trained in selling and journalism. It was a perfect setup. He had all the means available to make himself a wealthy man. Religion was the product.

The off shoots say that God used HWA. I say think again. HWA USED GOD. He stole from every theory of the day, and every cult of the day, and many religions. He found his perfect product. THINK ABOUT THAT......A "NO COST" PRODUCT, AND HE COULD MAKE MILLIONS ..... AND HE DID!



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