The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

What is it and How does it Work?
By Joanne

In the church of my youth a saying was used that has stayed with me .It was "The Sacraments are an Outward and Visible Sign of an Inward and Spiritual Grace." Over the years that saying has come to be interpreted somewhat differently to me. I see this as the primitive definition of Spirituality versus Religion. The reason this always bothered me is that I came to see that many words are used interchangeably. And that in reality they are very different. What does it mean to be RELIGIOUS?  or SPIRITUAL? Are they used to confuse, or are people just ignorant? So began my interest in discerning the difference.

 I now believe that Spirituality is the inward belief (in the spirit) and Religion is the outward manifestation of those beliefs. So if we are practicing Spirituality, we are manifesting fruits/works, of the Spirit. That becomes our Religion. Now some would say that a Religious person is one who belongs to a church and follows the doctrines of that church, thus making him Spiritual My next question is can a man be Religious and not Spiritual? Can a man be Spiritual and not Religious?

  The next question to ask is: What Spirit are we referring to? In my case I am referring to the Spirit of Goodness, Kindness, Service, Sharing, Helping. The motivation is of the inward person himself by choice. To be free to make our own life's choices, we can best serve mankind and make the world a better place.

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