The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Suffer The Little Children

by Alex

It used to be an ancient Chinese custom that upon giving birth, the mother had each foot of the baby bound. Then, reaching womanhood, it made the child more acceptable to a marriage proposal. In the interim, she learned to walk in this condition until she became a young maiden. Although it may have gained her a mate, she was crippled for life. For after the binding had been removed the feet would never develop.

To me, this seems a perfect analogy for the children in Worldwide Church of God. They were robbed of a normal childhood that each kid is entitled to. Every American boy or girl is entitled to enjoy and participate in youth activities, be it in or out of school. They can go to Friday night dances, Saturday football games, sock hops, etc. During their childhood they can join in (Ghastly! as Herbie's suckbutts say) Easter egg hunts, sitting on Santa's lap, acting in Xmas plays, exchanging valentines in school, go trick or treating, etc.

In adulthood, they can kiss under the mistletoe, go to New Year and Xmas parties, decorate Xmas trees, send cards, march on St. Patty's day, go to the Mardi Gras, etc. All this with the hearty approval of parents who love them and join in the fun. For they know these are the formative years, the sensitive years, that mean so much to a child who needs to widen the scope of their friendships and social life. Parents want the best for their offspring. Happy, cheerful memories of a healthy childhood.

When they are grown, they can go to any College or University they wish. They can become whatever they wish. They can marry whomever they wish. Jew, Gentile or Arab, be they black, blue, white, yellow, or whatever. Italian, Greek, Polish, Serb, Russian, whatever. Because, love, like God, moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform. And they can eat all the lobster, shellfish, oysters, shrimp, pork, leavening and any old damn thing they desire. And even after marriage, they have freedom of choice. They can become a religionist or a freethinker. Democrat or Republican. Enter politics, enter industry, or enter the army. The choice is theirs.the whole millenium lies before them. They are ready for it. Ah--but this is not "God's Way"....

Nor Herbie's. "God's Way" is to be a strict disciplinarian. His "God" binds the mind of a kid from infancy. His "God" force feeds the kid religious crap, His "God" brainwashes the parents and deludes them into believing they are obeying God. His "God" allows the parents to practice child abuse. His "God" restricts the kid to strictly church activities and church traditions. His "God" deprives the kid of the things it needs at that vital stage of life. The kid is strictly forbidden to participate in such "pagan" customs. Though deep in its heart it longs to do so.

The child is commanded to dress every sabbath, and yanked off to attend services in some abandoned whorehouse. It is warned to sit still for 2 hours as a minister browbeats the congregation with an attack sermon that further cows the child.

The holy days are also an added terror. The child is forced to starve, go on long journeys to feast sites, listen to long, double sermons and sleep in strange hotels. Upon dining, the parents make it a point to the waiter that no pork, or pork ingredient food be served. Each holy day including Saturday is a day of worship. The child is required to sit quietly and read the bible, or something that's not pagan related. No movie, no tv, no radio, no baseball. Just sit still and honor God til sundown. Mom is reading Matthew, the old man went to bed.

Then off to Pasadena and Amb-HALFASS-ador College! Where the boys are, not to learn how to become engineers, lawyers, or doctors. No, no. To become wannabe preachers and be sent to the boonies to feed shit to the sheep. The girls go not for the academics. No, no. They go to associate with the wannabees hoping to land one. This, with the full approval of the parents, Herbie and the hierarchy. This was the full intent and purpose of Ambassador College. Seeking accreditation was a pretense. Herbie read Mein Kampf. He applied the Nazi mating game. Oh, but this is "God's Way".

A girl I knew went to Ambassador College not long after Garner Ted played rooster in the hen yard. She went for the sole purpose of gaining some credits and to further her career. She sought to enter a College here in Ohio. When she showed the examiner her Ambassador credits, he told her those and 60 cents would buy her a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

So now the kids out of the cult are bitter and angry. (Join the party). They feel deprived and cheated and you can't blame them. They have missed a whole lot they were entitled to. All those sock hops, all the games, all the acquaintances they could have had instead of the nerds in the church. All the social activities that were missed. All the educational opportunities that passed by. Resentment is welling within them. Remorseful parents are trying to apologize but the kids are reluctant to forgive. All because they did it "God's Way".

But now the binding is off their minds. They are free to pursue any course they choose. Human nature being what it is, the mind can develop, grow and adapt to the scheme of things. Unlike the Chinese feet that are crippled forever.

But the mental scars and battered spirits are a different matter.

Who can foretell the aftermath later on in their lives?

That scripture is a misprint; it should read:



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