The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Tithe Slaves
By JohnO

(From the PT Forum)
Dead Rader used to similarly do the same thing with his new Ferrari. Ramona (Herbie's divorced wife and prior mistress) used the same tactics when she va-va-voomed around Tucson in a brand new Corvette.

As always, I was told all these machines - for the upper echelon - came out of the titheslaves pockets. I love that title of "titheslaves." Ramona also ran a exclusive woman's shop in Tucson called "Mystique." It was always open on Saturdays. Guess who paid for that investment?

But most of these thieving bastards, besides having no scruples or conscience, invariably behave like idiots. Why advertise, to a financially burdened congregation, the fact that you're rich? Since you're only working as a Worldwide Church of God exec, and receiving your living from them, then it's gotta be more than just rampant stupidity to cram excesses like these luxury items down the membership's throats. What sort of personal egos are sported by these criminals? They're simply laughing at everybody. It tells the Worldwide Church of God titheslaves (thanx again Worldwide Church of God Skeptic), that these money gluttons are living way beyond the congregations' living standards, as a result of those membership's tithes. And to me, that's dumb advertising.

The article also correctly points out (as others have) that as soon as these slimeballs get the profits from the eventual campus sale, plus the other Worldwide Church of God REAL ESTATE, they'll vamoose into the wild blue yonder - somewhere. But we can safely bet that it will be a country with NO extradition, and protected bank accounts. That is, of course, in addition to other established "mucho buckaroo" accounts in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands, and throughout South America.

These vultures have smashed every human rights, moral, civil, IRS, and Constitutional law imaginable, and yet, they will walk out of all this as ultra-rich free men, along with their sleazy wives. And now they're rubbing in these facts to their trusting followers with "In yer face, suckers."

It's good to see that many PT Site contributors have yelled out about this. The more the better, and it might help current members (if they will bother to read them), derived from all of the scattered dead Herbie's cults that have been spawned basically by humungous egos and that "garner" their excessive mammon which has been stolen by chicanery and outright piracy.

We lived near the Pasadena campus for a total of about 4 years. We hadn't a clue as to what was happening at A.C., and everyone at the campus (protecting their paychecks) kept their mouths shut. All anyone, from the outside, ever saw was the outer whited sepulchers of hypocrisy, and so, those who really KNEW the shenanigans, deliberately kept the inside of this mausoleum hidden from us. They covered up the filth, the stench, the debris of broken lives, and made sure they kept all the corruption well camouflaged. We only saw the Pepsodent smiles, and the $1000 suits. After all, God loves quality.
They were masters at hiding the facts, and if any questioned anything (like many of us did), we were threatened with alienation, loss of salvation, and slandered from the pulpits. One hireling in Australia, according to a buddy of mine, publicly called me "dog vomit." But we saw none of this coming until the crap hit the fan in late 1978. Somebody had opened the sepulcher.

So being near Pasadena didn't really help us see the "plain truth." It was cleverly concealed from all of us. We lived in blissful ignorance the same as if we'd lived in Boston, MA.

Altho that incident was twenty or so years ago, I DO remember that it was one of the Dean brothers that publically called me by that title. One of the Auzzie hirelings (now very EX-cult) came to Pasadena for a Sabbatical in 1979, and that's when I was told about it. This Auzzie was a buddy of mine (I knew him from previous visits, as EVERYONE stopped by our place in Hawaii), and he defied the edicts of Pontiff Herbie by contacting me, but he talked to me anyway. A loyalist snitch found out (he was an grunting, Chinese-Hawaiian meat-headed cultist), and he reported our meeting, and so, my buddy was then kicked out too. In that time, and later times as well, there was a veritable army of Worldwide Church of God spies everywhere, each having paranoid intellects, and the egotistical desire for recognition and promotion when they had successfully reported someone or other to the cultmasters for a variety of supposed infringements to the Constitution of the United Churches of Herbie. All those loyalist snitchers could ever say to Herbie's cultmasters in those days was: "Zieg Heil, mein Fuhrer."

Hang in there, guys. JohnO.

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