by Allen C. Dexter


      Creationists are always quick to say that no transitional fossils or missing links can be found in the fossil record and that none can be found among the living creatures extant today.

      Wrong again!

      It's not surprising that it is hard to find definable transitional fossils. The formation of fossils just doesn't happen every day. We are lucky that enough have survived to make paleontology a viable science. We have to fill in a lot of gaps by reason and deduction.

      Fortunately, there is a demonstrable evolutionary link existing and in the process of development right here and now. A lowly skink has driven another nail in the creationist coffin. For the details, go to this site:

      Now, how do we get this info out in Texas and so much of the rest of the Bible belt? Any textbook with these facts would likely be banned. They certainly wouldn't want to be confused by the facts.



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