Falling into the trap of lying for life


People who start lying will most likely never stop lying. To stop lying would mean to loose face, especially if the individual has lied blatantly throughout life. A pathological liar will never admit he's lied, simply because everything would be put into question and the truth would destroy any credibility that person may have had. The result speaks for itself, the lies get even bigger and more exaggerated! The liar will even go so far as to throw the blame on others for the resulting damages that might have occurred as a result of having lied.

For families that have spent years following a fundamentalist belief and were convinced that what they are being told is the truth, they will always be in denial of having been lied to. Years of compounded and repeated indoctrination is difficult to face when you begin to realize that it's one big lie. For most facing this is even more challenging than admitting they went down the wrong path. The trap is set, the lie continues to poison the minds of those who have fallen into this deception. You cannot get a more potent poison then a lie that is repeated for so long that it becomes the truth.

Tragically the resulting isolation that creeps into the lives of people who have lost the ability to face up to the lies only isolates them even more. Whole communities can be broken apart as a result of a lies that are not confronted and stopped. The outcome can even result in wars that could have been avoided.

At the moment the far left is falling into this trap itself. The false belief that fundamentalist have a right to speak out in the name of a religion only helps to justify their actions. This only goes to show how easily the far left has been manipulated by their own extremist views. By continuing to promote these ideas and denying the blatant facts about what fundamentalist want to achieve, the far left has made it nearly impossible for any other voices to be heard that may differ. This poses the greatest threat to all, since it opens up the flood gates for even more extremist views to take root. Calling anyone an islamophobia that exposes the lies and objectives of fundamentalist groups is playing into the hands of these extremist groups and helps to cement the lies even further.

In conclusion, the more we sit on the fence watching and doing nothing about these lies, the more difficult it will be to undo the flood of extremist views that undermine freedom of speech and the right to think differently. Lies might seem more fascinating, while the truth is often boring and lacks the punch of a well constructed lie. Is this our achilles heel?

R. Baumgartner

Editors note: Liars are everywhere. They are in politics and they are in the religious business. The very act of lying destroys relationships and credibility. Your minister should take note! LINK.

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