"Just How Can We Trust Them?"
How do you place your trust in men who seem to never do what is right?





    1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

    2. confident expectation of something; hope.

    3. confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received; credit: to sell merchandise on trust.

    4. a person on whom or thing on which one relies: God is my trust.

    5. the condition of one to whom something has been entrusted.

    Good question. How do you place your trust in men who seem to never do what is right? Men who serve the interest of themselves first and the interests of the member last?

    Adrian from Australia wrote with these questions in mind.

    •        In a my 3rd church service members were instructed to burn booklets published by the wcoa. 1975(72?) in prophesy was one of these. What type organization burns records of their teachings to cover their traces?
    •        The organization claimed to be inspired and led by an infallible God, but had policies on makeup and birthdays that constantly changed from one policy that was the opposite of the other. A contradiction indeed.
    •        The religion claimed the just shall live by faith, but then contradictorily claimed to be able to prove there is a god.
    •        The religion published books like the proof of the bible that was later withdrawn because of errors.
    •        The church claimed that everything was inspired by the ministers who promoted members to leadership roles only to find out later that the member claimed a false baptism.
    •         GTA was disfellowshiped, but was given around  $200000/yr in 1970ís money and  tithe payers money paid for this.
    •         The church claimed to be the church of brotherly love. My wife often said to me that if thatís what the church people are like then she didnít want to be a part of the 1000 year reign with them. I agreed. I wondered how come my own family who I was told to reject as worldly, were always kind to us despite us not giving birthday presents to them and having Christmas etc. Despite the bible saying that if you see your brother in need and you do nothing about it how can Godís love dwell in a person. My physical family always helped us materially, church members didnít ever.  Of course I forgot about all that free advice about how bad you were from members,  but I donít think that qualifies as helpful. The bible says by their fruit you shall know them. It bothered me that they claimed to have brotherly love.
    •        Wearing second hand clothes from opportunity shops because the church took our money, and then being told by the ministry you are not blessed because you donít have the material possession that they have.
    •        Being told to pay third tithe despite making yourself  the key candidate for financial assistance.
    •        Reading scriptures in Galatians,  Colossians for example, rereading Armstrongís  teachings of these verses and trying to convince myself what he said made sense. Never saying  anything  because you would be told you werenít converted if you questioned anything.
    •        If you didnít understand (blindly) everything then you werenít converted.
    •        How members would rush to open the ministerís car door the rudely treat other members with disdain.
    •        That this is only the beginning of my list and there is so much moreÖthat really bothers me.


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