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Zeitgeist: The Movie - Part 1: "The Greatest Story Ever Told" presents historical data relating to the astronomical/astrological origins of the Judeo-Christian theology (which can be extended to Islam as well), along with the understanding that these respective stories, beliefs & traditions are really an adaptation-extension of prior Pagan beliefs. In other words, evidence shows that these modern religions are really composites of earlier religions with their stories and symbolisms "borrowed" as the new traditions evolved. Of course, believers of theistic religions have a inherent, self-preserving interest to disagree with such a notion, for it brings their religion out of the context of the supernatural and novel - and into the context of a singular, serial intellectual evolution of information where many religions begin to share a common symbolic and literary basis. From such a perspective, naturally, the idea that "Jesus" or "Osiris" or "Dionysus" were real, supernatural figures of a larger order metaphysic becomes a distant reality. Regardless, this section isn't really about whether "God" exists or any such issue - it is about the firm reality that religions have been borrowing and building upon each other, while the central origin of these theologies almost always comes back to stellar and solar fascination, in part.

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