The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
What The Hell Is Truth?
By Jim V.

 When my belief structure in the WW$$ imploded, I felt mental devastation and destruction that was worthy of Basil Wovertons' tribulation illustrations.

In my own mind I continually cried out, "What the hell is truth?" and "Does truth even exist?" How can I know what is reality and what is fantasy?

For a long time the only the only thing I could feel was mental static, confusion and a vacuum of answers. But like rebuilding the "new" world out of the ashes of the "tribulation," I began to rebuild my own mind. (The tribulation is real, and we have all been there -and it lasted a hell of a lot longer than 3 and a half years.)

One of the few, and rare, positive things about being in the belly of the whore is that we lost all fear of "other" religions and superstitions. So once we survived the WW$$ tribulation, there was no fear left of "hell fire," damnation or "get saved tonight..." We can now look at the world through eyes of reality that would have otherwise been impossible.

But what is truth? What is real, rock-solid, honest-to-God truth? The answer to that is actually simply to state -but agonizingly hard to learn and understand.

We actually (and insanely) believed that our real friend (Germany) was our "real" enemy. And we actually (and insanely) believed that our very real enemy (USSR) was our "real" friend. Folks -that was treasonous.

Was any of this "belief structure" based on facts, actions, politics, reality, threats or documentation? Hell no! -our belief structure was based on superstition, "faith," "prophecy," interpretations, opinions and the teachings of one individual sex-depraved alcoholic, mentally ill, narcissistic "man." A man who would have been put to death many, many years ago in ancient Israel. A man who predicted that jesus christ would return -in 1936! A man whose every "prophecy" has failed -and that is documented.

Herbie and teddy did not (and do not) teach truth -they taught fantasy. They taught "faith," opinions that were accepted as "truth," and they taught their interpretations of what is "truth." None of that made anything these parasites said become truth.

"Real" reality and "real" truth will never depend on a "belief structure" or faith. Reality will never depend on interpretations or opinions. Reality and truth will never depend on what anyone "believes." (Don't forget -at one time "everyone" believed that the world was flat, which was a religious teaching.) Guess what? The world is not, nor ever has been, flat -this Earth is, and always has been, round...

Remember the infamous "vision" that Loma Armstrong had? That was supposed to be absolute proof from God that herbie was "the man." But that was because of a "belief structure." Did you know that millions of carnal, everyday people have that exact same experience every single day? It used to be called "Astral Projections," but it is now commonly called "Out of Body."

Check the Internet -millions of people have these exact same "vision" experiences. But the church taught that Loma's visions were "righteous," but every other single, individual "vision" is demonic and straight from satan himself.

Why is it that Loma's "vision" was righteous, but every single one of the millions and millions of other "visions" are demonic and satanic? The answer is very simple. It was because of a belief structure that other "visions" did not fit herbie's teachings. In other words, if it doesn't fit -label it as satanic. There's an old saying in car racing, "if you can't beat 'um -get 'um outlawed." (Don't ever think that these black spots of humanity exist only in religion.)

We live in an extremely superstitious and religious world, and those of us who have survived the WW$$ tribulation are waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. I'm sorry, but I can't help myself -maybe "we" are the elect who cannot be deceived. (I really enjoyed that one.)

So what is truth and what is reality? Simply stated it is this -truth does not depend on any "belief structure." Truth does not need interpretation, and truth works for everyone who lives -regardless of beliefs. Truth is truth for "everyone," not just the select few. Truth is the same for believer, agnostic and atheists alike.

Truth is provable to all, and does not change. I will give you an extremely simple example and then I will give you an example that changed my entire life. And if what I am saying is true, it can change anyone's life regardless of "belief structure."

Two plus two equals four. No sane, educated person on Earth disagrees with that. That folks -is truth. To understand that two plus two equals four may involve a certain amount of "learning curve" -but it does not in any way, fashion, shape or form involve a "belief structure." The answer is the same for everyone, not just a select few who have the "only truth." This simple truth is known by everyone, it does not have to be "interrupted" and it does not have to be "revealed." It only has to be learned. But it can be learned by all, across the board, by believers, agnostics and atheists alike.

In other words, anything that requires a "belief structure," anything that requires "interpretation" and anything that requires "faith" -cannot be truth. And "anything" on this Earth that does not equally apply to all -regardless of belief structure -is a fantasy.

Does exercising our bodies benefit a believer, but not an atheist? Is high cholesterol "good" for a Christian but "dangerous" for an atheist? What if a "Christian" slaps his wife around and beats her constantly with the bible -but an atheist treats his wife as an equal, and as a queen? If a "Christian" drops out of high school and an atheist graduates from college -does God give the "Christian" a better job? If an atheist always balances his check book and always pay his bills -will God destroy his credit? If a "Christian" doesn't -will God bless him with good credit? If a "Christian" robs a store, will God have an atheist arrested?

Do the laws of gravity change according to a religious "belief structure?" Do computers, our economy, electricity, personal finances, retirement, the laws of physics, holding a job, getting a raise, rearing our children and pleasing our wives depend on "Christian religious beliefs?"

Does God "bless" Christians when they make mistakes, yet "curse" atheists when they do what is right? Why is it that when a "Christian" gets cancer it is a "trial," but when an atheist gets cancer it's a "curse that he/she deserves?"

Is it because all of these things are "dependent" on a belief structure?

 I freely invite all atheists to change the terminology (in your own mind) of what I am about to say, because if what I am saying is truth, then it applies to everyone -regardless of belief structure or terminology. I want to tell you what changed my entire life around. I still believe in a "something, but non-religious God."

I desperately wanted to know what "God's will" was in my own personal life. I wanted to know what I was "supposed to do." And I had already realized that many, many things in life were none of my business. The "secrets of God" were none of my business. "Babel" prophecy was none of my business. What who does to who was none of my business. Many, many things were "none of my business."

But what "was" my business? Where was my "kingdom?" I was 40 years old and I had no "screw off" time left. I spent one full year studying myself. I took personality tests, profile tests, aptitude test, likes-dislikes test, and many, many other tests. I was bound and determined to find out about "me." I found the answer in my own genetics.

At this time, I had been in the air conditioning business for 22 years. I was very good at it -but I absolutely hated and despised every minute of it. In 1983 I cleared $80,000 dollars -after taxes. But I felt like a total failure. There is nothing wrong with the air conditioning trade -and there is nothing wrong with me. But there was a hell of a problem with the combination. I did not belong in that job, in any way whatsoever, even as a manager of a wholesale distributor.

My point is this, just because you are good at something, and even if you make good money -that doesn't mean you have found "your kingdom." You have to find yourself first, then you find your "kingdom."

I was miserably, frustrated and depressed. And I didn't know why.

The results of my personal tests gave me four options. But at my age and station in life, there was only one that was realistic -computer programming. Then I spent another full year learning programming on my own (I had to make sure this was not a passing "passion.") Then I started college, and I now have degrees in Computer Science and Marketing. (Night classes with a full time job and a family to support.) And I have now been with the same company for 9 years.

The longer you wait -the harder it gets. So start today...

"God's will" is written in your own genetics. In your own talents, skills and abilities. But it is up to you to find them. After all, that is "your kingdom." That is where you belong. That is what you have to fight for -yourself. And that is "God's will."

Searching for truth is like gold mining -you may have to process several tons of dirt to extract one ounce of gold. But anything that requires "faith" or a "belief structure" is fools gold. The only gold is what you find in yourself.

Many are already trapped in a profession or career that is impossible to get out of, and it's far too late to start over -okay, then find yourself -and you will find one hell of a "hobby." A hobby that may well keep you sane.

Truth is always available to everyone (the world is round and two plus two equals four) Fantasy is for writers and story books, fantasy is for entertainment. If you see fantasy for what it is -then all is well.

Truth is provable, teachable and available to all -across the board. Truth does not hide itself into any "religious belief structure."

If you can prove it, and it applies to everyone -then it's truth. But if you have to have "faith" to believe it, and only the "few" can understand, then it is fantasy.

If there is a God, he distributed his unlimited talents, skills and abilities to us through human genetics. And each of us can only have a "part" of him. And it is only through the genetics he gave us that we as individuals can "see" and understand him.

But that is for each individual to decide...

Truth is for everyone -it is only the religious fantasies that are for the "select few." Truth gives all of us a better life, but religious fantasies will hold us in bondage.



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