The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Where Are They Now?

Ed Mauzey
By Dana

One former World Wide Church of God minister of many years, Mr. Ed Mauzey, wielded the leadership role in the Santa Rosa/Fairfield California church area and is now practicing mental health in the south.

This is the man who was in charge of our congregation that allowed a KNOWN convicted homosexual child molester to roam freely through the ranks of our young, impressionable male children. One young man hung himself, another had to have his brain matter scrapped off the living room wall after shooting himself in the head.

Why Mauzey allowed it, we may never know. But I do remember him saying that he believed that the modern day ministry of the Worldwide Church of God were actual descendants of the Levite priesthood, with its attendant double dose of spiritual discernment. Some discernment! I can only wonder if he still believes that?

Now that he is Doctor Mauzey I wonder if, in his licensed practice, he asks those he is consulting if they are "meddling with demons" as a possible explanation for their emotional distress? Does he still advise a strict adherence to the principle of triple tithing as the only solution to financial difficulties? Because he lists his degree in theology from Ambassador College among his credentials one can only wonder how much of that nonsense he still believes in, and of course since he has now chosen a worldly, secular position of employment that would lead to the question....How much of that nonsense did he ever REALLY believe in?

We had at least FIVE young adult suicides in our church area out of thirty or so youngsters. Inquiring, GRIEVING, parental minds want to know. One thing we know for sure, inside the church or out there is a steady stream of income to be had from Dependent Personality Disorder. 


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