The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Which God?
By Bryan

Which God does the average person worship?

Do they worship the God of the Old Testament? That is the most atrocity laden collection of writings I know of. Yet school children are sometimes deprived of Mark Twain and J.D. Salinger.

Do they worship the God of the Inquisition? Modern science in its infancy had to regain knowledge that was lost thousands of years before. Earlier civilizations understood the Earth was round--that it revolved around a star. But Galileo threatened The Church.

Do they worship the God of the Salem Witch Trials? There is some evidence that the stored grain contained a fungus that induced hallucinations. The affected people were burned to purge the community of the perils of Satan.

Do they worship the God of slavery? The Bible is very tolerant of slavery, and some of the founders of this nation were very religious slave holders.

Do they worship the God of Manifest Destiny? Why not? Our treatment of the indigenous people on this continent has precedent in the Land of Canaan.

Do they worship the God of Mein Kampf? Why not? The Bible is very big on racial purity.

Do they worship the God that inspires the Klan to say that only humans go to heaven and that people of color don't qualify?

Do they worship the God of Jim Jones? Of David Koresh? Oh, I was about to mention the Heaven's Gate cult, but I forgot they were into UFO's.

Do they worship the same God as Andrea Yates? Supposedly she killed her children because she felt they were damned to Hell. I guess the Eternal Hope of God was impotent in her case.

Do they worship the same God as Deanna Laney? Supposedly God told her to "stone" her children to death. Why she didn't finish the job on the infant may remain a mystery.

But I must concede that no decent, God-fearing person would ever worship the God that inspired the events of 9-11.

But I thought monotheism teaches there is only One. Yet I have listed at least ten different "Gods" above (that's above in the text, not above above).

Do people ever honestly examine Who or What they worship?

Now for the reader who is thinking, "I don't worship the same God as Deanna Laney," I say bullshit. Your Bible tells you there is only one God.

Now for those who say they worship a God who allows the above mentioned evils to exist due to man's choice, I say you worship a murderous fiend.

And for those that say deceptions about God and evils exist in the world because of Satan, I say your God is derelict. I raised pigeons for years as a child and I never allowed snakes to co-exist with my beloved birds.

Maybe one of three things needs to happen:

*"God" needs to come back and fix this shitty mess of a world we live in...


"God" needs to tell us he really doesn't give a fuck about us...


"God" needs to find some way in His Infinite Power to tell us that He doesn't exist...that...the only things that exist are OUR inherent virtues and stupidities...

Now that would be a real statement of power: for something that does not exist to tell us that it does not exist!!!

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