The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Pasadena Escrow Jitters

Awwww...........Too bad.
Maybe god doesn't want this "church" to collect the blood money sucked out of its deceived members by these religious con-men.

(Editorial comments in BLUE throughout.)

From: The Pasadena Star News

Church keeping sale hopes alive

Financial woes creating escrow jitters over campus

August 13, 2001

By Elizabeth Lee
Staff Writer

"PASADENA -- For more than a year, in financial bulletins in its monthly "Worldwide News," the Worldwide Church of God has been exhorting followers to pray for "a successful close of escrow" on the sale of its former Ambassador College campus in west Pasadena."

"Hardly a day goes by when we are not praying specifically for God's blessing and direction in the sale and relocation process," church official Ronald Kelly wrote -- back in July 2000.

Their prayers, however fervent, have yet to be answered.

Well, maybe their prayers ARE being answered and the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe the answer to these religion pimps is to GO GET AN HONEST JOB.
Maybe the answer is to donate this money to a REAL charity and get out of the religion business.

Maybe God is hoping that they will develop consciences and a sense of responsibility for the EVIL they have done and not just "regret," if they feel even that.

Maybe God wants them to figure out what Jesus would do?

The financially strained empire continues to spend reserves to keep afloat while the entitlement process for the Legacy Partners project drags on."

Maybe, if these creeps were hurting personally and spending their own reserves, as they forced us to do through the years, they would understand a little bit of what they put us through. They call our money, "their reserves."

If you are a present member of the Worldwide Church of God and you see what is happening, realize that, if you are giving any money to this church, it would get to "God" quicker if you just flushed it down the toilet and it would also be in a much cleaner place.

"As Legacy seeks city approval for the plans -- the escrow period is midway through its third year -- church and development officials are urging the city to bring the entitlement process to a close."

"The sale price is confidential and won't be available to the public until after the sale closes.

And the money is safely in Switzerland or some offshore account. Why don't you members who are sending your lifeblood to these con-men, just put God's money into a good, safe, money market account and wait a few years and see how this all sorts out? God will still get his money that he needs so badly, eventually. Why don't you give this a little time and find out if this really is God's church?

And escrow won't close until the city approves the project. The church initially expected escrow to close in March or April of 2000, according to Schnippert. It has now been in escrow about two and a half years.

Schnippert, director of finance and planning, said the church will use "well beyond $4 million" of its reserves this year alone, in part because it continues to own the Ambassador property. Kelly wrote in the church's August update that the church has spent $3.6 million in reserves as of the end of June.

The church Web site doesn't disclose what the total reserves are, and Schnippert would not say.

"I'm not sure it's a really helpful benchmark," he said.

(Tippity tappity, tippity tappity, Schnippert is tap dancing around the truth, tippitty tappity.................... Why aren't the members allowed to know how much money is in reserves? If they knew, would they figure that "god" had enough and hold on to more of their own money?)

The church -- which derives income primarily from mail-in contributions and will make about $24 million this year -- has seen revenues plummet in recent years.

Still, "Right now we have considerable reserves," Schnippert said. "We own the entire facility free and clear. We have no real debts to speak of. We have what our auditors would consider at the moment a safe operating reserve. But that doesn't mean we want to spend it on a facility that's far in excess of our means."

Excuse me Schnippert.
You have a great debt to all those people that your miserable excuse for a church has damaged and ruined their lives. How do you people sleep at night? You own it free and clear because it was paid for with
OUR money, not yours. If you had any conscience at all, you would get out of this dirty business. If you believed in God at all, you would get out to this business. But that is all it is, isn't it? A business. There are sheep waiting to be sheared so sharpen the scissors and get to work parting them from their money.

The church now occupies only a fraction of the 35-acre campus."

He estimated Legacy has spent $2 million more than it should because of delays, including consultant fees to rewrite the EIR and fees to the church.

Without knowing financial details on the sale -- which have not been disclosed -- it's impossible to say just how much of a hardship the seller and buyer are experiencing by the delay.

Well, if we could look at the financial books of this "church," I'm sure that we would see that the ringleaders are not suffering at all. All this is hurting is their retirement plans. When the reserves disappear, all they have to do is keep firing personnel until they can live on what their remaining deluded members continue to send "to God."

You lower class ministerial hirelings had better be going back to college to get yourself a real education because you are very expendable. You are just as deluded as the members that you mislead if you think that you have a long-term job in this business.

Also see the article:

August 13, 2001 Pasadena Star News

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Delay in release of EIR stalls approval of development plan





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