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Dennis Diehl

Guest Writers Southern Exposure
Forgiveness   HWA & Racism M.A.M. A Liberal Rant
Adam & Eve   The Phony FOT M.A.M. Creationism Pt.1 - Dominoes & Dinosaurs
Homosexuality & Scripture David Pack  M.A.M. Creationism Pt.2 - its "Prehistory"
Paul the Apostle   Tithing M.A.M. Family Ties

Uh Oh!   

My Journey
Gordian Knot   Future Shock  Keith Stump Herbert Armstrong's Magnum Opus
Scholar vs. Scholar   Halloween  Keith Stump The Apostolic Chair
Open letter   Intellectual Honesty Keith Stump Mormon Influence
Cain & Abel Women's ordination  Keith Stump Flagships of the fleet
Power of Acceptance.   A Heretic's Guide
Where to from here How Odd of God  Anne Hanna Called to be free
Where to from here, part 2 Days & ethics  Anne Hanna Internet Evangelism
Reason Smeason (PDF)  A Teaching of Contempt  John Gideon Pain & Hope for UCG (May 04)
Exclusivism. Now or Never - UCG's presidency (March 05)
Yes or No Filling in the Gaps in WCG history A Funny Thing happened on the way to the Forum
Giving away your power Alexa
Flawed living Accountability in Action  Jim Grable Watch World Events
Weather we like it or not Talk COGlish like a pro
Thoughts after a tragedy Why they stay  Jim Baldwin The Bursting of Boundaries (book review)
Revelation Revolution (book review)
This anger thing
Gosh... what if? Bible Abuse  Micah Royal
Harry Potter meets Moses
Just don't inhale Quit you like men  John D. Schroeder
Where's Jesus?
So, when...
Sharing on Wednesday morning
A Problem with Prophecy
A hole in the shape of God  
Hey I'm DUTCH...
Homer hits a long one
Being nice - NOT in the RCG
Dear Dave

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