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Eventually all webpages are eliminated at the Wayback Machine to make room for more modern content. Hence the reason the Painful Truth has archived much of Gavin's wonderful work. His exceptional insight and humor is saved for all of posterity. Enjoy!

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Timeline. -History of AW

MD moves, Jan. 2005 Ambassador Watch comes to an end, Jan 2010  
Ambassador Watch returns, February, 2016 Ambassador Watch: Farewell to Arms  

Miscellaneous Items

Accountability in action!

Interview with Jim Baldwin

Ralph Helge letter to Mr. Ardis WCG vs. PCG

A Conversation with Bill Fairchild

TITHING: A ministerial welfare program Interview with Pam Dewey
Future Shock by Keith Stump Interview with Doug Ward
Why They Stay Getting Rubbed the Wrong Way

Examining HWA and His Teachings