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Issue XVII - August 16  2002

Hush hush Sweet Charlotte: Here is Roderick Meredith's latest announcement regarding "Headquarters’ Relocation Research":

The San Diego Headquarters staff has been researching possible relocation sites for 2003. Mr. Meredith explained our situation in his June 24 member letter announcing the July fast. Several locations are under consideration, and a full report giving cost and benefit comparisons will be presented during the Council of Elders meeting, August 26-28. On their recent trip to Minneapolis and the Michigan Living Youth Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith visited one of those locations under consideration: Charlotte, North Carolina, where some encouraging doors may be opening. He also directed Mr. Richard Ames and Mr. Rodger Bardo (our research consultant) to visit the Charlotte area (this past Sunday through Tuesday) and research several promising properties. Their research is continuing, and they will include their findings in a report to be presented to the Headquarters leadership in the next few days and later to the Council of Elders. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and blessings on our relocation research and the upcoming COE conference.

Downers Grove Today, The World Tomorrow: The nice people of the Church of God Downers Grove have recently (April this year) updated their list of GOGs - although your intrepid team of MD researchers still found a lot of failed links. Just click on the map provided and scroll through the diverse list of Sabbatarian sects that have some kind of historical association with Armstrong Christianity. Particularly useful in locating some of the more obscure groups  Who, for example, would have guessed that something called Ezekiel Watchman Fellowship of God was located in Spain?  Then again, what about The Plainer Truth Sabbath Fellowship in Apex, North Carolina? 

Was Herb a crypto-Mormon? As mentioned in the previous AW, we've included a brief article on possible Latter Day Saint influences on the WCG. Originally published on the Internet before The Missing Dimension site was created, it has been revised and updated.

Readers who have further information regarding the content of this article are invited to contact MD with a view to incorporating new material in a future expanded version.

Speeder Opts out of Citizenship: The Journal is always good for an unintentional dose of hilarity. Usually the dense classified section - heavy with wordy amateur doctrinal expositions - is a match for the funny pages in any major daily. But the latest issue brings humor into the main news section with the unlikely story of Tim Patton and his speeding ticket. The former Ambassador University faculty member decided, according to the Journal, that he was not a US citizen because his citizenship is "in heaven." Thus, according to the argument, he did not consider himself subject to US or state laws. Unfortunately the court system saw it differently and Patton was convicted for speeding after a 15 minute jury deliberation (which may have included a break for tea and biscuits.) Dr. Patton claims "By requiring a [driver's] license, the state is claiming complete control and ownership over a disciple's life, liberty and property."  Dr. Patton was however carrying a driver's license of sorts: a laminated card labeled "International Motorist Qualification" from the British West Indies.

There is no such jurisdiction as the British West Indies.

With breathtaking aplomb Doc Patton, a former WCG member who now attends an "in-home" COG fellowship, has attempted to take back the moral high ground by raising issues of "freedom." A paper filed on his behalf claims that the county district attorney and the officer that arrested him are "Satanic Minions practicing idolatry and child sacrifice."  We had no idea that a traffic violation could involve such weighty concerns!

Beyond Literalism: From one Tim to another. Do you live in Pasadena and wonder what to do on September 22? 

Sunday, September 22, 2002. 2:00pm. Tim Callahan. "The Secret Origins of the Bible." Baxter Lecture Hall, Caltech, Pasadena, CA. Contact: Skeptics Society 626/794-3119  Donation at the door: $8.00 nonmembers, $5.00 members

The mythic origins of the Bible's most famous stories, their original meanings, and the cultures from which they were derived. Callahan uses comparative mythology to demonstrate how Bible stories that do not make much sense on the surface can be understood on deeper levels when their mythic content is revealed. He uses literary analysis, history, and archaeological comparisons to expand our understanding of the purpose these stories served for those who originally wrote them. Callahan admires the great biblical mythic themes and warns that those who are not sympathetic to religion and trivialize the Bible will fail to understand the power these myths have on people. Callahan respects the mythic material and points out that such myths endure, at least in part, because they resonate with deep psychological needs and have a validity beyond that of literal truth. Book signing to follow lecture.

Tim Callahan is the author of the newly published Secret Origins of the Bible and Bible Prophecy. He is a long-time student of religious and political groups and movements in America.

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