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In this issue: Dave beats his chest, Jules accuses Gerry, Worldcom lends a logo, Art opens a time warp to 1945 and Seamus raises his glass.

Issue XXIV - October 11  2002

No, it's not the official RCG logo, but we think it's actually more appropriate...

Don't Leave Dave Behind! With UCG's new facility open and the LCG moving from rented quarters in San Diego to its own offices in Charlotte NC, spare a thought for poor Dave Pack. After all, Dave's Restored Church of God is the TRUE Church of God after all. Keeping up appearances must be a burden on the Eternal's most faithful servant, but Dave is man enough to handle the heat. In his October 4 Update, Pack writes:

Due to overall growth in (1) the Church, (2) the worldwide scope of the Work and (3) the size of our staff, we are being forced to consider building our own World Headquarters facility.

Never a fellow to hold back on self-promotion, Pack also makes the following claim for his website:

You have reached the largest biblically-based website in the world! What it contains is simply massive. It is so vast that only by carefully exploring it can you appreciate what we offer... This site offers insight into the full truth of the Bible in a way that is more thorough, comprehensive and complete than any effort ever before undertaken... You have never seen anything like this website—one offering plain understanding on virtually every large and small doctrine of the Bible! You owe it to yourself to enter the site with as little natural bias as possible—leaving all religious and biblical assumptions behind.

Truly, this man walketh in Herb's footsteps.

Us and only us: Quick quiz question, who said this:

"Certainly to leave the family of God, the true church, is to leave God." "We're the last hope the world has. Nobody else is going to do what we're doing. Nobody else has the right message. Nobody else has the right commitment."

Herb? Rod? Gerry? Or perhaps Dave Pack? Nope.

Dee Hubbert's ESN site (Exit and Support Network) has put together a page of "All or Nothing Statements" from a variety of sources, including HWA and Flurry. They all sound remarkably the same, introverted and egotistical. The one above actually comes from Kip McKean, late führer of the International Church of Christ. ESN also links to a non-COG site which contains even more delightful examples from assorted spiritual exclusivists.

One of Dervaes's banners.

Plagiarism Rulz - OK? We all know that Herb copied from other sources. J. H. Allen (for the US and Britain book), the Bible Advocate Press (for the Has Time Been Lost booklet) and others. So it comes as no surprise to learn that the allegation of plagiarism has now been leveled at Gerry Flurry, the PCG mullah-in-chief.

In a recent contribution to the Painful Truth site, the moderator of the Yahoo PCG discussion group (not to be confused with the more conservative Flurry group on Yahoo) has drawn reader's attention to the claims of Pasadena's Jules Dervaes. Mr. Dervaes was widely known some years ago in Pasadena for his fabulous collection of banners which adorned his van (parked prominently outside church services.)

The article states:

Mr. Dervaes, states that he first wrote and delivered the work in question over a two-year period from 1986 to 1988. Furthermore, he offers proof of this and of the fact that Flurry received a copy. Upon comparing Dervaes’s The Letter to Laodicea and Flurry’s Malachi’s Message, I’m inclined to believe him. He goes on to state: “Flurry seized these writings as his own--as coming to him "out of the blue!" To scare people into not seriously questioning how he arrived at his message and to thwart any rivals who could challenge him, he used the oldest tricks in the book--claiming an angel specially delivered the message to him personally. A la Joseph Smith with Mormonism.”

As a former member of the PCG, I once bought into Flurry’s nonsense. Even after departing I still thought that Flurry believed what he taught and was sincere in his teachings. After reviewing the Dervaes information, I am rethinking my position. Could Flurry be nothing more than an opportunist? Did he see a chance to grab a piece of the pie for himself?

Did he indeed? Another trait, perhaps, that the Oklahoma prophet shares with his idol HWA.

WCG logo: As we reveal elsewhere on this site, it's likely Herb stole the old WCG logo from the Reorganized Mormons. But where did the new skeletal globe come from? Well, there is a freaky similarity with the Worldcom logo, according to a correspondent on the Ekklesia list. Check out the images and you be the judge. There would certainly be those who'd argue that both organizations have a lot in common.

Now, which is the WCG's?


In Brief

COG7 gathering: The biennial meeting of Church of God (Seventh Day) North American Ministerial Council is currently underway in Dallas (October 7-12). The Council is made up of the documented pastors and leaders of the church, and addresses matters of doctrine, ministerial documentation, and related matters.

British Israelism - ECG edition: It isn't just Gerry who's republishing Herb's timeless classics. The Eternal Church of God (Art Braidic's ministry) has now brought out its own version of the 1945 edition of The US and Britain in Prophecy (which is now in the public domain.) And yes, it's also online

For some critical background on this fine example of prophetic eisegesis, check out the article HWA's Amazing Magnum Opus.

WCG Diaspora: A group that's new to us is the New Covenant Church of God, a 30-strong "group of dedicated members who formerly attended the Worldwide Church of God. We consider it our parent church." Members used to attend WCG services in Des Moines, Ottumwa, and Chariton, Iowa.

Grand Junction - Another View: An AW reader who was at the Grand Junction site presents an alternate view of the experience in this week's mailbag. We're delighted there is a positive side to report. Any other comments from those who attended are welcome.

According to the travel brochures: The area surrounding Grand Junction called "Dinosaur Diamond" has obtained international recognition for its dinosaur excavation sites...

Be that as it may, we're convinced that this local exhibit (pictured below) is really just a confused Feast-goer who prematurely succumbed to the rigors of those interminable week-long sermons.

grand junction, colorado, wineries, colorado national monument

Sing Along With CGI: Miss those old Dwight Armstrong hymns? The Church of God, International has accompaniment for all the classics, and links to a variety of other online hymnals. 

As the Spirit Moves

by Seamus

And those whose claims are apostolic
Are moved by spirits alcoholic.
They exhale the fumes of gospel rage
And loudly proclaim the end of age.

More dire the predictions that will pass
As they quickly sink the refilled glass.
And if you will not pay the tithe
In damnation you will writhe.

Famines and plagues will come bubonic
Ensued by invasion most Teutonic.
Loudly they call, and if you spurn
That withheld dollar makes you burn.

Repent most soon, for comes the end,
Your money they know how to spend.
They need your cash, give till you bust,
Then they can't help; "In God you trust."

With slogans and ads they sound all slick
A driving charge makes them a DIC.
And through that glass they see a haze,
With moral right they rant and blaze.

And may the "spirit" guide them all,
They consult their glasses long and tall.
With quavering voice they fire their blurb,
With arms so strong they follow Herb.


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