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"Mr. Armstrong is somewhat of a tragic figure... motivated by strong passions, and is perhaps one of the most naturally selfish men to have walked the earth, ever." Jack Kessler, 1981

Herbert Armstrong died in 1986. His church has long-since "moved on." So isn't it all just "ancient history"?

Armstrong is indeed dead, and possibly turning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken as the monuments he so carefully built crumble to dust. Ambassador College, the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, The World Tomorrow program, the free glossy Plain Truth magazine and doctrines like British Israelism, the God Family, Sabbaths and Holy Days... ashes under the feet of his inheritors.

Yet Herbert Armstrong still exercises a baneful influence over the lives of many thousands. Sects like Meredith's Living Church of God and Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God continue to promote the late "Apostle" and his teachings, claiming his authority. And the church he founded, while doctrinally changed, retains the same oppressive "top down" leadership structure despite the veneer of evangelical respectability.

Sadly, the inability to face the hidden history of the church and its founder has meant that many members and ex-members have been easy prey for manipulative ministers and religious hucksters, both from within and without the tradition. To those seeking to cope with the fallout, this web site is dedicated.

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This website was originally known as The Missing Dimension. It is independent from, and in no way affiliated with, the Worldwide Church of God or any derivative sect.