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75 Years of Failure


By Snarkcastic


Even with the best effort of sincere people, dedicated professionals, experts in the field, even past Presidents of the United States, it has utterly failed.

It's not their fault.

President Harry Truman instituted legislation which led to the institution of the Institute of National Health in 1949. May was declared to be Mental Health Awareness Month:

President John F. Kennedy said,

It has been tolerated too long; it has troubled our national conscience, but only as a problem unpleasant to mention, easy to postpone, and despairing of solutions. The time has come for a great national effort.

Click on this image to open the PDF in a new tab, with the history of the National Institute of Mental Health:

In actual fact, the mission has not been a failure, rather after all this effort, entropy has set in -- within society. At this point, very few people in the United States actually know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month and that includes medical professionals across the country. In fact, it is sort of a joke.

May 1st, 2024, I visited an HMO and had occasion to talk to the Physician's Assistants and nurses there. At that time, none of them knew that May was Mental Health Awareness Month. I explained it to those I met. May 2nd, 2024, I again visited the HMO [Hand the Money Over] and talked to a doctor. He did not know that May was Mental Health Awareness Month. When I suggested that it could be an opportunity for the HMO, he told me about facilities, equipment, personnel and economic ratios, accountability and mostly profitability and explained that treating patients for mental health was not actually that profitable and that valuable resources would have to be diverted to support it. Afterward, I asked the nurses I encountered if they knew that May was Mental Health Awareness Month and all of them said, "Yes," because the HMO had sent out an email in the afternoon of May 1st. My job was done!

Nevertheless, I asked medical professionals if there would be some sort of promotions for the month. You know? Promotions, picnics, potlucks, concerts in the park, mostly peaceful demonstrations supporting Mental Health? Assuredly, there would be medical sponsorship of seminars? Uh... sadly, no. None of that. In fact, all the Month of May, I have been talking to people everywhere I go about the Month of May being Mental Health Awareness Month and not a single one of them had heard of it, not apartment residents, barbers, checkout personnel at the grocery store, waiters and waitresses at restaurants, students... no one. I have asked the question on various forums and commented on social media, but no one seems at all interested. So that is the failure. Of course, you know that it is the responsibility of the President of the United States to declare the various months and days. You can be certain that President Joe Biden has and will declare Juneteenth, whatever that is, but has NEVER declared May as Mental Health Awareness Month. In fact, it is clear that President Joe Biden is senile, has dementia, can hardly function and is probably the worst President of the United States ever, so it's clear that even if he could remember it long enough, he certainly would not bring up the topic. It could raise too many questions. He's not solely responsible though. Have you heard any of the Presidential candidates mention it? I thought not. No one is discussing it, even though Mental Health has to be about the most important issue ever for every one. We have desperate need of it. Unfortunately, it's just not readily available.

Here is a comment I made on BitChute:

I had a run in here on BitChute with a psychologist who yammered on about how I needed to get in tune with my feelings and I slammed him with the fact that psychology is a pseudoscience without any understanding of how neural networks operate and without his (or any other psychologist) being a qualified neurologist, he would have no clue as to how the mind works. Moreover, I pointed out to him that psychologists had no idea that talents are inherited and without understanding that, they could never understand human beings at all. Funny... he never responded. If he had, I would have asked the one question that psychologists and psychiatrists have never answered and cannot answer: Define sanity. They can't do it. Because they can't do it, they are totally incompetent. So now we have all those screeching blue haired (could be green or lavender) leftists, completely insane, creating entropy, chaos and disorder wherever they go.

Religions, media, corporations and governments are all vying to spew lies to confuse all of us. Don't believe it? Try this on for size:

This is a real gem: Google's Artificial Intelligence came up with these gems:

    • Add 1/8 of a cup of non-toxic glue to tomato sauce to help cheese stick to pizza;
    • Tobacco has health benefit for kids;
    • tobacco can be used for “whitening teeth;
    • Barack Obama was the first Muslim U.S. president;
    • treat appendix pain at home by to trying boiled mint leaves and a high-fiber diet;
    • One solution to the problem of transporting oranges 1,000 kilometers is to feed a horse 2,000 oranges at a time, one for each kilometer traveled, and sell the remaining 1,000 oranges at the market.

When Google search is asked which U.S. presidents went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, AI Overview claims that President Andrew Johnson earned 14 degrees from the school, the most recent in 2012. Johnson died in 1875.

In a later article, it was exposed that Google's AI proposed that pregnant women should smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day during pregnancy. It isn't clear whether they should smoke more or less after birth. A person with colon cancer was advised to eat food with more fiber. Perish the thought they should see an oncologist. Google has said that it will work on these issues. Will they be worse or better afterward. One can never know. The sane approach is not to believe anything Google AI tells you for now. It may be awhile.

That's enough to cause brain embolisms or at least shadow syndromes because lies are the entropy of truth and lies with gaslighting can produce insanity. That is not the only cause, of course, but the brain is a physical electrochemical neural network, prone to dysfunction. Dr. John Ratey posits that mental disorders are result of a 'noisy brain' and gives his solutions in his book, "Shadow Syndromes".

Here are the parts of sanity:

- know who you are;
- learn and accept facts;
- understand morals (as defined by biology);
- be who you are and don't try to be someone or something else;
- avoid those who would lie to you, undermine you and gaslight you (tough, since there's a pandemic of it).

For men, men all need two things: Peace and respect. For women, just not undermine men and create chaos, and they will fairly well -- understanding that they can't have their emotions rule them because emotions are irrational.

As for being who you are, Johnson O'conner discovered 19 inherited aptitudes. All humans have any of from 2 or 3 (4 to 5 is usual) up to 17 of them (which actually works against them). Aptitudes define what people can do and they need to be developed. There are such things as high inductive reasoning, high graphoria, objective personality, abstract reasoning, the 5 musical aptitudes. If you can find the book, then I recommend, "Your Natural Gifts" by Margaret Broadley.

You see, in the 1970s, psychologists rejected the notion that aptitudes are inherited -- they believed that the mind was a tabla rosa. It is not. The truth was established in the 1930s. Ironically, in the 1970s, it was discovered by psychologists that identical twins, separated at birth, lived extremely congruent lives up to and including what sort of jobs they had and spouses they married. Psychologists have no clue as to how that happens.

It's all biology. The current crop of leftists believe that if enough people believe the same thing, then it will magically become true. Thus we have (we don't) pregnant men and eclipses are a result of global warming.

It seems clear that sanity is peace of mind with living in harmony with the world around us, taking responsibility for actions, setting boundaries, seeking truth and living in accordance with it, avoiding lies and liars. Here at the Painful Truth we have observed that each one of us should pursue sanity in the following ways:

    • Get enough sleep;
    • Eat right;
    • Hydrate (drink WATER) as needed;
    • Exercise;
    • Pursue hygiene and cleanliness;
    • Be neat, organized and orderly [as Jordan Peterson says, "If you want to change the world, clean your room"];
    • Make your own decisions after doing your own research and do not let someone else make them for you -- you'll have to live with the decision, not them;
    • Stay out of debt;
    • Just remember it only takes one lie to completely discredit a cult, so don't become part of one because they all exist because of at least one lie as the basis of their teachings;
    • Avoid brain trauma;
    • Limit stress;
    • Don't deliberately lie, because lying physically destroys the brain.

It's biology, not rocket science. By the way, speaking of sanity, Dr. Laurence Tancredi, Neurologist and practicing Lawyer, discloses morality as a emergent property of the brain in his book, "Hardwired Behavior: What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality". It's built in. We didn't get it from King Hammarabi or from deity speaking from Mount Sinai, rendered on two tables of stone. Be not deceived: Morality is from within. Morality must be employed if society is to flourish. Unfortunately, these days, society is doing everything it can to defy the natural order, thinking that if only enough can believe something, it will assuredly come true, no matter how daft it is. Thus we have these declarations that men can be pregnant. Tampering with the natural order will not bring good results: Attempting gender reassignment will end in sterility. For those pursuing trans, at least it won't be possible to pass their insanity to their children.

One of the most unpopular topics of discussion, particularly for those associated with this forum is something that is not just a risk to your mental health, but to your health and the health of those around you. We will leave you with this thought:

"Armstrong was a man utterly without honor, without principles, without a shred of genuine decency or patriotism. He was the ultimate exterminator of religious life for thousands, and the grand compelling creator of a vast army of atheists."


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