The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

The following are notes I took while reading old Ambassador Report articles.
Ed Sr.

These are not exact quotes but give the horrible flavor of what has been there for those that would see. I never would look at such a thing before this.

How could God's Apostle ever have been accused of something like this? He was always so proud that he would never give such accusations any credibility by even answering them. He was above such petty things. In truth, he couldn't fight these reports because they were true.

He deceived us by saying it was Satan attacking the church and that he was like Christ who never answered his enemies.

AR Jan 1983

Herbert Armstrong refused many times to give depositions. He would have his lawyers rip the papers out of the servers hands and throw them to the ground. He would leave the country for weeks to avoid trials. Ramona said that he would take any step to avoid deposition, regardless of expense or effort even lying about his health.

AR Jan 1983
In a letter to HWA, Radar alleges that Joe Tkach Sr. Was involved in illegal fencing (page 7 right column.)

AR Oct 1983
Ramona says that HWA had her get sterilized a year before they even were married. (Page 4)

AR Oct 1983
HWA not only filed for divorce against Ramona, he said that he never said that he would never divorce her!

AR Oct 1983 page 5:
HWA's total contribution to the church in 1980 was only 9.5%, which came to $37,427. Ramona as "Secretary" received $38,398 that year.

AR April 1984 page 1:
The Divorce case probably cost the church between $1 million and $5 million.

AR April 1984 page 7
Ramona says that she and Herbert had a sexual relationship for 3 years before they were married. She asked him if it was wrong and he said "no, because I am an apostle."

AR April 1984 page 8
Herbert admits to Henry Cornwall and Ramona about the Incestuous relationship. The daughter, Dorothy, would not sign a statement that this never happened because it would remove any leverage she has. She has related to friends that Herbert said that there was no need for their relationship to end simply because she was getting married.

AR July 1984 page 1
The G-II was used to take food and club soda from LA to Tucson because the housekeeper didn't think she could buy club soda anywhere else.

AR July 1984 page 4
Herbert was able to force his daughter to submit to him by repeatedly telling her "God gave you to me"

AR June 1985 page 2
HWA's double standard: Watched sports on TV on the "Sabbath". Was caught drinking coffee on Atonement and said that he had never said that you couldn't do that. It was others who said that. He often would skip Sabbath services for no reason. He kept the NTBMO with Anwar Sadat's widow instead of with brethren.

AR June 1985 page 3
On foreign trips he has offered some members of his party the services of whores.

AR June 1985 page 3
The "apostle" that is turning the hearts of the children to the fathers, has divorced his wife, made excuses for 10 years of incest with his daughter and refuses to speak to his son or grandsons.

AR Jan 1986
A very good open letter to HWA. Really takes him to task. He spent millions on legal fees on his divorce and humiliation of his wife but will not lift a finger to help those he has hurt so disastrously. He won't even admit he is wrong. God is not blind to this. HWA's worst sin is idolatry just like the kings of Israel. But he has caused the church to idolize him not some statue. He even went so far to say that God would bind his errors. What vanity!

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