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The Ambassador Report Archive is now complete. All 72 issues have now been posted. This site was launched on March 8, 2000, when the first three selections were uploaded. Since then, we have worked almost daily to scan and proofread the issues and make them available as quickly as possible. Happily, we are able to say that on September 2, 2000, the mission was accomplished.

These pages are dedicated to the memory of John Trechak, the late editor and publisher of Ambassador Report. A man of limited means, he nevertheless took on an organization with tens of millions of dollars at its disposal and never flinched. For that, all of those who benefited from his work owe him a debt of gratitude we can never repay. Rest in peace, John Trechak.

-The Archivist

The Painful Truth is grateful to The Archivist for his months of devotion to digitizing every one of the Ambassador Reports. On February 3, 2001, The Archivist turned over the honor and responsibility for publishing the AR on the internet to The Painful Truth. Anyone can, of course, obtain their own hard copies of the AR and convert them to digital format but any copying from this site, which has been watermarked, will not be tolerated.

Editor, PT

 Please note that Ambassador Report mentions many organizations, addresses, publications and web site addresses which may have changed or which no longer exist. This is especially true in the earlier issues, many of which were published as many as 25 years ago. Our goal is to reproduce Ambassador Report complete and unedited, and, accordingly, we will not delete references to defunct organizations and out of print publications, nor will we research whether addresses have been changed. Please use caution if you try to contact any of the organizations mentioned in Ambassador Report.

The following introduction and descriptions were included in the index John Trechak, the late publisher of Ambassador Report, sent out to new subscribers.

The Archivist.

In 1975 a group of Ambassador College alumni decided it was time that the truth about Herbert W. Armstrong's Ambassador College, Plain Truth magazine, Ambassador Foundation, and Worldwide Church of God be made known, especially to those financially supporting those institutions. This small group of alumni formed a publishing association called Ambassador Review which in mid-1977 became Ambassador Report. Since 1976 the group has produced over 60 highly revealing publications about the Armstrong movement.

The entire Ambassador Report collection represents the most thoroughly researched, frank, and shocking series of exposes ever done on the inner workings of what has been called the Armstrong Empire. The Report has also reported extensively on the dozens of colorful spin-off groups the Armstrong organization has fostered. The Ambassador Report series is exciting, eye opening reading, especially when read in chronological order.

Below is a list of what has been published along with a partial description of the contents of each publication. Keep in mind that issues of the Report contain, in addition, other smaller articles, references to sources (including the names and addresses of numerous churches and other organizations), and many readers' letters that are often equally interesting and informative.

Ambassador Review Introductory Letter - Ambassador Review's early 1976 introductory letter stating the association's purposes and goals along with an open letter to Ambassador College (AC) Vice Chairman Garner Ted Armstrong (GTA) (9 pages).

The Gerringer Letter - Bob Gerringer's 1975 open letter to Worldwide Church of God (WCG) evangelist Charles Hunting, explaining the theological and ethical reasons why he and his wife Connie left the WCG (28 pages).

The 1939 Article: "Did Christ Reorganize the Church?" - by Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA). Published in 1939, HWA attacks the very organizational methods he later adopted (10 pages).

Ambassador Review, June '76 (AR1) - Expose articles on HWA, his many failed prophecies, the WCG's error filled tithing doctrine, AC's nonaccreditation and censorship of student mail, the Ambassador Foundation and the phony Jews controversy, the WCG's Catholic Church parallels, HWA admits he is in love with a woman fifty years younger, "The WCG Talmud," Marion J. McNair's book Armstrongism Religion or Rip-Off?, "Profile of a Cult," breakaway organizations, and more. (51 pages, illustrated).






















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Ambassador Report, 1977 (AR2) - As described by Willmar Thorkelson of the Minneapolis Star "It may be the most devastating expose of a religious group ever published." Thirty articles on all facets of the WCG. Includes "In Bed With Garner Ted," "Bobby Fischer Speaks Out," "What the Armstrongs Say About Other Churches," "Home breaking Armstrong Style," Fleecing the Flock," "Herbert Armstrong's Religious Roots," "Modern Moloch Human Sacrifice in the Armstrong Church," "$2.5 Million Federal Hand out to Armstrong Cult," and much more (90 pages, illustrated).

About This Issue


Executive Exodus

The Missing Dimension in Ambassador College-Accreditation

The Booklets Nobody Wants to Talk About

What the Armstrongs Say About Other Churches

Twisted Teachings on Tithing

Separation of Church and State? $2.5 Million Federal Handout to Armstrong Cult

Computer Snooper

Financing the Church - An Insider's View

Intimidation at A.C.-A Case History

Excerpts From the Tithing Papers

The Manpower Papers

Herbert Armstrong - Man on the Move

The Incredible Story of Mr. Mission Impossible-Ambassador College's Illustrious "Professor" Gotoh

Southern Exposure

Garner Ted Armstrong - Son of the Legend

In Bed With Garner Ted

Herbert Armstrong "Disproves" the Bible

Tithing Pays Off!

The Profligate Son

Ambassador College's Participation in Jerusalem Dig Ends

Home-breaking - Armstrong Style

The Prophecy Game

Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!

Fleecing the Flock

Spying in the Name of God

Herbert Armstrong's Religious Roots

The Edifice Complex

Modern Moloch - Human Sacrifice in the Armstrong Church

The Ten Commandments Revised at Ambassador College

Ambassador Report, March '78 (AR3) - The WCG's response to the '77 Report, the news media praises the '77 issue, AC picketer Gary Bagley arrested before Gene Kelley show, Bobby Fischer sues the Report, power struggle in the WCG, partner of WCG attorney accountant Stanley R. Rader undermines GTA (10 pages).

Press Reactions

Ambassador Reactions

Cornwall's Cynical Comfort

The Power Struggle

Ambassador Picketer Arrested

Chess Champion Becomes Pawn

Bottom of the Barrel

Tithe or Else!

Myrmidons Meet

College Administrator to Shovel Manure?

Vista del Arroyo Update

Grassroots Efforts Effective

What's Next?


AR 4: June '78 - Fischer lawsuit fizzles out with Fischer calling WCG lawyers satanic, Bagley trial is scheduled, Ambassador Report's files stolen in burglary, the anonymous AC Coalition for Student Rights, WCG political in fighting escalates, HWA condemns GTA's "Systematic Theology Project" (6 pages).

AR 5: Aug. '78 - GTA ousted after refusing Rader bribe, Church of God International (CGI) formed, WCG owned Everest House's occult books, British newspaper reports on HWA: "Cheeky Church Boss's Royal Boast" (10 pages).

AR 6: Sept. '78 - The Pasadena Star News writes: "Ex-Jewish Convert May Inherit Church's Wealth," the isolated Tucson homes of HWA and Rader, AC Bricket Wood campus sold, AC Big Sandy campus put up for sale, electronic spying continues at AC (12 pages).

AR 7: Jan. '79 - State of California sues WCG, AC is raided by police, "Rhubarb in God's House," Rader testifies in court, court records reveal church leaders' extravagance, their giant bonus checks, church assets and records missing (12 pages).

AR 8: March '79 - HWA photographed at medical clinic, anti-government sit ins at AC, pro receivership demonstrators disfellowshipped, WCG battles attorney general in court, Rader sues GTA, church-harassed receiver Judge Weisman resigns, Rader explodes on "Sixty Minutes" (12 pages).

AR 9: June '79 - WCG in receivership again, details of Mike Wallace's Rader interview, Dr. Gene Scott and other religious hucksters help Rader, "Want Your Tithes Returned?", "Planning to Sue?", Bagley gets convicted, Dorothy Armstrong challenges Rader, Dr. Herman Hoeh's doctored academic record, the world's most expensive haircut (18 pages)

AR 10: Nov. '79 - Rader and Joseph Tkach ordained evangelists, state's law suit continues with scores of revelations in the press, ACLU sides with WCG, Leona McNair files defamation suit against WCG, Wisconsin farmer George McElroy sues to recover farm from WCG, WCG finally gives a financial report, AC weirdoes promote masturbation, WCG evangelist's porno collection, documentary film covers WCG as a cult (13 pages).

AR 11: March '80 - State lawsuit update, HWA visits communist China and gives away $500,000, foundation may devour church, Plain Truth (PT) staff purged, legal battle over severance pay, evangelist Al Portune and others defect from GTA, more breakaway churches, starting your own church with Tom Williams (14 pages).

AR 12: June '80 - Distribution of David R. Robinson's book Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web blocked by WCG lawyers, U.S. Supreme Court denies WCG pleas on state's suit, WCG turns to politicians for help, HWA's new Corporation Sole, new doctrines, more breakaway churches (16 pages).

AR 13: Sept. '80 - Pro WCG Petris bill passed by legislature in Sacramento, Rader's new book Against the Gates of Hell, Robinson book released by court, Rader extends peace bid to Attorney General George Deukmejian, WCG related suicides in the news (6 pages).

AR 14: Dec. '80 - Rader out maneuvers State of California, $1 million WCG offering to Egypt. HWA's salary raised to $258K per year, WCG hires thief, FBI captures Armstrong fan Joseph Paul Franklin, perversions depicted on Ambassador Auditorium stage, HWA incest allegations not denied, HWA demons, HWA Simon Magus parallels, Dr. Eli S. Chesen's Religion May Be Hazardous to Your Health recommended (18 pages).

AR 15: March '81 - GTA close to returning but starts GTA Evangelistic Association, Big Sandy to reopen, Rader in trouble with HWA but gets $250K bonus because of "inadequate salary," editors quit Quest magazine, WCG gets Council of Elders, McElroy wins suit over farm, Don A. Schanche writes in the Los Angeles Times how the rebirth of Islam dates from the 1969 burning of Al Aksa mosque by Dennis Rohen (an Armstrong fan), Paul Benware's new book Ambassadors of Armstrongism shows HWA's "original" doctrines were stolen from others, ex-WCGer John Tuit publishes expose book The Truth Shall Make You Free, AC alumni Chris and Denise Patton millionaires (20 pages).

AR 16: July '81 - GTA rebuffed, Rader ousted, HWA insinuates Rader stole $.6 million painting from church, HWA's wife Ramona returns to him, Rader hospitalized, Rader and WCG executive Robert L. Kuhn sue George Lucas over script to "Raiders of the Lost Ark," the strange ministry of Gerald Waterhouse, "The Prophets of the Partial Truth," more HWA false prophecies discovered (16 pages).

AR 17: Oct.'81 - GTA strikes out again with HWA and starts promoting his new novel Peter's Story, Rader out of ministry but says he continues to get $300K per year from Ambassador Foundation, Rader says he will "clean up Hollywood," Robinson suit settled, WCG minister David Albert's dishonest AC alumni survey, HWA's new anti medicine statements (14 pages).

AR 18: Dec. '81 - "Do You Want to Look Like a Whore?" HWA's revived anti makeup doctrine, HWA's personal medical program, book censorship at AC, "The Cult of Armstrong?", Dan'l C. Markam's "Cults and Cultism," how to help friends and relatives in the WCG (one approach), the near sale of Big Sandy and the mysterious death of F. William Menge, minister Bryce Clark sees WCG's leadership as part of "Babylon" world conspiracy (16 pages).

AR 19: March '82 - Startling allegations by church attorney accountant Jack Kessler, HWA on Petra, Robert Erickson sees Babylon mystery symbolism in Ambassador Auditorium (12 pages).

AR 20: June '82 - HWA files for divorce, WCG lawyer Helge rebukes Kessler, "Plain Truth or Just Plain Trash?", WCG horror cartoonist Basil Wolverton honored, Bob Gerringer runs for Congress, same old GTA, Ramona's huge monthly allotment (16 pages).

AR 21: Sept. '82 - HWA and Ramona battle it out, British newspaper reports about HWA: "Kinky Churchman Fools [Prince] Charles," the "Kinky Apostle" meets with Margaret Thatcher (6 pages).

AR 22: Dec. '82 - Ambassador Report costs WCG over $100 million so far.(2 pages).

AR 23: Jan. '83 - "Herbert Armstrong Decrepit!" editor John Trechak's detailed open letter reply to threat from WCG lawyer Allan Browne, WCG in grip of paranoia, Biblical Church of God shakeup, Stan Rader - scapegoat, church pianist Don Ecker murdered (10 pages).

AR 24: April '83 - HWA still "no-show" as divorce battle continues," Executive Exodus Updated" - list of 253 ministers who have resigned from WCG to date, GTA - an HWA victim, son of evangelist Dibar Apartian commits suicide, more lawsuits (10 pages).

AR 25: July '83 - HWA trapped into depositions, controversial WCG lawyer Ralph Helge, Armstrong divorce lawyers lose control of themselves, USC gets big WCG money, ex-WCG minister Richard Gipe's case at U.S. Supreme Court, "The Reunion" in England (10 pages).

AR 26: Oct. '83 - Trial delayed as HWA pays, HWA's tricky answers, criminal charges against Ramona, HWA's tithes come up short, GTA hits Petra fallacy, John Buchner's Armstrongism Bibliography completed, "Bobby Fischer - Where Are You?" (12 pages).

AR 27: April '84 - "The Insanity Continues" - more Armstrong divorce case testimony, HWA's shocking marriage arrangement, HWA confesses to incest, Cecil Battles' followers wait for UFOs, former PT writer Gary Alexander in prison (14 pages).

AR 28: July '84 - HWA gets his divorce, First Amendment freedom of religion is not limitless (important new cases), CGI an improvement over WCG, hymn writer Dwight Armstrong ill, "A Letter From Germany" criticizes HWA's prophecies about Europe, Richard Marson's new report American and British Israelism Debunked, Robert C. Williams' Shofar, letter from Gary Alexander (12 pages).

AR 29: Oct. '84 - Jury awards Leona McNair $1.26 million in suit against WCG, measles and rock crises at Orr camp for church kids, Bible Sabbath Association hires Richard Wiedenheft (10 pages).

AR 30: Dec. '84 - "Why Ambassador Report?", "What's Behind the Plain Truth Magazine? And Who is Herbert W. Armstrong?" (overview of PT, HWA, WCG,and AC). Contains list of important books about the WCG to date (4 pages).

AR 31: March '85 - Possible scenarios for a post Armstrong WCG, the influence of Herman L. Hoeh, Dwight Armstrong dies, Ernest L. Martin leaves Foundation for Biblical Research (FBR) and starts Academy for Scriptural Knowledge (ASK), Tom Williams and wife found guilty of defrauding federal government in start a church scheme, Newsgrams' funny HWA bumper sticker (10 pages).

AR 32: June '85 - The evolving WCG, devil worship at Petra, Seattle member accused of multiple murders, NY member held in murder of four-year-old daughter, WCG minister David Pack's reign of terror, the missing children of the WCG and the $120 million lawsuit, exodus of ministers continues, Professor George Geis ousted at AC over book The Firm Bond, Dr. Charles Dorothy out of WCG again, GTA still alive, Allan Browne update, letters from AC students, the Kent State anti-WCG flyer, Monte Wolverton returns, alumni news (12 pages).

AR 33: Oct. '85 - HWA's Mystery of the Ages published, HWA meets with the Russian ambassador, attacks on PT distribution program, PT Catholic?, Andersons of Minnesota sue WCG for $6 million, Seattle member convicted of murder, WCG hires PR firm, "PTSD and the Armstrong Church Experience" (key article by Brenda Denzler, highly recommended for those suffering post-WCG emotional stress), investment scam involving ex-WCG minister Richard Plache bilks the faithful, ex-WCGer and "prophet" Larry Johnson in prison, ASK expands, Oregon composer George King, literature of interest (12 pages).

AR 34: Jan. '86 - Herbert Armstrong's sinking ship (with health failing, HWA wants his plane sold, Big Sandy closed, and his Autobiography reprinted), an open letter to HWA, Gallup ranks the TV evangelists, Ambassador "accredited," Keith Thomas leaves WCG ministry, WCG killer preaches at his sentencing, John Buchner in America, James Barr's Beyond Fundamentalism reviewed by Brenda Denzler, McNair suit update, WCG announces Joseph Tkach will succeed HWA (6 pages).

AR 35: April '86 - HWA goes to his reward - his last days and funeral (with photos), the press waves good-bye, the fast moves of Mr. T, unanswered questions about HWA's last weeks and death, GTA's reaction, readers' comments on HWA's passing. Aussie bishop slams PT, Richard Sedliacik is drawn into the McNair fray (10 pages).

AR 36: Aug. '86 - The WCG moves on, the new WCG - a church at the crossroads (article by Brenda Denzler), HWA remembered (part one of series by John Trechak reveals how 19th century preacher Henry Ward Beecher, the early American Puritans and Quakers, Benjamin Franklin, French philosopher Henri Bergson, and American author Bruce Barton influenced HWA), GTA becoming more like HWA and praises his father, Robert Hoops and others leave CGI, Ernest Martin splits from wife Joan Marie, FBR update, alumni news (10 pages).

AR 37: Jan. '87 - Tkach turns apostle, the McNair versus WCG war continues - the Sedliaciks harassed and the 9th Circuit's decision, Anglo Israelism discussed (views of Keith Hunt, Clyde Walters, and Gunar Freibergs), Yahweh cultist convicted of murder, materials of interest, groups of interest, mention of groups is not an endorsement, alumni news (10 pages).

AR 38: April '87 - Tkach rewrites HWA's healing doctrine, the TV evangelist wars not enough sheep to go around, WCG's telecast rises in ratings, two Washington state WCG teenagers on trial for murder, HWA remembered (part two of series shows how the highly altered new edition of HWA's Autobiography Vol.I reveals much about HWA when compared to earlier editions), alumni news, Bob Boyce forms alumni association, the Concordant Publishing Concern, Jim Coram book excerpt (10 pages).

AR 39: Sept. '87 - WCG now bigger than ever, ex-WCG minister Martin Filippello runs wild Elijah ads and predicts HWA will rise in January, William Dankenbring's Triumph Publishing provides WCG with competition,GTA still preaching, Ernest Martin reorganizes, new works on Anglo-Israelism, C. Gary Reid's, series on prophecy, alumni association holds first reunion, Congressman Pickle holds hearings on financial accountability of religious organizations (8 pages).

AR 40: March '88 - Tkach consolidates power and secretly names his successor, HWA still dead as Filippello waits, the California Court of Appeal reverses the McNair decision and orders a new trial, (article provides some legal analysis and criticism), HWA remembered (part three of series analyzes the new Vol.II of HWA's Autobiography and shows how the book provides strong evidence of HWA's incestuous relationship with his daughter Dorothy during the early '40s), Bobby Fischer update, the Coronation Stone revisited (article by Bill Moore), more on Anglo Israelism, Charles Hunting's account of the Bricket Wood sale, Charles Hunting on radio. (12 pages).

AR 41: March '89 - Part I of "Joseph W. Tkach - God's New Rep on Planet Earth[?]" (beginning of key John Trechak series gives overview of the new WCG, then compares the official Tkach biography with contradictory new found data regarding Tkach's origins, actual name, true birth date, Chicago childhood, early education, pre-WCG work experience, tough guy image, military record, and his boast of having gone AWOL during wartime), Tkach reverses HWA's makeup doctrine and gets himself a bigger jet, Tuit rejoins Worldwide, McNair lawsuit takes a bizarre turn - Judge Lavine grants Worldwide summary judgment, Richard Plache in prison, the case of blind man Garnet H. Hill, James D.Tabor's Genesis 2000 (12 pages).

AR 42: Sept. '89 - Part II of Tkach biography (provides details of Tkach's navy record, IQ and AC education, use of ghostwriters, and details of how he rose in the WCG hierarchy), WCG growth stalls as doctrines shift, David Strickland's Hope for the Dead, review of Greg Doudna's book Showdown at Big Sandy, the 1989 biblical theology symposium, Tuit leaves Worldwide again (7 pages).

AR 43: Dec. '89 - Part III of Tkach biography (provides details of Tkach's previous association with criminals, his misappropriation of church funds and fencing activities, the other women in his life, his special relationship with "Mrs." Ellen Escat, and Mrs. Tkach's mental problems), WCG income hits $201 million but audit raises serious questions, more doctrines changed, The Tithing Fallacy by Ernest Martin, ministries that can help, Ken Fischer of FBR passes away (10 pages).

AR 44: June '90 - Ambassador's Pasadena campus folds up, Texas campus to seek accreditation, Part IV of Tkach biography (on Tkach's true ethnic background), helping relatives and friends exit the WCG (a key article by John Trechak on mind control and on the right and wrong ways to help a WCG member wake up), new support groups, can Christians be demon possessed? (an article by John Buchner), a new perspective on the afterlife (an article about the "near death experience" written by Robert L. Jackson) (12 pages).

AR 45: Sept. '90 - Stressful times hit the WCG, Pasadena property and Ambassador Auditorium to be sold, Big Sandy accreditation stalled, PT circulation cut back, more doctrines changed (prophecy de-emphasized, interracial marriage okayed, Sabbath watered down, recovering gays welcomed), C.F.Foland and Christian interracial marriage, Ambassador Foundation continues to entertain the wealthy, WCG becoming "new age"?, the WCG's new spirit and style, are you in a cult? (Media Spotlight's list of 26 cult characteristics), Part V of Tkach biography (readers' insights regarding Tkach's phony birth date, his salary, etc.), Chris and Denise Patton in prison, more researchers writing about WCG, Richard Nickels' Giving and Sharing ministry, Strickland's The World's Greatest Hoax, no tithes to be paid this year? (10 pages).

AR 46: January '91 - No more good news (GN magazine cancelled, telecast cut back, executive musical chairs continues, place of safety in doubt, minister Colin Sutcliff leaves WCG), want your tithes back? - ex-members hope to start class action suit, two views on what makes the WCG tick, Pakozdi-Parker and Gateways Institute, Steven Hassan's Combating Cult Mind Control now available in paperback, Sir Anthony Buzzard and Restoration Fellowship, HWA's 1975 in Prophecy, living with a WCG mate, reunion and support groups, readers' concerns about homosexuality in the WCG's leadership (10 pages).

AR 47: March '91 - Editor Trechak writes on the outlandish ingratitude and self-centeredness of many ex-Worldwiders (2 pages).

AR 48: May '91 - Tkach changes HWA's "born again" doctrine, WCG and Buddhists, AC forms alumni association, the mystery mailer, minister Plache released from prison, the FBI files on the WCG, the CIA connection to HWA, more readers concerned with homosexuals in WCG ministry, Temple to be rebuilt? (9 pages).

AR 49: Nov. '91 - Part VI of Tkach biography (details the "dumping on outsiders "policy, the "spiritual executions" policy, the "love bashers" policy, vicious home breaking by WCG ministers, the WCG's current "D&R" doctrine, plus details of allegations that many at top of WCG are homosexual), review of Journey From Eden (16 pages).

AR 50: June '92 - WCG's decline continues, HWA being de-emphasized, WCG praises Prince Charles, more doctrinal shifts, more allegations of homosexual ministers, Part VII of Tkach biography (leaked documents show excesses of Tkach's personal lifestyle), listings of counter cult organizations, Dankenbring's Prophecy Flash! (12 pages).

AR 51: Oct. '92 - Armstrongism being replaced by "Protestant" Tkachism, new WCG audit, "Beyond Tithing" - WCG comes up with new ways to tax members, "Goin' to Guyana," the WCG plan to fool the press, Tkach liberalizes WCG (redefines "apostle," de-emphasizes Ten Commandments, says Christ's return is far off, and pooh-poohs the 7000-year plan), Renehan's revelations, the real Waldensians, the real Chaldeans and Assyrians, British Israelism discoveries, AC granted accreditation candidacy, new expose on Kinsey (10 pages).

AR 52: June '93 - WCG evangelist Roderick Meredith starts Global Church of God,GTA's church becomes more like his father's old church, Tkach working to change WCG's cult image, more doctrinal changes, dismantling of HWA's empire continues, McNair v. Worldwide lawsuit finally ends, comments on the Koresh tragedy (18 pages).

AR 53: Sept. '93 - WCG adopts Trinity doctrine, WCG's prophecy teaching on "modern Israel" is being scuttled, David Pack lists WCG's 154 doctrinal changes and 28 policy changes, Sardis is no longer Sardis, Global Church grows, David Whitaker on the three tithes, Gary Schultz leads secret saucer base expeditions, a reader criticizes Watchman Fellowship, book reviews of The Making of a Tradition - A Criticism of Orthodox Christian Theology, Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination, and Bruce Renehan's Daughter of Babylon - The True History of the Worldwide Church of God (15 pages).

AR 54: Feb. '94 - WCG de-emphasizes the Bible, WCG cancels HQ's Sabbath services for News Year's Day, Judd Kirk on TV, slavery under the WCG's new freedom, overview of the WCG's main spin-off groups: Garner Ted Armstrong's CGI, Rod Meredith's GCG, William Dankenbring's TPM, Gerald Flurry's PCG,Raymond Cole's CGE, David J. Smith's CGEA, Fred Coulter's CBCG, Ken Westby's CGE, and many more WCG splinter groups, Linda Stuhlman's WCG Exiting and Support Network is born, (18 pages).

AR 55: May '94 - World Tomorrow telecast to be cancelled, WCG adopts new marketing strategies, now lay members will evangelize, changes in WCG's church services format, Waterhouse loosed again, questions about the legal validity of HWA's appointment of Tkach, serious legal questions about the Mt. Pocono land deal, the salaries of Tkach and the WCG ministry revealed, the strange Pogorelich piano competition, Gerald Flurry pleads nolo contendere, Petra in the news, more Armstrongite groups, non-Armstrongite groups popular with ex-Worldwiders, new support groups, (12 pages).

AR 56: Oct. '94 - Ambassador finally accredited and becomes university, Tkach acknowledges there are true Christians in other denominations, more trinity confusion, evolution doctrine shifts, Dankenbring raises more questions about how HWA died, executive exodus grows, WCG revenues in decline, Wisconsin Dells to be sold, spin-off news, Alan Ruth's paper, ex-Worldwider fascinations (sacred names groups, pro-Jewish groups, anti-Jewish groups, conspiracy theory groups, etc.), "Deprogramming Yourself - The Editor's View" (key article by John Trechak who lists important books to help those exiting WCG), war hero John Weidner passes away, (12 pages).

AR 57: Jan. '95 - Sabbath in Crisis; Tkach announces that Sabbath, Holidays, tithing, and unclean meats rules are no longer mandatory; PT changes include Madonna icons, attacks on HWA's gospel; WCG membership dropping; WCG demons; Waco comments; optimist Gary Alexander; the preterists;(10 pages).

AR 58: April '95 - WCG in chaos as revenues plummet, Tkach's Russian Christmas Present, famous Ambassador concert series ending, major church programs discontinued, many leading ministers resign or get fired, Tkach parties, secret WCG bylaws leaked, more chaos coming, Bible knowledge expanding rapidly, conspiracy theories, Gorbachev the beast?, new views on prophecy (12 pages).

AR 59: June '95 - Thousands flee from Tkach, more doctrines are changed but Tkach still will not label HWA a false prophet, David Hulme shocked by changes Tkach says were inspired by Holy Spirit, over one hundred fifty "rebel ministers" resign, the new United Church of God, the new Worldwide Church of Texas, splinters growing, some pack for Petra, some join "political fringe groups", "Mr. Pasadena" remembered, " Executive Exodus Update" (12 pages).

AR 60: Oct. '95 - Tkach Sr. dies of cancer, Tkach Jr. rules WCG, tithing "reinstated", WCG worship services being changed, doctrines on hell and soul being reconsidered, executive exodus grows, AC somehow continues, Dr. Merritt's battles, Sabbath Summit near, church chart available, GTA at it again, Flurry flakier, Hulme's UCG grows, organizing your church/cult, WCG members go toward esoteric movements, Ernest Mann, David Whitaker, new Waco book, religion in the news highlights (12 pages).

AR 61: March '96 - Tkach Jr. downsizes WCG, HWA's billion dollar mistake, WCG gives okay to Xmas and Easter, WCG's new services and women's ministry, Jr. joins cult fighters, Ron Dart and Texas Whores reject GTA, FBI arrests prophet Lampley, grapevine failing, Dr. Ernest Zimmerman on paranoia and prophecy, obituaries of David R. Robinson and Andrew Trechak Sr. (12 pages)

AR 62: July '96 - Plain Truth gets price tag, three evangelists shelved, hopes of WCG gays dashed, new women's ministry, dells feast site becomes "Miracles Center", AU changes, Tkach Jr. basks in praise, David Covington says WCG still cult-like, Meredith attacks conspiracy buffs, GTA porno movie a hit, Rick Ross and CAN bankrupted, Dr. Dorothy dead, calendar confusion, new church crisis brewing, (12 pages).

AR 63: Sept. '96 - Tkach goes ecumenical, will WCG be scuttled?, WCG a dysfunctional family, waiting for superchurch, prophet Lampley sentenced, mystery mailer psychoanalyzed, Earl Williams' woes, Alexander on China and the WCG, changes for British throne and royals, new date set for Christ's return, Mount Sinai found?, God on the Internet, (12 pages).

AR 64: February '97 - Ambassador U. closing, London Theatre a success, Tkach Jr.'s income, WCG asks for volunteer pastors, Sunday worship coming, changes in ministerial rank doctrine, In Transition terminated, chaos in UCG and GCG, HWA resurrected!, Ellen Hart's Oldest Sin, AR mailings disappear, (6 pages).

AR 65: May '97 - More secrecy at Tkach Co., Flurry wins court battle over HWA book, Easter worship closer, no millennium needed, WCG follows Vatican on evolution, the Vatican-Babylon connection reevaluated, Ohio congregation votes to switch, UCG moving to Cincinnati, Tom Hall passes, Joe Bauer in Las Vegas, Orlin Grabbe in Reno, cult fighters under attack (12 pages)

AR 66: Sept. '97 - Tkach Creates Ambassador Center at Azusa Pacific, a visit with Pastor General Tkach, Aussie member charged with murder, GTA naked on TV,  discord in UCG, the splintered Churches of God, WCG no longer welcome in Russia, the Godfather of the United States of Europe, European unity uncertain, James Tabor on Mystery Mountain, Armstrong brewery expands, Bill Gates in Prophecy, AR gets praise in press, (12 pages).

AR 67: Dec. '97 - Sunday worship now allowed, Tkach's Transformed by Truth reviewed, WCG's historical revisionism, Tkach reveals HWA stole doctrines, Tkach's "justified lying," Ambassador's huge tape trove, AU-Texas sale near?, Tkach may pocket WCG's hundreds of millions, Aussie murder update, WCG's new emotionalism, Conder dumps NT, Flurry adds to NT, ex-members get messages from UFO, the very scary House of Yahweh, Mary Horton's messages from the OM god, Clyde Walters passes, UCG split nears, GTA being urged to retire (12 pages)

AR 68: April '98 - CGI boots out GTA, UCG dethrones Hulme, Hulmites depart, McCullough to lead UCG, reporters ejected from conference, a bad news day for Tkach, merchandizing Christ, European unity closer, secular prophecies, HWA incest again confirmed, Shorty Fuessel unemployed, Robert Kuhn and the Original Bible Project (12 pages).

AR 69: July '98 - WCG leaders admit it's all about money, Pope to get Ambassador campus? , UCG fragments again, Flurry now Laodecian, Global's position on War, European unity update, Trechak's "The Secret Church of Conspiracy" Part One, the real Year 2000, Roman Catholicism in transition, Sabbath debate continues, the British Bands, Brinsmead is back! (12 pages).

AR 70: Oct. '98 - Nuns capture Big Sandy--AU to go Catholic, strange real estate deals, Attorney General handcuffed, Tkach's church marketing strategy, strange holy days, GTA pays off masseuse, Dart on the air, more United disunity, Philadelphians fight over HWA writings, Lon Lacy's new church, Part II of "The Secret Church of Conspiracy" (The Jews and Rader), Modern Rome, the Bible code, Denzler gets Ph.D., "proving your favorite prophecy" (12 pages).

January 21, 1999 - Letter announcing the delay in the publication of AR 71 due to John Trechak's illness.

AR 71: Feb. '99 - Pasadena campus to be sold, Christmas adds to WCG income, WCG members cry out for democracy, Meredith disfellowshipped, exotic new churches, the Rev. Moon- George Bush connection, Jerusalemitis (12 pages).

AR 72: April '99 - Tkach plans retirement fund, Underground church talks class action, AU to be Pacem in Terris University, Worldwide minister assists Pope, Meredith's Living Church, Bryce Clark's COG, Clinton in Prophecy?, Part III of "The Secret Church of Conspiracy," WCG gays on the Net, Bobby Fischer's Terrors (12 pages).

October 7, 1999 - Letter from Mary Jones, former publisher of Ambassador Report, announcing the death of John Trechak. Letters of tribute from former publishers Len Zola and Bob Gerringer.

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