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How to Make a Proper Profit Prophecy for the Wannabe Prophet
This coming year, the Painful Truth is offering a certification program for all those who wish to become a professional prophesier

 HWA's Last Co-Worker Letter Six Days Before The Death Event
If the “Living Creator” was behind Herbert’s work, why was Joseph Tkach appointed to the office of pastor general, which would ultimately result in the destruction of the ‘work?”

The Joseph W. Tkach Story
On January 7, 1986, Herbert W. Armstrong, the man who founded the Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College, lay grievously ill in his Pasadena, California mansion. Sensing that his end was near, the 93-year-old, self-proclaimed "Apostle" named his top aide, evangelist Joseph W. Tkach, as his successor.

Did We Really Look into the Bible and Prove it to Ourselves?
A person doesn't have to believe in the Bible to know what
Herbert Armstrong taught from the Bible was wrong.

The Illusory Superiority of ACOG Leadership Roles
Have you ever wonder why the ACOG's are such failures?

Is Your Church Dying?
All churches eventually die out.

Tripping on Shrooms Towards the Apocalypse
The hypothesis is that the entire book of Revelations could be a chronicle of a long ago hallucinogenic mushroom trip.


Myths from the Past and Present
Dangerous Myths

2019 The Year Ahead
Burning Ashes




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