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Dear Ed,

Some more thoughts on the WCG. Armstrong always emphasized Matt 24 however the equivalent versus in Luke 21:8 reveals that the main message of a false prophet would be that the time draws near and that was certainly Armstrong’s main message. In the early new testament church numerous miracles are recorded. How many miracles can anyone one recall in the WCG? This site is testament to the complete opposite, there are many accounts of people following WCG official and tacit teaching on healing and dying. How many wcg people subjected their children to this belief to their detriment and in some cases even their child’s death? I have often thought that this practice was close to manslaughter and how people have not been charged by the police for this is astounding!

I for one didn’t believe in this policy, as I thought it clearly contradicted God’s intent. I believed that you were not to put God to the test. To me, expecting God to do anything that we could do for yourself is clearly putting him to the test and not seeking medical attention falls into that category. God doesn’t do for us that which we can do reasonably yourself. For example God expects people to work, praying for $$$ to appear in your hand, but refusing to work is inane! The scriptures says that if you see someone in need and you do nothing to help but rather say everything will be ok, then the love of God doesn’t dwell in you. In the parable of the good Samaritan Jesus Christ commands that are people must provide first aid medical attention. Whether it is best to obey God or man you be the judge!

I can recall playing cricket in the backyard with my son when he was just a few years old, I smashed the tennis ball back to him a couple of meters away, unfortunately it hit him smack in his eye, his eye filled internally and immediately with visible blood. I remember thinking for a brief second that I shouldn’t be seeking medical attention, however I decided no matter what, that I would do everything in my power to help my son. We took him to the nearby hospital and he was then transferred to the major eye and ear hospital in Melbourne. I can tell you, the last thing that you want to hear from the specialist was his opening words “don’t blame yourself ” .......he would loose the sight in his eye most likely, my heart sank, it was now up to God.

My wife had contacted the minister, as I best remember: he was to send an anointed cloth in the mail which arrived sometime later, when I saw it, all it represented to me was a cold callous disregard of people’s sufferings, surely they could have came to the hospital, I guess they thought I/we were getting what was deserved. Anyway despite or maybe because of their attitude my son was healed. The specialist words to my wife were “You known this is a miracle, it is not possible for the eye to suffer so much trauma and not be permanently damaged...” Now if that wasn’t a real miracle then it would have to have been the closest thing to one that ever occurred in the WCG.

What I’m trying to point out is this, most people on this site appear to say rightly that the WCG stinks and Armstrong was a false prophet, but is then not logical to then reject God just because WCG and Armstrong doesn’t represent him.

The Bible says all scripture is given by the inspiration of God. Solomon was supposedly the wisest man, reading proverbs that is hard to dispute. Reading the words of Jesus Christ, once again it is very hard to dispute that these are mere human words. It is my total experience that God is real and good and great.

Ex-member Australia.


Dear Ex-member,

Thank you for writing the Painful Truth. Your story of the minister sending a anointed cloth instead of physically placing himself at your disposal is typical of the misbehavior of the ministry. The cauterized heart of these men (who were suppose to serve as an example of Godly men) should have be a warning to us. For some it was, for others they blindly accepted what was spewed from the pulpit. Some paid a very heavy price.

Some of us reject the bible as the inspired word of God and instead embrace atheism, agnosticism, or just plain cynicism. I believe you can place the blame for these views squarely on the shoulders of Herbert W. Armstrong. He offended tens of thousands, causing them to stumble, and in the process became the grand compelling creator of a vast army of atheists. Ask yourself, these fruits that bear witness as to the Armstrong religion, are they credible proof of the work of God or Satan? Good or evil?

To recognize the book of Proverbs is to understand the accumulated wealth of knowledge from the human experience. Religion inside or outside the Armstrong package is part of the human psyche. From the early days of man, God was the answer for all that was not understood. Science had yet to be discovered. Religious customs and beliefs change as society evolves. This process is evolutionary and part of the brains survival mechanism. Understanding this is to realize that religion is here to stay until the time that man further evolves or is enlightened through the education and growth process.

If God is real and good in your experience, that is your journey and I do not condemn you for your opinion, nor do I embrace it. It is yours to own alone.

PT Editor,



Quite often I check into the painful truth article on the computer and read about some of the hardships others endured while a member of WWCH group. I can relate to so much of what I read there. And thought I would add my take on it.

I first got in contact with wwcg while listening to Garner Ted on radio and requested literature and finally a visit from a couple of so called ministers. Both my wife and I became members in 1974 and endured 20 plus years.

Like so many others I am no longer involved in any church group or religious organizations. I have no interest whatsoever in the bible or anything of the sort. WWCG and their cohorts really ruined any faith I had. I put my all into being a honorable christian paying tithes regularly and faithfully. At same time my children (3) missed out on so many activities because of the Sabbath myth. You can imagine how I felt when I found out it was nothing but a cult I was involved in supporting one ole geezer's habits.

What really irked me was the local ministers who knew exactly what was going on but yet were supporting it. Their paychecks meant more to them then telling the truth. I got in contact with three of them in the past two years and told them exactly how I felt. One apologized and agreed that there was a lot things wrong in WW, another said he was sorry I felt that way. Off course he's still in charge of Canadian work far as I know. And the other ? I think I caught him by surprise as I didn't get a good answer.

I mentioned my children earlier. Our youngest died suddenly in 1992 , he was just 17. We don't know why but believe WWCG had a lot to do with it as he was missing out on a lot of things his worldly friends were involved in. We as a family missed out on so much with other family members. We were told to not get involved with birthdays, Christmas, etc etc. Our families pretty much wrote us off.

The women in the church were treated as second class and slaves. One minister told my wife if she had a biblical question to ask her husband?? This just the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more I could add here.

Before closing I'd like to add that were a few good things happened while we were in the church. We gained a son in law that is second to none, made some good friends although most we seldom if ever hear from anymore But we do have a few very good friends from WW. I started a contact with a guy in Central Texas in 1974. Since then we have had contact via email, cassettes, CD's and telephone on a regular basis. He too feels as we do about his time in WWCG.
Thank you for allowing to get some of what is bothering me off my chest.



Hi Gabby and thank you for writing the Painful Truth. I see that we shared in the hell called Armstrong-ism. Leaving did become easier after we figure out the scam, and in doing so our family are restored once again. However the cicatrix of the experience remains. All of us are to a greater extent, worn out from the experience but we are one hell of a lot wiser! The poison pen of Armstrong has been silenced, but many other groups continue to enwrap themselves in the excrement of Armstrong.

When Armstrong decided to start his small business, he no doubt spent a lot of time at the Portland library studying mind control. These studies would later become useful when he set up his form of business administration. HWA's doctrines, also known as his “infallible teachings” we are told, came from a divine being, at least that is his unsubstantiated claim. In reality, the old goat was demanding conformity of our thinking process. In this, he divided families, controlled how we spent our free time, and critical intellectual thoughts. To think independently and to criticizing the illogical and irrational aspects of Armstrong-ism and his doctrines was considered a serious moral offense. We were told that it would lead us out of the church into the lake of fire.

All of the Armstrong cults have strong contempt for human intellect, human intelligence, and the need to think independently. The word "intellectual" was always used as an insult. Dissent was considered synonymous with demon possession. If you criticize any of the current Armstrong cults, they respond with “Satan opposes our end time work for he knows his time is short.” The cult of Armstrong-ism never judges itself nor is subject to such. For those who do so, they are in the “hands of Satan.” This is one of the ways to keep the deceived people obedient and in the fold.

We call them sheeple.
"People who undermine their own human individuality and intellect by strict obedience to some perceived authority figure."

From one former cultist to another, this experience that we share has taught us the value of never trusting anyone ever again. It has habituated us to investigate every claim made by others, to understand motives, to perceive deception, less we fall back into enslavement once again.

"When I look back to those years, I can say that Armstrong was a man utterly without honor, without principles, without a shred of genuine decency or patriotism. He was the ultimate exterminator of religious life for thousands, and the grand compelling creator of a vast army of atheists."

PT Editor,


I am very proud of you, sharing with us all the garbage about WCG and the Armstrong's. We need more people just like you that tell us about all the wrongdoings, shortcomings and brainwashing going on in that group. You are building a great reputation for yourself as being the nr 1 accuser.  Congratulations!!! Keep up the bad work!!!

You seem angry James, why the frown?  

PT Editor,



I know you are angry and wants us all to be angry. I am just sick to my stomach.

But that will be over after I've sent this message...


You seem to have devoted your life sharing all the garbage about other people,

but in doing so, you are the worst of them all!! So keep up the BAD work and

make everybody angry. In the end, nobody wants to listen to you anymore ;-)

I feel GREAT already!


Have an angry day!

  James ;-)



Are you still wearing that frown?
If you keep that up, your face might stick permanantly buddy! Now we don't want that do we?

I am not angry as you say. I don't want anyone to be angry, just informed. When people suspect that something is rotten with their religion, they seek answers. When I ran across this site years ago, I too was angry. I didn't like what I was reading and thought of it as you currently do.

It did not take long to see that the whole experience in the church was a con by some very deceitful people. People who take advantage of the innocent who are of weak and gullible minds. That doesn't say that those who join cults are not intelligent, they are intelligent. They are seeking answers as to the purpose of life. The so called ministers and false prophets are those who grasp and howl for money.

I am thankful that our founder Ed had the audacity to put up this website so many years ago. In doing so, many people have now gained understanding about the abusive and false religion that Herbert W. Armstrong founded.

PT Editor,


To the editor

I was recently in Tyler, Texas, and had to drive down to the nice officeplex by the lake.  Turns out the late GTA's business is still operational, but they've moved to a decidedly more modest location.  No more lake views.

Seems to me that it's going to be hard to keep a video-based newsmongering church going too much longer, as he died almost eight years ago.   Is it your impression that they'll continue to fade, so that there will be no more more organizations that came directly from HWA or GTA??  So we can be, like, done?

Thanks for your great work over the years

Paul Hodges
Santa Rosa, CA


Hi Paul and thanks for writing the Painful Truth.

GTA's organization will continue to falter. The membership is older and recruitment is a much harder task in the information age.

When the church becomes divided on some subject, new leadership will form and create a split-off. This weakens both organizations and the result will be disenchant and atrophy. We see this time and again.

So the answer to your question is yes. There will be more churches created that embrace the Armstrong ideology, but they will be ineffectual. Besides, who in the information age is going to believe nutty ideas like British Israelism?  

PT Editor,


Dear Ed, it’s about 22 years since I made the great escape from the wcg, and as its been some time since I’ve emailed the Painful Truth site, I thought I might share some more of my thoughts on the wcg.

The wcg people would have to be the most “holy” & “righteous” people I’ve ever met. How do I know that for sure? Well they spent all their time telling themselves and others how often they prayed, fasted and gave alms, even though if they followed the teachings of Jesus they were forbidden from doing so. Of course being so “righteous” that made them experts at removing specs from other people’s eyes while ignoring the planks in their own. Again contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

These people who loved to be first and loudly claimed to love God showed continually by their actions that they despised others. The bible labels these people as liars who don’t have any truth in them, how true!

Armstrong claimed he could prove there is a God. Not only one proof, but seven! He should have been awarded the Nobel Prize for this achievement that all mankind has sought the answer for. Strangely, he didn’t get one?

Again contrary to the bible which says the just will live by FAITH  ( not PROOF)!  As this is the major theme of the bible it is inconceivable that he could claim such a thing if he was genuine!

I’m not an atheist, I have not attended any organized religion since leaving the wcg, however its not much use getting older if you don’t get wiser. I now believe more than ever, “there is no counsel, wisdom or understanding against the Lord”

Ex-member Australia.


Hi there “Ex-member” and thank you for writing the Painful Truth.

The “holy and righteous” people that we fellowshipped with in Herbie's cult did indeed have a holier than thou attitude. Cults teach this by the doctrine of exclusivity. These evil cult leaders find it elementary to manipulate their followers by telling them that they are special, chosen by God, or that what they are doing is of special importance, and are doing the will of God.

An analogy we can use: Armstrong was appointed designated driver while we as passengers suffered under the influence of his distilled poison of sectarianism elitism. As long as Herbert was in the drivers seat the passengers stayed quiet as severely disciplined children do, unwilling to take the risk of being discarded as garbage on the side of the road.

The membership never could examine their own humanity as they never were in charge of their own lives. Armstrong was. Love was a word and not a deed or way of life. The Armstrongist mind has always had limited horizons. The members are confined to the immediate and simplistic, with the inevitable consequence that everything is banal and basic and is then leveled down until it is deprived of all spiritual life.

In order to allay the concerns of the many people who have been harmed by Armstrongism, we must point out that his many "metanarratives" (in the form of booklets and sermons) are the root of tyranny, lawlessness, racial hatred, mental illness, and rank stupidity. One example of this is “The United States and Britain in Prophecy.” It is as if Herbie wanted us to emulate the White Queen from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, who strived to believe "as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Even the White Queen would have trouble believing that Armstrong was the one who would lead us to some great and wondrous shining future.

As to a Armstrong Noble Peace prize, it must have gave him peace as to his personal financial concerns as he crucified us on the cross of cronyism using misfit ministers that lacked legitimate ministerial credentials. (I might add that I think little of that prize, less of Armstrong and even less of the two American misfit who recently “attained” that prize.)

Now it is reasonable to say that Herb was one of the world's major voices of narcissism, it remains that he had nothing but contempt for you and I. As that may be, there still remains many other self-deceiving vendors of fascism and people of a similar psychological makeup that are often inspired by Armstrong's teachings. They may sound like a breath of fresh air amid our modern culture's toxic cloud of chaos, but what they have to offer never alleviates the chaos of the world, but builds on it!

In conclusion, Armstrong was always fond of thinking himself as an authoritarian and saintly figure. Armstrong's faith was in himself. He knew how to play the game. Like so many of his former students who start their own churches of misery, he was a master propagandist, deceiver, and fatuous old fool. I cannot recall Jesus ever mocking, ridiculing, deprecating, or objurgating people for a different set of religious beliefs, can you?

As Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr would say, “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Re-brand a “Church of God” with a new name and you still have a turd!

PT Editor,

The letter below is from former PT editor John Bowers.



I just read the letters from Donal in Ireland. He strikes me as a decent, sincere man who unfortunately got shunted down a dark road in his youth and never found his way back. I completely understand his reluctance to let go of what he perceives as God just because others around him proved to be dishonest. I was very much the same when I first escaped the Worldwide almost 19 years ago.

What I suggest is that Donal maintain his skepticism toward unbelievers until he can confidently prove for himself whether religion is a scam or if there is really something to it. If he still feels spiritual after that, so be it, but he needs to know the facts so he can make a rational determination.

The smartest thing Donal can do, in my opinion, is to look into the history of Christianity. Not the Protestants and the Popes, because anyone can argue that “they were just men, and men are fallible”. Rather, look into the history of the Bible itself. All Christianity is supposed to be based on the Bible. (Most of it has woefully little biblical veracity, but that’s beside the point.) There is a book entitled Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliot Freeman. I thought I knew the Bible pretty well, but that book opened my eyes to things I had read but not actually seen. It’s available at for under $10.

There are other books as well, some of which may refute Freeman’s view, and they should also be read, to give Donal as many facts as possible. But when I read WWtB I understood for the first time that it really was just an ancient text written by men, and no God or other divine entity had anything to do with it.

Knowledge is power. If the Word of God is the foundation of all knowledge, then it behooves those who read it to know where it came from, and whether it can claim any authority at all. Without the Bible, Christianity is just another superstition, so it’s important to know for sure.

I wish Donal the best of luck in his search, and hope he doesn’t waste too many more years before he finds what he is looking for.

John Bowers


01/05/2011 Donal's Letter

Hi from a former Irish ex-Worldwider,

I recently started reading some of the articles on your website. I find them very interesting as I was a member of Armstrong's cult for 9 years until 1993.

I was 16 when I received my first issue of the PLAIN TRUTH magazine dated january 1981. I didn't really 'get into' WCG literature until my summer holidays that year. I remember 'devouring' about 6 issues one day and feeling excited and amazed that day in my room as if a light went on in my head.  (I started sneaking to the living room late at night to read the big (unread) family Bible to read the verses that were quoted in church literature.  I remember wondering why the words in my parents (RC) Bible did not say the same as the words in the articles and booklets. It seemed like they were unrelated. I was confused. I remember thinking "What the heck's going on here?" I knew nothing about different translations. I became addicted to WCG publications and spend a lot of time in my room reading Armstrong's pet beliefs. After completing Lesson 12 of the 'new' Bible Correspondence Course, I was invited to request a visit with the Irish minister. I did and met him in september 1982. My interest in the WCG increased although I had to keep all this private and secret from my RC parents.

I was baptised near my home city of CORK in march 1984, aged 19.

I left secondary school in may 1983 and found it very hard to get any kind of a job so I decided to live in London and try to find work there. I lived in or near London from 1987-1993. I attended the WCG until febuary '93 when I defected to another group.

I lived in a town about 45 miles NW of London from 1993-2007. I met with a small home fellowship (Midnight Ministries) during those 14 or so years. Their website is: .

Do you have any views on it or it's US website: ?

I returned home that year after nearly 20 years living in the UK. Since then I've been a spiritual wanderer. I have been attending the Cork SDA church over a year but I have no intention of joining it as it has a lot of things wrong with it. (I'm only a part-time attendee. They meet in their own building in a business park 5 miles from my mother's home.)

I am 46, single, unemployed and sad all my family are trapped in false religion. I live with my old mom and I love to drive my Carina.

I completed a 2-year diploma course in my local university earlier this year but its still very hard to get a job. 

I will look out for your (reply) email.




Hi Donal,

As to the ministries you gave links to, I would not walk away from them, I would run. If you haven't figured it out yet, the whole house of Armstrongism is a scam. On the UK site they have a claim
of resurrecting a boy dead for three days. The question I have for you is, how objective are you when you read claims like this? Do you buy into the lie? Do you suspend your unbelief? Are you looking for the same kind of religion you left after leaving the wcg? If so, you have an addiction to abusive and heavy handed mind control cultist religions.

What you went through was the exact same thing all us suckers did. The so called calling that gave immediate answers to all of life's questions. New days to keep. Three tithes to give. Instant gratification. This gift was from Herbert W. Armstrong, as we practiced his form of religious masturbation!

In the end we felt like we fell in love with a women only to find later as the marriage is being consummated, that the bride of Christ was a transvestite! 

My experience along with others, (the letters and testimonies that fill the pages of the

Painful Truth
) has been that the various Churches of God think that they are free to destroy, debauch, devalue, and dehumanize a wide assortment of innocent people, and that the tithes are nothing but redistributed wealth that ends up in the hands of the re-distributors as a condign reward.

You said: "I am 46, single, unemployed." Well that does sound like a typical member of the
cult(s). Single because there is a limited female gene pool to chose from in the church and unemployed because you keep the sabbath. Am I correct?

Well there is a solution friend. Put the religion out of your life, for it is worthless. Concentrate on education and employment. As to your family, how can you help them when you yourself are
helpless? Read the
Painful Truth and learn.   

Good luck on your journey and if you care to share any stories or experiences, feel free to write again.

PT Editor,



Hi James,

Thanks for your swift reply. I found your views of the websites I mentioned interesting. I quit the WCG in '93 and met with Malcolm Heap's group for almost 14 years. I felt he was receiving words of wisdom and Truth from God. I kept the weekly and annual Sabbaths with his small fellowship of supporters all those years. I got to know him and his wife very well. I still subscribe to most of what he promotes even though I have no-one to meet with who believes as I do. I daresay other ex-worldwiders, like yourself, will think I'm a nutcase for believing such doctrines but it does ring true to me. I wish you were more positive about the contents of the 2 websites but it doesn't effect me too much that you're not. I can see through the other splinter groups and offshoot 'churches' but not MM. I am still on that spiritual journey I began in 1984 when I started reading the PT magazine. It seems like you have reached the end of your journey. I refuse to let HWA or his legacy rob me of my reward. I will keep seeking the Truth. I have not given up my search. You know, I refuse to give in to unbelief if only to wind up scum like Dawkins and his corrupt evil cronies who hate God. Yes, the very same God they have convinced themselves does not exist.

I belong to no denomination now but I am in agreement with Ken Ham  (up to a point) & his friends at AiG (  Also, I believe what CMI ( teaches. I bet you don't. I believe in the old wise saying 'TO THINE OWN SELF, BE TRUE'. If you decide to label me a fool for believing as I do, i can't do anything about that. I can't pretend to believe what I think is error.

I find the NLT study Bible very helpful and informative. Do you?

I plan to continue further education and I hope and pray that one day, I will be married to a godly woman who will have a lot of beliefs in common with me. Perhaps I will be a dad or step-dad. Yes, the gene-pool in the WCG was very limited and no-one liked me enough to consider being my 'other half'. Being single at 46 sucks. I wish I could rewind the years back to 1981. Oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now! I bet most ex-worldwiders share that opinion.

Btw, 3rd tithe was never a requirement in Ireland (or the UK). I was never too screwed during my worldwide days. In a sense, being a single then was a blessing. 
I'm watching that sad movie, 'Road to Perdition' with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.

Keep well and keep seeking the Truth,




The journey you are on is yours. You own it. When the days come when you are old, frail and your best years are behind you, the answers you seek will yet to be discovered.

How about settling for the truth? You can't know god. No one knows if there is a god. But if there is, it is not what man in his imagination has ever conceived. No one person or group has the answers you seek. The bible is a book (in the OT) that pits one nations god against another. The sixty six books are based on human psychology as to the behavior of the various gods. These gods are very human, hence the invention of man. Just like Santa Claus.

Regardless, I wish you well on your journey and I hope you find yourself a good women to love. And let no man come between you and your god. They are just money changers!

PT Editor,


I ran into your site and got into it a bit. Doesn't take too much to see your bent on the focus to the negativity of it. 

Any endeavour is easily attacked for the most trivial situations of "indiscretion". Most humanity has this problem of indiscretion.

Do we agree?

So, where you get to at this point is the documentation››› of such "indiscretions" so everybody can depend on the veracity of you! OK

Your "diatribe" of HWA is so typical for someone who has never gotten into the veracity of his discovories...Biblical.

I'm sorry about your wife, but, the truth to the matter is HWA NEVER
(he cuts off the letter at this point)



Are you talking about the "trivial situations of" indiscretion" called child molestation here?

"Your" diatribe" of HWA is so typical for someone who has never gotten into the veracity of his discovories...Biblical."

Like these discoveries?

Or like this one:

Please, do write again.



I have just had to listen to my SIL (several times) referring to church services as “coldswallop” just after she said something about people not praying. I think she was referring to the terrible Pike River coal mine disaster. What the hell does she think a church services IS but praying to God? I was downright disgusted.

Anyway, there is something I have been wondering about for some time and I'm sure you can help. Does the Armstrongist religion run any charities like all other Christian churches do? Mind you, I must admit I don't know of any charities run by quite a few churches, including Mormons. In my humble opinion any church that doesn't help those in need in some way should be buried alive.

BTW, there's a lot of anti-Armstrongism on the Internet these days. I don't remember finding so much when I found your web site. Keep up the good work! :-)

Kind regards


Hi Laraine,

Charities? Your kidding right?

There was one act of charity in the former WCG that I recall. This would be when old man Tkach donated 100 grand to alleviate the suffering of others in some far away place in which location and details I have forgotten. It was at the time of the FOT convention. Perhaps the readers can respond and help us in obtaining more than the “one” charitable act on record.

The inhuman stance the Armstrong groups make to shrug off their responsibility toward their fellow man, is to take the attitude “Let the dead bury their dead.”

Yes, such utter kindness in assisting the widows and orphans of the world. The poor and destitute. Let it be of notice that the Armstrong churches are real good making contributions to society. They befuddle the public and make sin seem like merely a sophisticated fashion. They like giving the needy a helping hand as if an elbow to the face. They are indelicate freaks of nature, idealistic, have no sense of history or human nature, and they think that what they're doing will some how improve the world one of these days.

We should look at the dying Armstrong movement as a base-minded, larcenous trick, grasping for someone to hold onto, grasping for something that promises to give them the sense of security. This is what these winged monkeys so desperately long for.

I'll finish with an obvious analogy concerning the food chain. “Armstrong-ism is like the way that vultures eat a cadaver and from its putrescence, insects and worms ingest their food.”

As to the anti-armstrong movement, it is really growing! We now have the youngest generation ever taking swipes at the old goat(s), making videos, posting articles and starting blogs. And this as you said is not only growing but has become an ever thriving movement.

PT Editor,


Thank you for your interesting and important website.

I was raised Roman Catholic back in the 1960's but fell away around the age of 12 for lack of spiritual food. I came upon a Garner Ted television broadcast out of Tacoma, Washington in my early teens, around 1973. It was an interesting news type format and the publications were free. It wet my appetite for the Word.

I became really interested in exploring the Bible for the first time. Not long after I started riding to the Tacoma Mall movie theater with three ladies who attended services there on Saturdays. At my high school I had a concerned Christian school teacher friend who found out I was involved in WCG. She went on vacation to Missouri in 1976 and came back with a book called "Armstrongism" by Robert L. Sumner. I believe it is the best expose' on the WCG available. It really opened my eyes to the doctrinal distortions and I discontinued attending services. I can't claim any painful experiences at WCG, and left unscathed. God works in mysterious ways and I believe He used WCG as a stepping stone to get me interested in the Bible and in having a relationship with Him. He also used a fellow Christian and a book to help me disconnect when it was time.

Best wishes,


Thanks for writing the Painful Truth Bill.

From time to time we hear from those who had a passing interest in Armstrong-ism. Please feel free and fortunate that you never experienced the "joy" of this morally illegal and unethical religious cult(s).

While we may all desire a perfect utopian world in which everyone is holding hands and singing "We Are the World" in perfect harmony, the reality was quite different.

Most of us that found ourselves entangled in his religion had been searching for answers that only HWA seemed to have. We should have known better. Our former experiences in life should have pointed out to us that it was all just a con. Like any salesman worth his salt, Herbert could manipulate people by the mental images his words inspired. He supported his key points with vivid pictures of how your life could be improved with his religious products and services. From that point all we had to do was to suspend our disbelieve.

You mentioned that you thought God used the WCG as a stepping stone to get you interested in the Bible and in having a relationship with Him. You are wrong about this. What you experienced was what all people have experienced when they are searching for answers. It is called the biology of belief. Our brains are biologically programmed for such belief by neurological events that are most likely related to physical survival within the context of evolution.

In any event, I am happy that you never had to experience what I and many others have under the tyrannical leadership of Armstrong and his lieutenants.

Good luck on your journey.

PT Editor,


I grew up in WWCG, literally from just a few years old.  My dad began listening to HWA and convinced my mother he was right in his beliefs.  When HWA died, my dad continued to attend services, but when Tkach began to initiate changes such as the Sabbath, old testament laws, etc., my dad chose to leave.  I still attended, and by this time I was grown, married, with two daughters.  I embraced the changes.  Began to participate in singing in praise and worship in the local church.  Watched as our membership went from over 100 to maybe 35 regulars. 

Then my world shattered one Sunday, as a deacon I loved as my own father told me he felt he had fell in love with me.  He chose a day when my husband was home with my sick girls.  Old enough to be my dad.  His daughter was one of my best friends growing up.  I could not believe it.  I made up my mind on my way home to just not ever go back.  I told the preacher I was not attending, and later, as he came to my home to talk to me, he said the deacon said I led him on.  Absolute not! 

My husband was hurt.  He thought the world of this deacon.  Then I discovered this deacon had done the same thing at least 3 other times in the past with 3 other women.  None of them attended the church any longer.  Needless to say, I quit attending.  My dad was best friends with this man, so I did not want to confide in my dad due to not wanting him to know what his friend was up to.  A few years ago, this 'deacon' was in the hospital, and I guess he thought he was in pretty bad shape.  He had another church friend call me and tell me he was sorry.  She didn't even know what he was talking about. 

Today, he's in a nursing home.  And I am without a church home.  I went to the WWCG a few more times, but I was always nervous about him coming in the door.  I cannot find a local church home because I just have this feeling of distrust.  I feel like  I was betrayed by this man, by the preacher, and by the membership.  I have not heard from anyone at that church.  I wonder how many other women are similar victims.  It's sad to think this man hid behind his 'deacon' title and tried to use that to influence others.



What did the minister say or do about this problem stalker? How did the membership respond?

PT Editor,



The minister came to my home to visit with us not long after I wrote him a letter telling him I would no longer be attending.  I sat there in disbelief as he told me this deacon put the blame on me....said I knew what I was doing.  This man's daughter was one of my closest friends growing up in the church and this man was at one time a father figure to me.  He was 30 years older than me.  I could not believe it.

The minister apparently believed the deacon's word over mine.

I just don't think about it much anymore. I feel  like these abuses have hurt so many, not just me, but my husband and children.



Thank you for writing the Painful Truth with your story.

It appears that this man was stalking you and a few others in your congregation. Of course the church has always been a safe haven for serial stalkers and sexual predators. They might not have started attending church with these transgressions in mind, but as time marches on, people change. What better place than a church for those with evil intent to conceal themselves?

These  criminals now attend church for one reason and one reason alone. To pick and chose from the faithful for sexual trysts. Some desire your sons, others your young daughters. Some desire a perverse and cruel domination over you and your family. The sure madness of the whole rotten structure defies comprehension.

The church is the power structure which gives its blessings to the pedophiles, stalkers and other mentally disturbed individuals. By failing to properly discipline the misconduct of the ministers, deacons, elders, or lay members, they ensure that this kind of behavior not only continues, but becomes part of the norm within the church itself.

In essence, the Armstrong churches of God have mastered the process of reducing human beings to mere cogs within the social machine. The ministry has cast our families into the equivalent of a nuclear holocaust, and that the best way they could serve the sheeple was to diminish our enjoyment of life and our will to live.



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